Cheat Sheet – Round 16

Published by Statty Matty on

We really need to stop meeting like this. Yes, another cheat sheet and this week the story is the same. A few ruckmen are still unavailable, a premo we all had locked in get suspended forcing us to change plans and burn a trade, and very few rookies available.

You’ve heard all I have to say on this many times. No one is making wholesale changes at this stage of the season, maybe 1 or 2 trades, get your low scoring players off the field (and off your team if possible). Look at fallen premos, look at PODs, make sure they have truly ‘turned the corner’ or ‘consistently increased their output.

In terms of remaining trades, if you’re seriously competing for rank or league comps, you’d want to have 3-4 trades remaining at this stage. You never know what curveballs the season still has in store. Injury, suspension and trips to Bali can really mess up a season.

Good luck this week. Who is not putting the C or VC on Oliver this week? Could we see a record SC score?



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Nice work Matty, don’t know about anyone else but my trades situation is such that I have so few left that I am having to prioritise durability more than scoring or I will just plain run out. Having to settle for a safe 90/100 but reliable as opposed to some options that are 130+ every other week but seemingly fragile as cut glass..


Gday community,

once again I find myself stuck. Pruess has been not listed again??? I’ve held him like 5 weeks now. With English on the bench I just can’t cover it!

I am thinking it’s time to pull the trigger (no doubt he’s back next week as soon as I do) thinking Jackson is my trade option with little $ and the fact Gawn and him probably share more when he’s back….

Thoughts ??


Who’s your other ruckman? I’d look at someone like Nankervis as he is the main ruck and doesn’t potentially have someone coming back into the side later on to ruin their scoring.


Hey mate! Thanks for taking the time. Dunno where my old faithful are!!!

I have English in forwards able to swing but he’s out and now his cover is to with the young tiger dropped.

Have pruess and witts


I have had Jackson for most of the year as Ruck cover and so he has been handy at the moment but when Gawn has been playing he has been pretty underwhelming. However, guess when English comes back you could swing him into the ruck and Jackson could become your F6, meaning you have Jackson as backup ruck cover. I doubt Jackson will score like he did last week when Gawn comes back though


Yeh I pulled the pin on it. I think I’m better copping the donut. Moving him to Whitfield or someone next week and swinging Englsih up.


Could you take the risk and trade Clark out for Tsitas from GC to avoid a donut and use the cash you make from him for your upgrade. Just have to hope he isn’t dropped so can be a playing bench rookie


Whoops my bad Tsitas is a mid not a forward


I can still swing someone down to do that and make it work. Though the issue is thats only 40k and leaves me with 2 trades next week. Pruess + Wehr won’t allow Whitfield & Steele.
My plan was Wehr & either Clarke or Parnell out depending on the $ needed to get Steele and a rookie.

Though Pruess has stuffed that now with him likely needing to go. If I could swap now for Whitfield I’d be ok but English is locked in at f7 and can’t swing up to r3. Stuffs me completely 🙁