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G’day community!

This week’s podcast was be a LIVE Supercoach extravaganza.

All of the Supercoach news, answering all of your mailbag questions, our weekend tips and captaincy options + more!

Watch the video here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1550979044

Or you can listen to the audio through your podcast providers!


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I have no questions but maybe just want some answers how the season went so pear shaped so quickly.
Three weeks ago looked at leagues and was sitting around 6-9th in most.
So to ensure made finals made the call to bring in rioli (who has been less than impressive) to have cover via dpp on every line. Could then play jackson off the bench in the finals as Melb play early. Well that was the plan.
Used final trades to bring rioli in but did make 10/10 finals.
However Hewett and treloar injuries sunk team (could cover 1 but not two outs) in finals having to play a rookie which was culley who.was also injured. Won 5/10.
So as I’ve said before luck plays a part and will go along way to decide who wins.
Good luck to the teams fighting it out for glory next 3 weeks.

Shake n bake

I’ve got 4 trades left and was top 4 in 7 leagues got 2529 last week to win all. The only trades I’ve made the last 3 weeks was l got in Marshall for pennell and last week Stewart for Rich. U do need a bit of luck but l tend to hold onto rookies a lot longer than most. No trades this weekend. Maybe 1 the following week then 3sideway trades in the gf.


Having a rookie (or Toby Greene) on field during finals is behind the couch stuff.

I decided to not take Toby’s 57 last week and play Culley.

that’s one reason I’m only still alive in 1 league.

having Toby isn’t bad luck


Two questions for you handsome fellas
1) who’s your smokey pick across each line next year?

2) if you were to compare your SC season to the season of a player, who would it be?

The Ranger

DEF: L.Bramble
MID: J.Carmichael
RUK: N.Reeves
FWD: J.Amiss
Cam Zurhaar. Disappointing throughout but with the occasional reminder of what’s possible.


Great question. Dunno about smokey tips but my season was a bit like Liberatore’s, started in the trash then stepped it up. Been hovering around 10th until mining to 6th just before finals and now looking like winning in the only league I joined. He knows when to peak

Fraser Kenny

Hey Boys,
Firstly huge props to all those on the pod – wether it’s on a tram to uni in melb or a train in italy I have loved every minute of it.
Two questions this week as I think most of us have 1 to none trades left they’re a bit more general.
1 – What technique or secret strategy worked best or worst for you boys this year. For example only buying under 550k etc.
2 – The Chad struggled with a tag on the weekend to score well does that impact our bullishness on him come next year?


I can’t recall who was interviewed but a guy who was top 5 in recent years, just ignored Pods and went with solid performers. It’s worked for me.
Worst was trading out premos who’ve since bounced back.



….. and then there were SIX.


we lost 2 more teams this week in the ultimate survival challenge.

Captain Risky
Watermelon Kreuzer

bad luck fellas, i know its tough getting this far, having a ripper score on the weekend but still getting the dreaded elimination


At the other end of the scale, and by receiving IMMUNITY this week, will mean automatic qualification to the FINAL 4; is the ‘people’s champion’, ranked 12k overall last week and showing to all of us who are average at Supercoach, that anything is possible….

deafness (2493)

well done mate, take it easy this week and rest up for the Grand Final in round 22.

There will be TWO ELIMINATIONS this week, so the other 5 remaining coaches, bring your A game and good luck.

thanks fellas.



Grand final this week.

BUNDEENA (going for 3peat) BUNNIES vs TOPHAWKS

Has Tophawks got what it takes to defeat the reigning champion?

I am feeling supremely confident.

Putting the straight C on Oliver Friday night.

What Bear

Evening community, Need some advice on my ast 2 trades in a must win league

  1. Hewett to Dawson
  2. Hewett to sicily
  3. Hewitt & Goldie to Sinclair and Marshall

Could also wait for Dekoning and use 80+ and save trades


I’d be tempted to go Dawson against west coast. Would also let you look at DeK score.


Whats peoples thoughts on Keidean Coleman? After a replacement for hewitt and think if Coleman can stay on the park he’s probably the best bet. Only have 1k in the bank so needs to be like for like


if Rich was out, i’d be saying a yes. Not sure.

Ryan is the same price and is in great form