Cheat Sheet – Round 21

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Good morning to you all, and happy Round 21. The season is getting very pointy indeed. Many of us are just “moving the chairs on the Titanic” with very few trades left. I’d be curious to hear if there’s anyone who has more than 2 left?

There’s no “trade out” recommendations this week. We’re purely looking at good value, consistent output, and in some instances a cheap warm body. And by now you should know who you want to get rid of in your team.

Anyway, good luck everyone and see ya next week.



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Whats peoples thoughts on Keidean Coleman? After a replacement for hewitt and think if Coleman can stay on the park he’s probably the best bet. Only have 1k in the bank so needs to be like for like


I look at getting him in for Wehr for the last few weeks but each time I did he was out injured that week. Worth a punt but only concern is whether he can stay on the park for the final three rounds.


Just be careful with Coleman his last scores were without Rich in the team and he was taking Richs KO. In saying that though he has scored well with Rich in team. Nit a bad option.
I am similar looking for lile for like and am looking at Angus Brayshaw or Adam Saad,


I was looking at Bradshaw and sadd but they’ve just been very inconsistent. The other option i was looking at was the burn man.. he’s been consistent of late just wondering if he keeps it up


2 trades left. Going WEHR to either Stewart or Libba (via Himmelberg DPP) this week. Love Libba’s consistency, but prefer the Cats’ run home. Thoughts??


Stewart. Plays two of last three games at GMHBA stadium against St Kilda and WC so could produce some big scores


Stewart was always my intention, but Matty’s constant fan-boying over Libba in the cheat sheet got me thinking πŸ™‚ Thanks


1 trade in the bank with no cover for hewett this week (wehr and khamis on the bench).

Need the league win this week.

Got an awkward 549k to spend so I’m tossing up between Hurn and Saad. Any thoughts?


Saad,Carlton need to win every game, Hurn may get rested with Eagles out the finals, I don’t either, also consider A.Hall – Risk v Reward ? just my take Matty , good luck mate


Good calls, thanks mate. I’ve gone with saad.
I looked at Hall too but I just can’t open myself up to be burnt by the man for the 3rd time in one season haha


Still alive in the finals (just a faint heart beat) in one of my leagues. 2 trades but very little cash left. Do I trade Witts or English to Marshall/Gawn or Wehr (have Massimo on the bench as cover) to Zorko or adopt the no guts no glory strategy and make both trades. Thoughts?


Tough call. If you reckon you can scrape through this week using only 1 trade, I’m inclined to hold 1 up your sleeve for next week.
As for which trade, all the Rucks this year have been a nightmare, so I’d just stick with who you’ve got there, and make the Wehr trade down Back.
Good luck


G’day my lovely community! To all the regular’s that have helped me over the years please give me 5 seconds for my final move!!!

I have Hewett going the blessed news is I can swing to ANY LINE…

is it Parker? Gawn? Berry? Barrass? Ryan? Bolton? JKelly? B Crouch? Angus Brayshaw?

I am a Richmond man so I’m biased and leaning towards Bolton although Gawn is someone I locked in at the moment with another eye on Parker and Ryan… JKelly concerns me with his durability as does Gawn… Though only need the big man for a few games to finish my season… Do I back Gawn in as I have? Do I follow my heart with Bolton? Parker with Roos could go bloody huge. Though Collingwood & Saints to follow… Bolton has a much more attractive run with Hawks & Essendon after Port…

Gawn with Collingwood, Carlton, Brisbane… Could he get rested? No chance Shai does… We can’t afford a loss…

I have 540,700 to spend and can swing lines to get any position.

Currently locked with Gawn


Anyone about lol .Still tossing this around in my head with Gawn/Bolton/Parker/Ryan 😐


I’m thinking of Gawn over Ryan. Not sure if Bolton is the real deal yet for consistency




Gawn or Parker for me, Parker has DPP


Which 1 you think? I’ve got Gawn locked in but really not sure 😐


My ranking is terrible so not sure I’d take my advice but I have Gawn and not Parker so Gawn for me but not with confidence. Don’t think you would go wrong choosing either


Thanks for your time KAT. I have Gawn and still not sure πŸ™


Oh dear, I hope you took my advice and not listen to me. Big Maxxy playing forward and on -2. Not a great start


I am watching, yes i took Gawn. Sorry I’m to blame.


Phew he’s starting to come good now. Fingers crossed he keeps this up


Redman only played a half against the Pies due to internal bruising. Shouldn’t be taken into account as far as form is concerned.


Thanks heaps Matty, the cheat sheet is my favourite tool – if your thoughts match mine it’s a trade lock! Awesome content all season! And yes Libba was best trade I’ve made


Help please…. Last trade – Ryan to Gawn or Witts to Marshall?


I’ve got 3 trades left for luxury trades ad 63k in the bank, with Short and Crisp providing serious headaches. As a pies fan trading crisp would sting, but with no adams he perhaps could get a role similar to the start of the season. But Short went back to defense last week so perhaps could see a return to form. Which one would you trade and who do we like as a juicy POD?

Flaccid Jaff

I’m in same boat but I also have Pendles. Agree Crisp good chance to get more mid minutes. Will get rid of Pendles I think even though he’s averaging more recently. Will push Crisp to E on bench and grab him over short if he goes big I think.


With 3 trades left, should we be trading Taranto?


he’s out this week so yes


2 trades and 114K in the bank. Have Ok cover with McCartin, Stephens and Cumberland on Bench and lots of DPP
Do I go
1: Ridley to Redman Only thought is teams will be on top of Redman so Ridley might improve
2: Brodie or English to Marshall
3: Both
4: Neither
Thanks for your thoughts.