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You may remember Tyler from our podcast a few weeks ago, well I have sat down with him to ask him about his season so far. He’s currently 12th overall, and hovering nicely.

What was your strategy when picking your starting team?
It sounds simple, but I tried to pick as many top tier guns as possible and then take a chance on a few mid pricers where I needed to after that. I believe I started with Steele, Macrae, Oliver, Gawn and Grundy all over $600k.

Lots of high priced, or elevated priced rookies, due to the previous 2 seasons where most lists were exhausted. It was really about finding some value to begin the season. Who did you turn to as a value selection?
I found plenty of value in Neale, Coniglio, Brodie, Sicily and Hewett like many. Whitfield and McGovern didn’t work out and the jury was out on Rowell.

When you were planning your trades how did you prioritise which positions to upgrade first? Did you pounce on value selections as they became available or did you focus on getting the must-haves?
For me it is usually about getting the weakest rookie off of the field first and planning your trades accordingly. That can definitely include value options to keep the upgrades rolling. I really focused as well on bringing in players that were about to hit a decent fixture or potential form run as well. Mills, Parker, Miller and Dawson were my first four upgrades and they all started well in my side.

What challenges did you face this year that you didn’t necessarily have to deal with in previous seasons, or vice versa, what challenges did you face in previous seasons that you didn’t necessarily have to deal with this year?
I think the DPP changes allowed us to create better bench cover which was great. One thing that sticks out is that I felt like I had to slow down on my upgrades approaching the byes because I effectively had a finished team. I’ve never encountered that before.

What’s your general rule for an injured player? How do you decide its time to let them go?
In previous seasons I’ve held for anything less than three weeks out. This year I was much more trigger happy because I was higher up in the rankings.

This year we had the introduction of the trade boosts which were in limited supply, how did you decide when to use them?
I was very excited about them, I appreciated the extra strategic layer to the game. I had burned through all of mine by round nine to further my team progression as quickly as I could. They allowed me to avoid my usual round two correction trade because I knew I could boost ahead of initial price changes. I then used them ahead of rounds 6/7/8/9 to either double upgrade or turn three cheaper rookies into a premium.

Another change we had was the addition of DPPs throughout the season, do you have players in your team you may not have considered if they had kept their original position?
I would have been less likely to bring Xerri and Cameron in if they weren’t going to then become ruck eligible. I think with most of the players in my final side it has been just a nice added luxury to have plenty of flexibility.

What was your plan for the bye rounds? Did you build your team to have an even number across the 3 rounds or did you do some sideways maneuvering to get the best score possible?
I usually give the bye planner a little bit of a workout in the week before the season and then after about round 9. You can definitely over-plan, but a basic spread of premium players in your starting side is enough to get through. When upgrading your final couple of spots on each line it’s always handy to weigh up the bye repercussions. I did a fair bit of sideways trading in the third bye to keep my foot on the pedal, moving Gawn, Brayshaw and Cameron on.

Any disaster trades you’ve had to fix up?
Biggest disaster was Cameron to Preuss ahead of round 14. I was set on Himmelberg, but went the ‘safer’ option in Preuss!

And best trade?
Callum Mills debuted in my side with a double-ton, but I’m most proud of Brayshaw to Laird for the run home. There’s always a fine line between brave and foolish but Rory has been unstoppable.

Most got caught up with the ruck disaster, how did you manage that one?
13 of my trades included a ruckman or someone who was about to get ruck eligibility this season. That’s over a third of my trades on two on-field spots effectively. Preuss was the main issue – I traded him in, I traded him out, I traded him in and then McVeigh shook him all about, so I traded him out again!

This season is still going, but what’s your one takeaway for next season?
Go hard on your upgrades at all costs, but don’t luxury trade until you have a finished team. Saving my luxuries until the final bye round gave me good cover for the run home, and I’ve needed it.

Who will be your first picked in 2023?
Rowan Marshall.

More interviews with highly ranked coaches are coming! What lessons do you have from the season that you’ll take into 2023? Who’s your first selected next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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How many trades left?


great questions, great answers.
Tyler’s first 4 upgrades were Mills, Parker, Miller and Dawson
like to know what rounds he did them?