Cheat Sheet – Round 20

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I’m back everyone. Apologies for the lack of a cheat sheet last week. I hate leaving you (and the JR team) stranded like that.

As we reach the very pointy end of the season my advice becomes less useful … trades are running out, teams are fixed, changes are out of injury and necessity more than anything else. Most of the advice here would be considered ‘luxury trades’. Nonetheless here’s some excellent options for this week. Some great value picks, and some PODS.

Good luck in the first week of finals, and see ya next week.



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I have treloar to trade out. I only have 511k to play with. In order Who would u recommend out of
rowan Marshall
Sam berry (pod)


I was interested in Marshall last week and I am glad I held off.

Heeney looks to be the best scoring out of that group. Marshall however is playing without Ryder so would expect some improvement on last week.


I like the yolo Berry play


I want to trade out Hewett and Gresham. Looking at Stewart and B Smith but I am 5k short.
What other options should I consider? Heeney? Hawkins? Dale?

Gresham was my swinging M9/F7 so I am not desperate to move him on but my F6 is Jackson and he has been underwhelming. I could move Jackson instead of Gresham and make the moves I want to make but it means carrying Gresham and that is a lot of money on the bench. Jackson was also going to be my ruck and forward back up for the remainder of the season.

Going Brayshaw instead of Steele two weeks ago proves to be costly. 30k more in the bank and about 100 extra points would have been useful right about now.

I am extremely low on trades.


Bring in Adam Saad instead of stewart and then upgrade Gresham to a tim English if you have the cash to do so ?


Nor sure I trust either. I’ll see if I can cash wise. Many of my opponents have Stewart so I’d like to avoid playing someone that has him and he scores 160. English is not the same since returning from injury. Maybe Marshall?


I’m in a similar position but have stuff all options around $400k to replace Gresh!


Actually ST1974 reminded me, Zorko as a loop to replace Gresh?


4 trades and 2 trade boosts (I assume that these are included in the four and not in addition to the four. However, if I am wrong let me know. Need to trade out Houston (we have a problem) and want to trade out Wehr. My options are as follows:

1. Houston to Stewart or Dawson and Wehr to Zorko
2. Houston Docherty and Wehr to Newcombe
3. Houston to Saad/Angus Brayshaw or Ryan (Free) and Wehr to Butters or Green

Appreciate any thoughts or advice.


Correct, boosts are just an opportunity to use one more of your remaining trades.

You have 4.

I like option 1, pondered it on the podcast myself


Thanks Lekdog. My preference is to go Option 1 my only hope is that Zorko does not get injured again.