A Short One, But a Good One

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Damo is enlisted to assist Patch in looking through the ongoing SuperCoach wreckage of 2022. They discuss rookies, injuries to Daniel Rich and Aaron Hall, potential cut price options on the run home, and potential strategies if you have enough trades.

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Few questions I’d love an answer to:

  1. How many trades would you be keeping from here on out (I have 5)
  2. Based on above, should I luxury trade either Heeney to Libba/Cogs or Daicos to Laird? Daicos currently on mid bench so could move him back and trade Crisp to Laird as an alternative.
  3. When should I trade Darcy Cameron back to Gawn?

Hi Andrew, I would try and keep at least three ’emergency’ trades up your sleeve for finals, burn them before finals and your season will be done well before the ‘pointy end’. The problem you face with both Heeney & Crisp is that both have shown themselves to be excellent scorers when the mood takes, chances are you trade them out and ‘Boom’ they go large and your trade-in disappoints, so it’s a risk vs reward situation I guess. As for the Gawn situation, my feeling is to make that (or similar) trade when Grundy comes back, right now Cameron seems to be as reliable as most of the rucks going around and Gawn himself has thrown in some stinkers this season. Unless you can pretty much guarantee at least 30+ points from a trade when you have so few left I would exercise caution because injuries have been huge this season and you presumably want to go as deep as you can in the finals…


Answered on the mailbag!

Rick Grimes

Cheers bro. Since you said that about Dusty, I might keep him! He’s my boy, blue.

Rick Grimes

Got Dusty missing this week, after he finally showed some form. Cant hold as my bench is trash. Options to replace: Taranto, Duncan, Hawkins, Moore. I’m leaning towards Moore. Pretty consistent around the 85-95 mark. Has Crows, WC, North, Suns next 4. Should be able to do his thing.

Rick Grimes

Or, crazy play. Cripps to May, via DPP. Dusty to English and pray he stays fit. Yolo

Last edited 1 month ago by Rick Grimes

We answered this on the mailbag for you!

Rick Grimes

LDU seems to be tracking for a 2023 breakout. Heard it here first.

Lock key

Not at kangas he isn’t.. he is better than simp-kin but why on earth would I eveer field a kangaroo player lmfao

Bill Gates

Would you trade Klaus Schwab from your midfield? I think he’s cooked.


Daniel out for 2-3 weeks.
$545k to spend using one trade.

Hewett or Crisp seem safe picks.

May at only $379k seems too much value to ignore. Had him second half of last year and he finished great

Rick Grimes

Can you afford Dale? With no Daniel last week he scored 134. I’ve had him most the season and he’s been super consistent. Absolute gun kick.


I’m $1k short to get Dale


Sicily or Sinclair to complete my defense?

Rick Grimes

Can’t go wrong with either. Sinclair got tagged a couple weeks back and struggled. Wouldn’t be surprised if others did that as he’s very damaging. Sicdog probably safer, though he’s due to erupt and punch someone.



Round 16 saw the first week of eliminations from the merged Champions Division.

This goes to show that no-one is safe, we lost some very good coaches this week, the carnage has started.

The following teams have been eliminated.

Muellers Maestros
B-Town Saints
Nuk Nuk


I had to double check the score of ShinBONERS (2747) this week. That is serious point scoring. Well done, the necklace is safe with you this week.

thanks fellas