PODCAST: The Jumbo Podcast with All Your Friends

Published by Patch on

Lek and Patch are joined by both Damo AND Clarky in a jumbo-sized podcast full of family-friendly goodness (except for the one time Lek says a naughty word). 

They discuss replacements for George Hewett and Jade Gresham (or Grade Jesham, as Patch knows him as) as well as going through a plethora of captaincy options.

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Nice to have you back fella’s.


Back baby!


was it just me, couldn’t find any Panic Room over the weekend


It was in draft mode all weekend!

Will be up this week



To take a line from ‘The Goodies’ (Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express)

“…. nine little s, sitting there in state, someone lit the touchpaper, now, there’s only EIGHT”

(you may need to be over the age of 50 and only had the ABC TV growing up to know about the Goodies)

We only have 8 teams left in the JR Survivor Champions of Champions Group.

Eliminations from round 19

Vaxxed to the Max

Immunity for round 20

BkKahShouttheBar (2482) – first immunity for the year, great timing.

*** 2 ELIMINATIONS ROUND 20 & 21 ***

There will be 2 teams eliminated this week and another 2 teams the following week, leaving the FINAL 4 to battle it out in Round 22 for the ultimate prize.

One thing i love about Survivor, is the fact you don’t need to be the BEST, just as long as you arn’t the WORST.

Perfect example of this is, we have FyfeIsLyf with an overall rank of 23 remaining, and we also have deafness with an overall ranking of 12,809 remaining. Go the people’s champion!

thanks fellas.


Come on Deafness!


PS watched a lot of the Goodies


i watched a live show the Goodies did in Wollongong about 10 years ago, i almost fainted from laughing so much, i couldn’t catch my breath.


It’s very challenging Derek! Despite my awesome rank, only one team can relax this week. Some very good teams left. Good luck all.


Huge play by BkKahShouttheBar to snag immunity by not being content with Laird’s score and throwing the C on Bont. Big and well deserved, hope I don’t pay for it this week!

Billy Spicer

Lucky I only had an hour or so to make the decision before the Dogs game🤣went back and forth every couple of minutes in between I reckon! Gonna need it this week though, so it’s come at a great time. Stuck on 0 trades, Hewett out again, sweating on Josh Kelly to be back🤞


Jocks Jungleland Draft – Update

My quest for a 3peat in Jocks Jungleland draft hit a speed-hump last week, in the form of Tophawks.

I was feeling confident, but i wasn’t expecting TKelly (11pts) & Simpkin (26pts) to stink it up so bad. Throw in Maynard (47pts) & Oliver as Captain (96pts) i was beaten in the qualifying final by 53 pts, and now face the inform Instagator in the prelim (winner to play in the GF).

Gator has a good looking team and cranked out a better than decent 2,157 last week, including 7 players going 120+

Should be a good match


That was a long pod fellas.
Enjoyed the waxing between the crew or should that be manscaping?
Maybe hawk and I should get a TH? 🤣

Good thing – watching Adam “woof” Saad live and take MoTY. Best game for the blues so far Shout out to the 🦎 who was awesome foe the swans esp with his goal stopping tackle.

Bad thing – 16 yep count em 16 so called premos failing to ton up. How is that even possible? Hoping it’s a blip and back to normality this week.

Good luck in the finals lads.


Hey guys, great to have the Pod back. Apologies im asking a question answered in the pod but am giving it a listen this afternoon on the way home from work!
George Hewett. Back injuries scare me shitless. I have 5 trades left but only 7k in the bank. The reason i can keep is because ive got May as a D7 so Hewett can be covered. But he can become a any def under 543k (Doch/saad/Hall) or Stewart if i use another trade to downgrade, leaving me with 3 trades for injuries to finish the season.
Also feel like its worth noting i have the likes of Crisp, short, Jkelly who are potential luxury trade upgrades as well incase that changes your opinion at all.
Love to hear all your thoughts guys!

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EPL is starting in a week.

anyone have an EPL Fantasy league to join?

Rick Grimes

Can’t wait, always have a crack. EPL fantasy makes SC seem like kids play. Bowen is my tip. Seems to be flying under the radar for a bloke who scored 200+ points. Hammers will be strong again I think.


My early teams were 5-3-2

looking more likely to start 4-4-2 which is still a bit crazy for me


Good call on Bowen. 8.5mil is a bit expensive, but he is definitely on my watch list

does he take penalties?

Rick Grimes

Not generally but corners, free kicks. He has Man C first up which will kill off ownership, but last time they played it was 2-2 and he scored both. After City their draw is very tasty. I’m running 3-5-2 at present but I change three times a day!


Do you have any leagues to join?