Panic Room – Round 17

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We’re on the home stretch now.

NO HISTORICAL DOOTER – check out the latest Mailbag podcast!


I won’t cover off on every game, here is a list of the key ins and outs:

Key OUT:
Jordan De Goey,
Dustin Martin,
Izak Rankine,
Daniel Rich,
Keidean Coleman,

Key IN:
Sam De Koning,
Max Gawn,
Luke Jackson,
Tim English,
Zak Butters


Andrew Brayshaw averages 141 against St Kilda over his last 3 encounters, while Lachie Neale averages 170 against Essendon over his last 3.

Others you could consider are Rory Laird who averages 130 in his last 3 against Hawthorn, Touk Miller who averages 118 against Richmond in his last 3, and Marcus Bontempelli who averages 129 against the Swans in his last 3.


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Rick Grimes

Cats were pretty impressive last night. Tom Atkins might be an option for next year. Looks like he’s in the engine room full time and is a tackling machine. They’ll need him in there given their midfield is somewhat geriatric.

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Rick Grimes

It says a lot about the state of my season that I’m already looking to next year. *big sigh*


shoukd I trade Daicos – Sicily to finish my side or hold off for a week or 2? I’ve got 6 trades left and will have 140k in the bank for luxury trades I were to make the trade


The Hawks actually have a really good run of games to finish the year, Crows, Eagles, North, Saints, Suns, Dogs.

They might even win a few.

Against the good teams when the ball is pumped into the Hawks defence all game is when Sicily scores the best. Might not get as many days like that.


Have 8 trades left, playing for league, top of the ladder, Pruess, I can turn him into Libba or could go Bazlenka next week, or hold if he returns. Have McCartin to cover this week with English into ruck. I’ll be left with 6 if I go to Libba. Cheers


Cheers, agree with holding Daicos, swap him to Stewart in 3 weeks. Will be a POD for finals.

Rick Grimes

Library was solid before Baz had white line fever. He’s almost a lock for 100 every week. Wish I had him. As an aside, this year your fwd line could be:
English, Bont, Dunkley, Libba, Treloar, BSmith.

Rick Grimes

That’s Libba, but I do enjoy a good book.


Parker or Tarranto for the last fwd upgrade?

Rick Grimes

Parker is safer but higher ownership I’d say. Timmy T is a pod but is a risk in terms of where they play him Go with your gut.


Have 5 trades and 250k left and team complete with Hall sitting on the bench. Am considering going Heeney to Steele/Dawson but a part of me wants to take the price hit of Heeney just to save trades in case the news on Hall is worse but it’s a solid upgrade so I can’t decide

Rick Grimes

Punt Heeney. He’s awful. I really have no idea how he ended up in my team. I’ll blame it on the grog. Steele or Dawson is conceivably 30-50 points better than Heeney. That’s significant.

Rick Grimes

I love Heeny, best player ever!


Just had to keep telling myself “it IS an upgrade, it IS an upgrade”. First time this year I was on the other side of a mass traded out player who punished those coaches by going big, so I’ll take it haha. Question is Steele, Laird or Dawson for him?


Clayton Oliver broken thumb. Will require surgery. Will miss next week, and possibly more.

Rick Grimes

He’s saying he’ll play next week. At worst it’s one week.


Joel Selwood!


Need some advice please as I just can’t decide ..Bont or Libba?

Rick Grimes

Both gold. I’d go whoever has less ownership.


Thanks good point to look at


Looking to punt Pruess. Thinking either Marshall or Ryder? Thoughts please


I don’t think you can do it when BOTH are playing


Any idea Derek for a ruck under $475k. It’s a choice of hold Preuss or a donut.


I got Hickey in last week. That seemed a good idea at the time


I was up against a team this week with 7 bulldogs. Bont, Libba, Macrae, Trelor, English, Dunkley and Dale.

After tonight, the dogs are on verge of being irrelevant this season, that’s a lot of Dead dogs to carry home in a team.

I have 3, got rid of Daniel this week

How many are too many?


I think 4 doggies would be the Maximum you would want with a tough run of games.
English should get better, and most of there mids will still get plenty of the ball, it’s the ball use that’s killing them, against teams that apply pressure.


They share the ball so well between them doesn’t matter. They play an SC friendly game.

If u look at top scorers in each position this year, fwd is dominated by dogs, English top ruck and Macrae close to top mid. Dale would be right up there in defence.

Got 5 dogs who will wag their tail on run home.


Should probably loophole McCartin 109, but who to bench, Goldstein or Brodie. Goldy is no1 ruck against pies, Brodie playing saints at marvel.


Might have made the right move for once. Was wanting to finish my team this week by bringing in either Gawn or Engish to R2 and moving Cameron to F6 but English had a high BE so cheaper next week, how would Gawn go coming back from injury? Wehr still had good money to make as part of my trade plans so the only downside to waiting a week was holding McCartin who would likely loose money but took the punt. As it has worked out, McCartin scored more than Gawn or English so holding has actually helped my team although I’m still undecided about Gawn or English after this week.


I have 3 trades left and 304k in the bank
I am at full premo with McCartin D&F 7 and Hough at M9
I have been going backwards the last 2 weeks because of these players
Tom Green

I want to keep 2 trades for emergencies in the remaining games.
Which under performer should I trade out?


Well it turns out that all 4 of those guys are not good for supersoach.
I dropped out of the top 100 for the first time this year 🙁


Only 2 trades left for me and Parish is now injured for approximately 4 weeks, I’m locked in to make the top 4 get the double chance, should I hold or trade him to steele/laird or mills next week?


Have to decide between D’Ambrosio or Wehr to play onfield. Can’t loop.

I heard defenders don’t score well against Port, but Essendon is up against Lions.

Anyone have thoughts?


Looks like it didn’t matter in the end Derek. 36 pts a piece and you rolled me by 3 pts in the JR mega league. Well done mate it was very close.


Oh dear. Hewett was scaled 5 post match and I got you by 2 Derek, sorry. Haha


Haha saw that. Had 5 very close losses this week.