PODCAST | 10th Placed Tyler Tells All

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Lekdog is joined by Patch and 10th placed Tyler to discuss how he has tackled the season, why Rowan Marshall is a lock for your side and more!

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Time Codes:

04:20 – How 10th ranked Tyler has managed his side
12:45 – How have the changes for 2022 gone in Supercoach?
16:15 – Good Supercoach thing of the week
19:30 – Bad Supercoach thing of the week
22:00 – Rowan Marshall is a must-trade into your side
24:00 – Does Grundy ruin Cameron?
27:20 – Patch has gone insane
30:14 – Forward options
33:30 – Defence options
37:40 – Midfield options


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Rick Grimes

Boo Nick Daicos. Such a pr1ck to hold back his best form until after the byes. On my never again list for doing that*

*will pick him next year.


I tried to get rid of him but there was always a Whitfield, Ridley, Daniel, Stewart problem to deal with


Am I crazy cutting Dusty for Rowan? I’ve held him the last 3 weeks being patient. He’s my fav player and I’m a tigers fan so I feel dirty not having him lol. Though I’ve lost the last 2 weeks because I’ve held Hall & Dusty & Oliver…

I have 3 trades left and he’s going to cost me 2.

Rick Grimes

No, got to move Dusty. I had him too, for similar reasons, but he’s only played one half of good SC footy. No guarantees on his health or motivation. Unfortunately there’s no one else in his price bracket to straight swap to. Marshall is being hyped up, hopefully he delivers.


I just feel dirty even thinking of trading him lol. You think I have to? He’s back next week…


Why get rid of him when you’ve held him this long . What’s 1more week


Just heard dusty had a set back and set to send more time on the sidelines. Time to ship him off beard. I’d do dusty to rohan if only gonna cost u one.



One of the hardest things to achieve in Supercoach is to win the JR Survivor. Some say its technically impossible to win.

Not only do you need to be good at supercoach, you also need to be not bad. Very difficult to do.

The worst part of JR Survivor is see the community favourites get eliminated, and this week we see 3 of our favourite coaches have their torches extinguished.


Shake n bake
Dam Dogs

This just goes to show, you can be entrenched in the top 100, but one below average week and your gone.

Bad luck fellas.


This is the time of the year when the immunity necklace is worth its ‘virtual’ weight in gold.

Heeney in a Bottle (2532) has immunity this week, and is therefore safe from elimination in round 19.

We are down to the final 11, Boy oh Boy, wow wee.

Thanks fellas.


I believe there’s 12 left. How does it work at the end? When there’s 3 left, is it one team at a time? And can you win the immunity right until the last round? Cheers


There is 11 left because I have to be included (Bundeena Bunnies) but I’m not playing.

there will be 3 eliminations this week (round 19), then 2 eliminations in Round 20 and another 2 in round 21.

if my maths is correct, the final 4 will battle it out in Round 22.

we try and avoid round 23, too many teams rest players and don’t try.

noone will have immunity round 22

however if you manage to get immunity in Round 20, you are then guaranteed to be in the final 4

good luck


I have Wehr at D6 (i had to trade out Whitfield and Daniel a couple of weeks ago and haven’t replaced them, although Wehr has done good the last couple of weeks as cover.

I have $295k in the bank, meaning i can go Wehr to anyone (including Dawson who is $602k)

Should i spend the cash on Dawson, or hold Wehr another week and get Stewart next week?


Depending on your leagues/cash/urgency I’d wait a week anyway. Wehr should be close to his BE whereas Dawson’s is 180. I don’t think you can go too wrong with either but Stewart does have 3 of his last 4 games in Geelong whereas Adelaide’s season may peter out with nothing to play for


I reckon it depends on your goals and where you’re at in your leagues as finals are about to hit.
eg…Personally I like Stewert over Dawson, but not if you need to win this week in a league to make finals. I’d be trying to field the best possible team this week. No point thinking about next if you’re not there.
Or, if your goal is simply to get as high as possible in the rankings then i’d be getting a premium on field in Wehr’s place this week rather than next.
Only 5 rounds to go after all. No point waiting for value’s sake anymore. Barring injury and suspensions, Dawson for 5 weeks, or Stewert for 4 is essentially what you are asking.


There are a couple of leagues that I need to win this week

my other option is to go a cheaper player in Defence like Vlastin and that allows me to go Cripps to Mills.

now JKelly is out, I could go Kelly to Laird

im thinking I use my trades to get the best team in field this week

need to look around that $540k defender


I see Hollands is going to debut this week.

Good – we get to see how the lad performs and how he fits in the team for the next few week

Bad – won’t be rookie priced for SC next year and will be in that “awkward” price range. 🙄


Gents, love the podcasts and the forum! Sitting in a relatively good position with 5 trades left, a full deck of premos and top 4 sewn up in my 2 cash leagues. Thinking of a sideaways trade this week – Kelly to either Mills or Merrett. Can get to Laird too, but want to have some cash left after I replace Whitfield with Stewart next week. What do you think legends?

Baggy Pants

Marshall sick during the week Tom Campbell on extended bench will see how final teams go. Maybe wait a week before trading Marshall in.