PODCAST | How to Tackle the Run Home

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In this week’s episode Lekdog and Patch look at the run home, underperformers and points of difference to potentially target to give you that one final boost.

03:00 – Let’s talk Supercoach
03:25 – Good Supercoach thing of the week
08:50 – Bad Supercoach thing of the week
13:13 – Tom Stewart and how to replace him
26:30 – Should we be upgrading or sitting on trades?
30:45 – Do we hold underperforming popular selections?
37:50 – P.O.D’s to consider for the rest of the year
49:40 – Cash cows to target this week

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Rick Grimes

If you’re trading the likes of Ridley, Short, etc, I presume you have 8+ trades left and full premium. Otherwise that seems a bit cray cray. There’s 8 rounds left. There will be more premo injuries/ suspensions. I see heaps of people considering trading Ridley. His last 6 scores are 115, 113, 98, 103, 64, 100. One spud score, otherwise averaging 100+. Booting him seems a bit of a luxury most cannot afford.

Shake n bake

Daniel out this week


That is annoying.

Have English and Daniel out this week, and being Thursday night no chance of seeing how their bench cover go first.

Shake n bake

Tried to get it out there earlier. But page just wouldn’t refresh. So hard to get early news out. I knew Howe didn’t train. And Laird still struggling.


Hey guys, should we be valuing points on field or money at this point? I have 1 last spot to upgrade in def with wehr and daicos to make way. If i do it this week, i have 640k for a defender and then any luxury/injury trades. Whereas if i wait a week, i could pick up an extra 40-50k. I’m a bit behind on rank so going aggressive is probably the play, but my fav target is sinclair who has a 155 BE.

My current defense is: Dawson, Hewett, Crisp, Short and Ridley and i’ve got 7 trades left before trades this week. What would you guys do?

Rick Grimes

Normally I’d say trade over cash. But, since you’ve still got Daicos, why not roll with him at D6? His 3 round average is as good as anyone. Maybe hold as is.


Appreciate the reply rick! As much as id love him at D6, i can only swing him there if i trade pannell/durdin to a loop player, which feels a waste


I have Daicos at D6 as well, i actually had Stewart as my trade target for next week.

I’m holding Daicos this week to max out his cash and will upgrade next week.


Thanks for the reply mate! Unfortunately he is stuck on my mid bench and the only way to swing him in defense as a loop is if i trade pannell/durdin which with only 5 trades for luxury/injuries seems a waste. I might need him on field for laird this week anyway!



This week sees the start of the JR Survivor Champion of Champions Division.

This is the BIG ONE.

Each week there will be 3 ELIMINATIONS.

Same rules as before, the 3 lowest scores of the round will be eliminated unless you are holding immunity from the previous week. If a team uses their immunity, the 4th lowest score will then be eliminated.

In case of a tie, the team with the WORST overall rank will be eliminated.

FyfeIsLyf has IMMUNITY this week based on an outstanding score of 2630 last week (this is what teams who are ranked 49th overall do!)

good luck

thanks fellas