PODCAST | Moore Midfield Time For Dylan?

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Lekdog is joined by Patch and Damo to discuss Clayton Oliver, trade-in options for the run home, Dylan Moore and all of the new DPP’s.

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Time Codes:

02:00 – Manscaped
04:00 – Good Supercoach thing of the week
06:40 – Bad Supercoach thing of the week
09:00 – How valuable trades at this point of the year?
09:20 – Clayton Oliver news
10:30 – How many weeks missing warrants a trade?
11:50 – Trading to victory with Patch
13:00 – Time to trade some underperformers
15:41 – Callum Mills
17:00 – Scott Pendlebury
19:40 – Noah GOATerson
21:40 – Patrick Dangerfield
23:00 – Clayton Oliver could become two guns right now
26:00 – Toby Nankervis and the rucks
27:50 – Peter Wright is the wrong choice…or?
29:30 – Todd Goldstein
30:50 – Tim Taranto time
32:33 – Moore midfield time for Dylan
33:45 – Jordan Ridley lol
35:30 – Daniel Riloi
36:20 – Damo’s quickfire fixes for your side
39:30 – The new DPP’s


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This just in.

Paddy Dow and future second rounder for Sam De Koning.


It will be very nice if just one of; Butler, Long, Owens, Hamilton or JClarke gets a game this week to cover Oliver. I hate donuts.


I need Mitch Owens or Judson Clarke to play, D’Ambrosio to pass a fitness test, or Kallan Dawson to debut to cover Oliver.


Still have Rowell on the pine so l should have decent cover.


Rowell on the pine…. you are just showing off now.

Shake n bake

only still have Rowell as l haven’t wanted to use my trades. Won’t make any trades this week aswell. How many trades do you have left Derek?


i went nuts over the byes patching up holes everywhere. Just have 4 left.


i can’t believe i went Gawn to English to Jackson to Hickey to Gawn in the last 4 weeks.

Shake n bake

I think we should start with 2 rucks in the pine next year with a slightly bigger cap

Rick Grimes

If your rank is rank and you’re struggling to make finals in your leagues, I think there’s a decent argument to trade Ollie (if he’s out). Even if you have stuff all trades. The proviso being you are are trading to Touk, or maybe Laird. No point having Ollie come back for league finals, which you aren’t involved in.


last year i had to trade hard to make a few finals, and had one trade left. Didn’t get far.

Rick Grimes

At least you got there, that’s the point I’m making. Better to get there on the smell of an oily rag then finish 9th with a bunch of trades left.


Best Mid/FWD loop or MID/DEF loop player under 500k

Rick Grimes

Mid/Fwd – Duncan, TimmyT maybe Shai Bolton
Mid/Def – Atkins, Clark, RioliD


Great pod guys
Patch my boy we’ve all been there. I was planning to drop Short for Blicavs for a net loss of 14 points but also forgot about the lockout, so sometimes the sun shines on the dog’s ass.
4 trades and $41k and 3 options:
a) no trades
b) Gresham to D. Rioli
c) Short, Gresham & Wehr into J Burgoyne (what a legend!), Doch, and Bont. leaving me with $3k.
Please talk me out of number 3 community

Rick Grimes

No 3 all the way. Good trades.


Option 3 is very enticing… Going on with just 1 trade scares me though. Do you have bench cover to make up for the lack of trades?
2 seems like a decent middle ground if less exciting


Wise words. As my mate likes to say, you only yolo once!
I took the punt and look what Bont has done for me 🤩



The second week of eliminations, see another 3 very good coaches bow out.

ShinBONERS didn’t need to use his immunity this week, just! there were 3 eliminations, and Hayden had the 4th lowest score.

Bad luck to the following community favourites who have been eliminated this week.:

Jaidyn Squeakinson
jungle jim
Fugg Nuggles

bad luck fellas.

This week (Round 18) Immunity goes to:

deafness (2456)

Thanks fellas.


Can’t believe I’m still going on, been so much fun, thanks Derek for all your work. Good luck to everyone still in it!


Luxury trade time for me, not a thing I get to experience most years.
8 trades left: Cripps and Wehr > Laird and Burgoyne
If Oliver is out will use Short as cover (Daicos at D6 right now) and hope to use another 2 trades coming up to downgrade a rook and bring in Stewart for Short moving Daicos back to M9/D7