MAILBAG | I Can’t Believe It’s All About Butters

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On the Mailbag this week Damo and Clarky are rejoined by Ben from SuperCoach Insider to discuss all the possible options you have for Zak Butters and why you should trade him, Luke Jackson, whether a point of difference is a good idea and then they discuss all the captaincy options for the action packed round 15 full of blockbusters.

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The Ranger

Heh he he…having a crap year but thought I’d planned to come out of the byes in a reasonably good place to attack the back half of the season and maybe sneak into the eight in a few leagues and at least be competitive in the others.
But no! The SC Gods had other ideas it would seem.
English, Butters, Preuss and DeGoey to deal with this week.


Looks like you’re having my year from last season Ranger, couldn’t take a trick or get a break, too many injuries all year and just never really got going. I feel for ya mate, next year it’ll be better.

The Ranger

It just happens some years eh Russty? Still might sneak into the 8 in the Mega League

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Holding English, bringing in Jackson who I traded out in round 7 as cover. Not sure about Butters, was going to hold, since I am very low on trades, but I might bring in Heeney for him. Have Oliver as my VC.


Was so close to not backing Jackson after this pod, but decided to take the punt anyway. I’d like to be one of the first to rub it in haha. Very pleased with his 122 last night!