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Well hello SuperCoaches.

Another Friday has rolled around, and its time to panic with me, your host for the week, Azza.

Before we embark on this evening of exuberant and rumbustious panicking, let’s first re-visit the awe-inspiring content that is available for your ocular and aural pleasure.

Team Sheets

Western Bulldogs vs St. Kilda

INS: Bailey Smith is the most noteworthy inclusion for this match and SuperCoaches will be keen to see how he bounces back from a few weeks off. It could be a nervous night ahead for Tim English owners as ruckman Jordan Sweet was added after Aaron Naughton was ruled out to due COVID protocols.

OUTS: COVID is rearing its ugly head again, with Naughton, Schache, Hunter, Windhager and Ross all out.

Adelaide vs Collingwood

INS: Ash Johnson (FWD $123,900) has been handed a well-deserved debut for Collingwood after kicking 2.1 from 16 touches in the VFL last week. The 12,173 Mitchell Hinge owners will also be delighted to see he’s been recalled to the side.

OUTS: Topsy turvy old season for Matt Crouch who has been omitted yet again.

Carlton vs Geelong

Nothing really of SuperCoach relevance here in the team annoucements, let’s move on shall we.

Fremantle vs Sydney

INS: Heath Chapman is back. A welcome return to Fremantle’s defence, and to the 4,070 SuperCoach owners.

OUTS: Another ruckman bites the dust with Peter Ladhams out after injuring his thumb against Western Bulldogs, but in his place is the journeyman ruckman, Tom Hickey.

GWS vs Brisbane Lions

INS: As a COVID outbreak sweeps the Lions camp, they’ve regained 6 players, including breakout defender Keidean Coleman who is averaging 101.3 in his past 3 rounds, and could be a nice POD if you’re looking to finish off your side.

OUTS: Lachie Whitfield is breaking hearts yet again, this time out with a hip flexor injury. Over at the Lions, the big out is of course ruckman Oscar McInerney who tested positive to COVID on Monday. In other frustrating news, Dayne Zorko and Daniel Rich have been given another week on the sidelines as Fagain opts to ease them back in.

North Melbourne v Richmond

INS: Huge ins at Richmond with Gibcus, Vlastuin and Cotchin all returning, and Tyler Sonie is debuting!

OUTS: Will he or wont he? After suffering a low grade medial ligament injury last round, Toby Nankervis is somehow been named but SuperCoaches will be eargly awaiting the final teamsheets. With Ivan Soldo also ruled out, Richmond might be required to call upon Samson Ryan, who had a memorable debut in 2021, scoring -1 SC points. Todd Goldstein VC/C anyone?

Hawthorn vs West Coast

INS: Alex Witherden get another chance in a reprive for West Coast, but the big news out of the Eagles camp is mid-season draftee Jai Culley scoring a debut.

OUTS: Nic Naitanui is the biggest casualty from this match who has suffered yet another knee injury.

Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

INS: Riley Bonner is a welcome return for the Power who before getting injured scored 111 and 118 against Gold Coast and Sydney respectively.

OUTS: There’s no bigger out this week than Clayton Oliver. The highest averaging SuperCoach player this year injured his thumb last week and even after successful surgery was ruled out. A lot of coaches are looking at jumping off to save their ranking with Callum Mills the popular replacement. Will you be trading or holding?

Essendon vs Gold Coast

INS: Breakout forward Izak Rankine is back for the Suns in a boost to their forward line. Mason Redman also returns for the Dons who is enjoying a purple patch with recent scores of 102, 107, 144, 99 and 113.

OUTS: No….not Massimo! Sadly fan favourite and cult star Massimo D’Ambrosio didn’t pass the fitness tests and won’t be playing against Gold Coast.

Is it time to panic now?

Captain / Vice-Captain Choices

Jack Macrae and Jack Steele both look set to be a popular VC pick tonight, might I entice you with Josh Dunkley who in his previous 3 matches against St. Kilda has scored 131, 127 and 132…

Rory Laird is firmly on my radar as a VC option, having scored 185 against Collingwood in Round 11, 2020 with a dominant performance of 37 touches, 5 marks and 9 tackles.

