Cheat Sheet – Round 15

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How good is it to have your full team back? It was a welcome relief … until my ruck line was decimated with injuries again. With Preuss suspended and both Gawn and now English out for 1 (or maybe 2) weeks there’s a high priced Ruck replacement in Nankervis, and a cheaper one in Jackson listed below.

I think I’ve used more trades in the ruck line this year than in the past 5 seasons combined. At some stage I’ve had NicNat, Grundy, Preuss, Witts, English, and then some DPP and rookies floating around like Dixon, Hough, Cameron, Jackson, Strndica, Hayes, Xerri. I’ve never wished harder for “Set and Forget” rucks back. Guaranteed tons every week.

Anyway, back to it … I haven’t specifically stated any players to trade out this week. You should be able to identify at this stage who the “least good” players are, whether they are rookies like Martin and Daicos who may still be floating around after the byes, or an under-performing premo.

Most teams will be at full premo now, so I might switch the cheat sheet up a little. If there’s anything you’d like to see, drop a comment below. Good luck everyone.



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Nice work Matty, the one that sticks out like Ducks Nuts is Danger, we know his ceiling but his body of work the last year or two is just not there for me. I think it might be a case of the mind is willing but the body is weak these days. It’s just too much cash to spend on a massive risk and potentially lose money and have him sit out further weeks just to keep him at 70%. Shame because I still reckon the Danger vs Fyfe duel back in the day was simply the best bit of footy theatre of recent years….


Danger and Fyfe are just draft picks now


Gday community. Hope you are all well.

Like most of you been cursed with rucks this year. I’ve held Preuss and now scratching my head again.

I have Witts & English already so now I am tossing up if I swing English up and part with him for good or hold again for another week and hope he’s straight back…. What do you guys think?

I have 8 trades left but need 2 of them to get Steele in once he has bottomed out. That would be my squad complete with 6 trades.

That said if I part with Preuss I’d be down to 5, straight up it will be swinging English up to ruck. Bont down to forward. Moving Short/Hewett down to mid and bringing in Hall who I think provides good value for a d6 option for only 50k on Preuss…

That said I could cop Preuss and if he is picked again fast he is 100+ usually and good value….


Preuss will be in the team next week with Flynn out for a bit. Might be copping a donut this week though, unless you have bench cover


Great stuff Matty. I am in a similar position to you in relation to the Rucks, having Gawn, English and Preuss. I also have Butters, however, not sure whether to leave him on the bench and use Soligio or Rosas to cover him and trade him next week or trade him this week. I have 11 trades left but not a whole lot of cash. My initial thoughts are to keep English and trade Gawn to Nankervis/Goldy/O’Brien and Preuss to a left field (and significantly cheaper) option such as Lewis Young who has scored 97 and 106 in the past two weeks. The other option would be to trade Gawn to Goldy and Preuss to O’Brien, however, that would leave only $1,700 in the bank. It would also mean I would have to bench one of these when English returns and it is a lot of money to be sitting on the pine.

I would also like some advice on whether it is worth making a downgrade trade at this stage of the season. I have a number of non playing rookies (Khamis, Hamilton, Owens) who are sitting on the pine and I am tempted to bring in one of Parnell or Clarke if they are named to play this week just to generate some additional cash.

Appreciate any thoughts or advice from you or the rest of the Community.


Hey guys, need a cheapish fwd to finish my fwd line. Which one of these would you pick?
jezza, Anderson, Heeney, greene, himmelberg?


Heeney is the pick but he is highly owned.

I got Toby last week, should be a roller coaster ride