Panic Room | Round 21

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A short panic room this week because the JR crew are on their way to Pies v Demons!

In the meantime if you want some great content check out Azza’s new website The Dub…

and if you’ve got an hour or so we did an in-person mega-pod which you can watch here!


Oh Captain my Captain


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Panic room is for me!!! Community… Gawn or Parker for my last trade 😐


Parker for me


Struth. You know how to make me second guess myself… Anyone else?


Fawns first quarter wasn’t great, but boy oh boy he finished strong


2 trades and 114K in the bank. Have Ok cover with McCartin, Stephens and Cumberland on Bench and lots of DPP
Do I go
1: Ridley to Redman Only thought is teams will be on top of Redman so Ridley might improve
2: Brodie or English to Marshall
3: Both
4: Neither
Thanks for your thoughts.


Do you have Sinclair, Stewart & Sicily?


Mason of Point Nank Range – don’t forget to put the E on Brodie.


Did they?


No. Really hope I would have won anyway. Nobody wants to win or lose like that.


it’s a real pity other forum posters don’t endorse your philosophy on that Keen ‘nobody likes to win or lose like that’ well said Keen and that’s why you don;t and won’t see me in the site as well as others who are all pi55ed off with sheep station win at all costs attitude Rarely look at anything supercoach now NDD


One of my opponents had VC on Oliver, so put DiAmbrosio in field with C.

DiAmbrosio was the in-used medical sub.

would have been a nervous watch


So this is how my season ends….. Darcy 24 at half time


Thought Cameron’s terrible score of 45 was going to cost me wins but Stewart is doing his best to keep me in the game (I don’t have him but my opponents do), who would have thought? It’s a funny old game this supercoach


Not funny if you have both Darcy & Stewart


I also own Keays. 11 points at half time hmmmmmm


Going a bit better now but choosing Keays, when he was scoring well at the start of the season, over Laird as a POD and also to save $40k was a very bad decision


Huge battle going in the Jocks Jungle draft league GF. Tophawks v Bundeena bunnies.
It will go down to the wire!


I had a couple of tough decisions to make at the selection meeting last night.

Coleman got the nod over Barras and TKelly edged out Simpkin
Laird as TH captain has me worried.

its like the back nine on Sunday at the Masters.


Coleman trying his best to lose it for me. 3pts at Quarter time


If Laird can score 120, it’s going to be close


Laird 25 inside the first 3 minutes

im just getting comfortable behind my couch to watch this one


Bad Luck TH.

Who would have thought that Brodie Smith would have been the difference. 28pts !!

Shake n bake

We’re are you Russty and Neil?


I was wondering that as well. We haven’t heard from either of them for ages. Missing their input

Shake n bake

I think Neil gave up weeks ago. Russty l miss as I’ve played him a few times last week.


NDD must have run out of trades, he still had Houston and Gresham last week plus a few other injuries. He made a few finals but didn’t have the firepower to go deep

Supercoach scores

both are commenting at supercoach scores ndd has left trades in the bag


Still alive Shake, not looking fwd to facing you again in 2 matchups this week, you smoked me good and proper last round.


Good to see you back Russty. I have Shake in A Graders this week too and not feeling confident

Shake n bake

Great to see your alive. last 2weeks I’ve got lucky. Cripps for Laird this week. I’ve got 4 trades left and in 9 prelims. Hope to get lucky again then use 3 trades in the big one. Good luck champ.


Congrats to Derek on being a worthy Grand Final winner in Jocks Jungleland draft league It was a well fought battle by Tophawks but just fell short of getting the choccies .. Hope to do it all again next season.


Thanks Gator.

TH was steaming home on Captain Laird’s coattails, but it was another Crow who was the villain, Brodie Smith’s 28pts put an end to TH’s challenge

gone back to back to back in Jungleland Draft. Pretty happy with that against quality coaches

Shake n bake

Well done Derek.