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I put the call out! And the Community came through. Here it is! The people’s cheat sheet! Damo has done an amazing job this year so make sure you follow him on Twitter and keep an eye out for his upcoming podcast series!

Cheat Sheet Round 9

I’ve never really introduced myself to the community, I’ve sort of just started doing things; Hi, My name is Damo. I have been playing SuperCoach since 2013. I am currently ranked 571st, which is my best ever start to a year. I have lived through jubilation, pain and despair being Read more…

Round 23 Cheat Sheet Site

The Round 23 AFL Cheatsheet

G’day Community, What a year it has been. I can’t believe that the season is already over. It feels like just last week I was watching Carlton almost beat Crouching One’s beloved Tigers to kick off the season. The Cheat Sheet has been a bit of a detour from my Read more…