With no Matt de Boer, Lachie Neale looks to be a safe captain option in the absense of Clayton Oliver, who scored 164 SC points just 7 rounds ago against GWS.

And yeah, if you’re feeling lucky and Toby Nankervis is a late out, Todd Goldstein could be a juicy YOLO captain choice. Has scored as high as 142 this season, and has a good record against the Tigers with a high score of 166 back in 2014.

Alright, I think now is the time to panic, yes?

Happy SuperCoaching all.

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Seriously considering taking a donut for Clayton Oliver now M Rioli is dropped. Lost all hope of the overall prize but still alive in my cash league. A loss will mean I might miss finals but I’d be unlucky. Only two trades left.
Would you rather:
1 Save both trades for finals (Oliver back next week anyway)
2 Use both trades to bring in a good M9/F7 like Taranto
3 Trade M Rioli to Danger – giving me mid cover but not a M9/F7 swing
4 Use one trade: M Rioli to an average M9/F7 (one trade left)

And if you choose 3, who would you pick under $440,000 (yep rules out Heeney and Taranto just). My options are Lipinski, Sidebottom, Sam Berry, Jake Stringer, Isaac Smith, Harry Morrison, Errol Gulden, James Harmes.


I would hold trades and hope Oliver is back next week. If you do trade I would only use the one


Hold trades. You might get lucky and your opponent has Oliver as well


5 trades left but only $23k. My options are:

  1. Hamilton to Burgoyne. Switch Burgoyne with Houston via DPP and put Oliver on the bench for a week. Leaves me with $66k which is not enough to upgrade Wehr.
  2. Trade Oliver to one of Mills/Merrett/Duncan/Anderson etc which would also give me enough cash to upgrade Wehr to Lloyd/Rioli. Only problem is there is no guarantee that I would be able to get Oliver back.
  3. No trades. Hold fire and wait a week to see if Oliver comes back and for Carmichael or Cumberland to be on the bubble.

Any thoughts or advice much appreciated


Thanks Azza – appreciate your advice. I think things just got even more tricky with D’Ambrossio and Tunstill dropped which means I have no coverage for Oliver or on any other line. Can’t bring Burgoyne in either as he has been dropped. Might have to settle for option 3 and hope I can get over the line.


Billy Butcher is a fictional character, Bailey Butcher is a character playing a footballer for the Western Bulldogs. Smith is the worst kick in the team.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Looking at Xerri (who I traded in R16 to cover for Jackson)>Carmichael and Martin/Hobbs>Brayshaw. I did have the VC on Bont, but took it off, thinking I would put it on Brayshaw instead. Just not sure who to trade out of Martin or Hobbs, was hoping to keep both, but my other rookies don’t get the trade done. Martin seems to have the betterJS, but I trust Hobbs scoring more.


Boy kicking myself for changing my C from Bont to Sinclair. Well done to those who have him as their VC. Gresham is killing me in this one though. Needs to kick a few to redeem himself


Hope you mean VC Kat?
Sinclair finishing well at least, bont is going nuts though. I have Steele VC, I’ll be taking that.
Saints garbage tonight, don’t deserve the 8.


Whoops, yes meant the VC. Bonts score would have been awesome to take but happy to take Sinclair’s score. Not wrong about the Saints. Horrible effort when so much was on the line, if we had won that we had WC and Hawks as our next 2 games and may have been in with a chance to get back in the 8 but that’s shot now. Very disappointing.


Think you’re my opponent in Jock Straps. Ironic we had different VC but exactly the same score. Now the loser can’t complain about a bad C choice 🤣


Not wrong there. Looks like its going to be a close one between us. I need big games from Sicily, Gawn and Oliver to get over the line. Keays has let me down today


Good luck with Oliver


I havnt solved by Oliver problem.

no cover as neither Butler, Clarke, Hamilton, Owens or Long got named.

