The Panic Room – Round 5

Ugh. What a week. Having a team full of premiums by the end of the year is looking all the more harder as another batch of premo’s succumbed to injury, suspension, and social distancing avoidance leading to being found by cops naked and drunk on a Sunday morning. Robbo flew Read more…

PODCAST | Howe To Recover From Supercoach Injuries

Damo and Lekdog chat about all of the injury news and try to fix your teams! Howe, Fyfe, Stewart, Zorko, Merrett…they’re all covered. 10/10 – “Love listening to this pod in Uber rides.” – Steele Sidebottom Facebook: Lekdog Twitter: @LekdogSCDamo Twitter: @DamoSC

PODCAST: Why Top-18 Was The Right Call

The gang talks about the decision to run with Top-18 scorers, Patrick Dangerfield, who to target and who to punt. 10/10 – “A good distraction.” – Connor McKenna Facebook: Instagram: Lekdog Twitter: @LekdogSCDamo Twitter: @DamoSCPatch Twitter: @PatchToTheMaxFozdaddy Twitter: @FozDaddySC