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Wills hunter

I’m scared
Ryan, doc, short
Watson, Williams
Jelly, Tmitch, danger, mccluggage
McGrath, a.brayshaw, Rowell,
Ash, Pickett, budarik
Stef Martin, nicnat,
Martin, green, smith,
Steven, ceglar, b.long
Rank, c.taylor.

Shocking team. But I’m really worried about the future of football as we know it.


Graham Harris

I may be crazy but with shortened games and Nic Nat the highest scorer per minute in the league I have not got either Grundy or Gawn in my team.

john domaille

hi guys greate pod, feel free to joing my supercoach League, code-665523 , your going to like the League name ,cheres john. lekdogs already in.


G Day community! Well, this is my final line up before teams start dropping from this Monday onwards. I have tried to stick with a GN(expensive)R structure and have kept the speculative mid pricer options to a bare minimum.
Here is the line up:
DEF: Crisp, Ridley, Short, Bowey, Gibcus, Hinge (P Mc Cartin, S de Koning)
MID: Macrae, Steele, Wines, Neale, P Cripps, Horne-Francis, N Daicos, J Ward (D Stephens, E Hollands, C Mc Donald)
RUC: Grundy, Witts (J Hayes)
FWD: Dunkley, Taranto, Butters, Coniglio, Rachele, Maginess (N Martin, H Dixon)

$35K left for early rookie correctives. Selected a few premo pods in Wines and Taranto. Wines is the current Brownlow medallist and will hopefully play like it this year. I am starting with Tim Taranto. Happy for him to slink around up forward a bit with Tobias Greene out for the first 6 and average 80odd. After that, he will play more in the guts and should average 100+ from there on.
Good luck all! The season is back upon us!
Cheers, TH


I’ve flirted with two structures . An English/Steele and a gawn lineup…

A) Steele English Sinn & McGovern
B): NLong gawn Hewett & Heeney.

My gut wants A for Steele to go deeper in the midfield and English to finish forward eventually and get a look at my R2 and get a discount on gawn . But head says B