About us

Community. Teamwork. Excellence. Respect.

Welcome to the home of the greatest community on all the inter-webs in the world, the Jock Reynolds Community. More than another website that spits out the odd Supercoach advice article

This is a true community.

You come for the Supercoach. You stay for the community. In a wide world interweb which has more than its fair share of negativity and bad news – this is a place where a positive outlook is cherished. Where no single opinion matters more than another. Where everyone is welcome, blokes and chicks, young and old, fantasy beginner and fantasy expert. This is an inclusive community where the door is open to all and sundry.


If you’re the smartest bloke in the room – you’re in the wrong room. We know that to become great you need to surround yourself with greatness. Our proud community is littered with the best in the fantasy footy business. I’d know – I’ve been in this caper for 37 years.


Yes. We enjoy our journey along the path to Supercoach supremacy. But let’s not mince words here. We strive for EXCELLENCE. To be the best. For fantasy footy Nirvana.


This is one place where no comment, no tweet, no facebook post, no call into the podcast is shot down in flames. We are all on a journey and we RESPECT every opinion, regardless of which part of the journey it’s made on.

On behalf of the Jock Reynolds community we welcome you.

Enjoy the ride



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i was in a league last year called the JR championship i think, it was very competitive. does anyone have the code for it this year please?


Why are my posts not being loaded ? Thanks

Ian Witt

This site has become very confusing

Mark Stephens

Guys???? The quality is downright horrible… it’s coming into round 10 on Wednesday night at 10pm and still no podcast,

Get your act together or close this rubbish down. No one has posted a comment in nearly 12 months!!!


Mate, two podcasts have come out this week and we get close to 300+ comments on every post. Not sure what you’re looking at?
Latest posts are always here: https://www.jockreynolds.com.au/
If you can’t see them, refresh or delete your cookies and try again.