Cheat Sheet – Round 18

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Welcome back to another Community Cheat sheet. We’re meandering slowly towards the end of the season, 6 more games, and not a lot of trades.

The biggest news this week has been Clayton Oliver’s hand. Reports this morning that he won’t travel to Alice Springs, but will most likely play next week. As always the 2 options are trade or hold (since he’s owned by more than half the coaches). I think it really depends on how many trades you have left.

If you can cover him for 1 week, hold him. 1-2 trades (if you want him back in in the next few weeks). But if you are somehow swimming in trades, $722k gets you a lot of bang for your buck. Sideways trade to Laird and use $50k elsewhere, or to Mills and use $140k to bolster another player or 2 (like I said, lots of trades available). No one will fault you for either choice at this stage.

Other than that, I think most coaches are holding what little trades we have left. I’ve only got 3 after bringing in Libba last week to complete my forward line.

Good luck this week everyone. Not long to go, and what seems like a lot of watching and waiting. 🙂



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5 trades left and $139k
Looking to hold Oliver and have Burgoyne and Heeney or Duncan to come in for Wehr and Rosas.
If I bring in Duncan, I can only get up to $506k which could get Lloyd or Blitz
If I bring in Heeney I can get $552k by trading out McCartin, which would get Docherty or less next week.
A double trade next week of potentially McCartin/Carroll and bringing in Cumberland or Carmichael would enable getting Stewart when he’s back.
Duncan or Heeney would provide a really good swing if needed in the FWD or MID.
Final team on the field would then be
Sicily, Sinclair Hewett, Crisp, Short, Stewart (D’Ambrosio, Burgoyne)
Oliver, Miller, Neale, Macrae, Merrett, Petracca, Keays, Cripps (Heeney/Duncan, Owens, Cumberland/Carmichael)
Witts, English (Teakle)
Bont, Coniglio, Brodie, Dunkley, Parker, Cameron (Butler, Callow)


Have you thought about Gawn at R1 and English to the forwards?


Cameron will be your F7 but could also cover your midfield


I have, but I’m a sucker for additional DPPs at this stage.


What do we think crew.
Need to open up a mid/fwd swing as have 7 m/f in fwd line and nothing in the mids.
If bring in rook can swing bont, duncs, brodie etc in the mids to cover clarry this week.
So Carmichael or Culley?
I’m thinking Culley as WC may give the rooks a go to see what they have to work with next year?
Carmichael JS?? RS???


I also have 5 trades left but only $23k. My options are:

  1. Hamilton to Burgoyne. Switch Burgoyne with Houston via DPP and put Oliver on the bench for a week. Leaves me with $66k which is not enough to upgrade Wehr.
  2. Trade Oliver to Mills, Merrett, Duncan, Anderson etc which would also give me enough cash to upgrade Wehr to Lloyd or Rioli. Only problem is there is no guarantee that I would be able to get Oliver back.
  3. No trades. Hold fire and wait a week to see if Oliver comes back and for Carmichael or Cumberland to be on the bubble.

Any thoughts or advice much appreciated


If you have cover for Oliver I would hold, that is what I am doing and hoping he is back next week. He is a reliable C option ,which is more than I can say for Neale and Macrae these days ,and may be hard to get back in


Thanks Kat. Unfortunately, I don’t have cover for him with Tunstill dropped and Owens and Hamilton not getting a game. I can’t bring Burgoyne either as he has also been dropped. I think that I will hold onto him for this week and re-assess next week. Hopefully it won’t cost me in my league games.


Last upgrade for M8, Steele or Keays? Exceptionally low on trades, so injury factor is a concern to some extent.


Steele but I’m a Saints fan


I have 6 trades left, 180k
I need one more premium in my forward line, at the moment its S De Konning as F6
I can keep De Konning and put him in the backline bench, trade D’Ambrosio and Soligo bringing in Baily Smith in the forward line and Carmichael in the midfield. This leaves me with roughly 30k in the bank with 4 trades
I could also trade De Konning and Soligo bring in Baily Smith and Carmichael with 4 trades remaining with 197k.
I could also just one for one trade De Konning, I would have 545k to spend on the final F6 spot


If I go the route of trading De Kon + Soligo, the 197k would be handy if I need to trade out a injuried player


what about Duncan?? Culley from WC may be worth a look although it is only his first game this week but had good wraps


I havnt solved by Oliver problem.

no cover as neither Butler, Clarke, Hamilton, Owens or Long got named.

I don’t have a Def/Mid swing set as I could have swung Short to mids and taken Khamis’s 58pts.

options are;
1) no nothing and hold my 4 remaining trades
2) trade Oliver to Mills

3) trade Butler to someone (I would have $398k to spend)

4) trade Butler to a Def/Mid rookie and swing Short to guts and take Khamis’s 58.

at this stage I’m thinking Oliver to my boy Mills.

any thoughts?


When’s the round 19 cheat sheet come out? Getting a bit slack at the business end of the season??


No Panic room either. Hope everyone is OK