Cheat Sheet – Round 17

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A very late cheat sheet this week, my fellow supercoaches, I know you understand. The Financial year is over, but the new one has already begun.

I won’t waste time on words this week, I’ll let the cheat sheet speak for itself. But I’ll be focusing more on PODs going forward. You can’t jump rank and win leagues if you have the same players as everyone else. But don’t choose a POD just for the sake of having it. It’s not like owning rare trading cards (Barron!), they still need to score well.

Good luck everyone. 🙂



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Brayshaw/Gawn with Daicos?


Steele/Brayshaw & Stewart

What do I do community?

Bob Butter

Steele and Stewart


Thinking the same tbh. Was selling Hall but hearing 2 weeks makes me think will hold. Pruess I’ve held and keep thinking this week he’s back but if he doesn’t return this week I think I have to sell. He will be back the week after I BET.

Bob Butter

Yep, Daicos is playing great right now but at the end of the day he’s a rookie and consistency will most likely be an issue, you might be able to just about straight swap for Stewart when he comes back. I would also get rid of Hall and Pruess if trades permit, Just can’t trust either of them to stay fit/get a regular game, which you need during finals. If Pruess is named this week I’d keep him but I’d move on Hall.


Yeh if Pruess isn’t named I probz have to pull trigger this week.

I think I’ll ride Hall for 2 weeks. If he’s not back he can go straight out for Stewart. Wehr can cover.

Bob Butter

It’s more so the chance of him pinging a hammy mid game and getting 40 in the finals that would worry me, but on the flip side he can easily pump out 150 as a POD and win you a match. Hopefully it all works out for you

Bob Butter

I would add Whitfield as a maybe in Defence, practically got 100+ since returning from injury and the coaching change. Steele and Petracca are great value. I’m trading Ridley to May and Jackson to Steele. Leaves me with either Cripps or J Kelly on the bench as a loophole option and 6 trades for the remainder of the season, one of which will be May to Stewart.


Great Cheat Sheet Matty!!. 7 trades left and only 68K in the bank.
Thinking of making the following trades:
Rosas to Tunstill (via Hamilton DPP) or any other rookie on the bubble (struggled to find one)
Soligio to one of Merrett, Mitchell, Duncan or Hewett as my last midfielder. Leaning towards Merrett for consistency and Mitchell or Duncan for price.
Any thoughts or advice much appreciated.

Bob Butter

Do you have Steele and Petracca? Can’t beat their value at low 500’s. Especially Steele imo.


Yes, I brought Steele in last week and already have Petracca.

Bob Butter

Would definitely go Merrett then out of the players you listed but I would definitely rather Keays for the same price if you don’t have him too.


Steele if you don’t have him is a must!


Thanks Lekdog. I already have Steele and Petracca and unfortunately do not have the funds to bring in Laird, Mills, Wines or Walsh so my choices are Merrett, Mitchell, Duncan, Hewett or possibly Whitfield.


Got 550k in the bank for my final mid upgrade. Steele, Petracca, Merrett or Daicos?

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Well pruess has stuffed me again. He’s gone!

welcome Steele.

now my next question unfortunately I’m holding dusty and hall this week. So it leaves me 1 less player on field as I have now got rookies like Clarke for tigers and Owen for saints etc not playing!

would you trade hall for Whitfield or daicos? Or do I just hold the week and roll with it as hall is better than those 2 and low in trades and sounds like it’s only 1 maybe 2 week top!


Brought in Tom Hickey for Jackson last week to avoid a donut.

my only other cover is Butler who is also out

break glass and get back Max


Steele or Liber? The Bont is currently in the Middle, will move him FWD if Steele comes in.


59 PT second quarter by Oliver. Wasn’t looking like a good VC at 1/4 time

Matt Jones

Second season SC have leant so much from this platform. Need a little help to finish off the side to claim bragging rights in my league.
Trades left: 5 Cash: $324000
B: Dawson, Hewett, Crisp, Ruch, Vlastuin, Daicos (wehr, Parnell)
M: Oliver,Laird,Neal, Macrae,Miller,Cripps,T Green, Rowell (G Clark, J Carrol, M Owens)
R: Witts, Darcy (Hayes)
F: English,Bont,Brodie,Dunkley,Heeney,P McCartin (rioli,Clarke)


Are you going to finish top 4?

Matt Jones

At this stage I will finish 5th unless the top 4 face out each other and I can overtake with %. How many weeks until finals?

Matt Jones

As per the SuperCoach projection, I’ll outscore my opponent this week by 2431-2237 points with Rich and Vlaustuin on the bench.


Ive got 6 trades left with Daicos at D6 to finish my side. Would you bring Sicily in this week or ride with daicos? I don’t need the money as i would have 144k for luxury trades after doing Daicos – Sicily