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Damo and Clarky answer your questions ahead of round 18 about luxury trading, and they also discuss what lessons they learned to take into the 2023 season.

They then go through the tips and captains for the round.

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Rick Grimes

Crisp struggled to get into the first quarter last week and then fired a few clangers when he did touch it. Second half, particularly last quarter he was good. When they needed carry to get over North he was prominent. I’d say in another day he’d have tonned up. I expect a big score soon, so happy if others jump off.

Rick Grimes

Also, pretty sure Adams is out this week so he’ll be on ball more, hopefully.


Adams is missing

Matty C

Great podcast as always boys.

Would you upgrade Cripps if it meant having only one trade left for the year if you had Jeremy Cameron and Steven May as bench cover (using dpp of other players)? If so, who to? Have about 570 to play with so thinking either Jelly or risking it all on Danger.

I’m 733 overall, no realistic chance at the top prize but don’t care about finals and shooting for overall rank only.

Last edited 1 month ago by Matty C

I would probably hold the trade for another week tbh

Matty C

Fair call. There is a lot of H&S going around in Victoria this week.