I don’t have a Def/Mid swing set as I could have swung Short to mids and taken Khamis’s 58pts.

options are;

1) no nothing and hold my 4 remaining trades

2) trade Oliver to Mills

3) trade Butler to someone (I would have $398k to spend)

4) trade Butler to a Def/Mid rookie and swing Short to guts and take Khamis’s 58.

at this stage I’m thinking Oliver to my boy Mills.

Any thoughts?


I am in the same boat as you Derek. I am torn between making no trades and hoping I get across the line or pulling the trigger and bringing in Mills or Brayshaw (Free) for Oliver and praying to god that I have enough cash to bring him back in next week. If you have the trades and cash left and are confident that you can bring him back in then I would pull the trigger. Otherwise, I would hold.


I decided to trade Oliver to Mills, but left it too late and it was locked a few mins before the start.

I’ll just trade Butler to someone as I hate having a donut


Traded in Culley


Looks like that was a good call. Culley scoring 90 was a great rookie score


Was a good call, especially as I was looking at a donut.

Mind you he was on bench for a good chunk of last quarter, was looking at 100 from him.

Priced at $102k with DPP as well, gives me $270k in bank for last upgrade next week.


Had VC on Neale and unfortunately 121 is going to cut it. Who do I put the C on out of Witts, Petracca, Sicily or Brodie. My other option is to trade Oliver and bring in Mills or Merrett and put the C on one of them. Thoughts?


Nick Daico’s you legend! One of my best non trades of all time I’m thinking, came close to trading in rd11 when he looked like slowing down, but it looks like he was just getting ready for the back half of the season! Trade saved-keeper gained. 👍


Yep…..fantastic. I swung him into the mids to cover Clarry for a week Gets a Clarry-like score. Then had to use Wehr to then fill the defs and he gets 77. Win-win.
Fingers crossed for no late outs now. Zero bench cover. A lot can go wrong yet, but I wasn’t expecting to project 2600+ with Clarry warming the bench. Thanks Daics.


Nice work JH, yes a long way to go mate but we might as well enjoy it now before Sunday ruins it for us! 👍


Traded him to Lloyd for almost the same value. 1 up 1 I thought.
Who knew.
Lloyd has been good but daicos has been outstanding.
Incredible debut season, well played Nick. 👏

Matty C

Who would people field out of May and Ridley? Leaning towards May though both have been in good form lately.


I’ve read and noticed that Defenders don’t score very well against Port. I’d be play Ridley

Matty C

Appreciate that insight, thanks.


I was going to bring May in this week, but wasn’t confident he would score that well against Port, do took Wehr’s score and look at him next week


Ridley over May……Essendon on a bit of a surge


Who should I captain out of Witts and Petracca. Currently selected Witts but having a re-think on the basis that Petracca is likely to spend more time in the middle with Oliver out. Thoughts?


I’d go Petracca without Oliver. Tossing up myself


I have a few close matches and C selection will be vital.

I have Laird’s 121 available as VC


Gawn vs Finlayson (port)

Petracca without Oliver

Miller against Essendon

Any thoughts community?


All good suggestions. I would go Gawn (I wish I still had him) against Finalyson. I am confident that he could go very big against Port who don’t have a recognised ruckman. Only query is how much time Jackson spends in the ruck. Thanks for your comment below. I do hope that Petracca plays the whole game in the middle with Oliver’s absence. Good luck with your selection.


Last min change from Petracca to Touk Miller

Probably should have just taken Neale’s 121


Hopefully Caldwell doesn’t tag Miller


I bet you’re glad you don’t have Gawn now


Wow, did my last upgrade this week. Needed a ruck and was tossing up btw English and Gawn. After English had a 51 on Friday night I breathed a sigh of relief that I had gone with big Maxxy. Who knew English was the better option.


Who could have predicted a year like this for Rucks. Gone from set and forget to complete carnage

Rick Grimes

They’re all rubbish now. Darcy and Blicavs look like the pick of them at the moment. Gawn might be cheap as chips next year, but will we pick him.