How Many Ruck Puns Is Too Many Ruck Puns?

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Lekdog and Patch break down a tumultuous weekend of life, health and football.

The rucks, yep they are talked about.

Butters? Him too.

Rookies, there’s a couple.

Trades, there’s none left.

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Time Codes:

01:14 – Manscaped
03:10 – Patch’s meltdown (MUST LISTEN)
06:40 – The rucks.
09:20 – Braydon Preuss
13:30 – Todd Goldstein
15:00 – Luke Jackson
18:00 – The worst call we’ve ever made
19:00 – Good Supercoach thing of the week
21:00 – Bad Supercoach thing of the week
22:00 – How many trades do we have left?
24:30 – Injury updates and how to cope
26:00 – Zak Butters trade or hold?
29:00 – Other forward options
33:00 – Is another Port Adelaide ruckman here to save us?
34:00 – Jeremy McGovern injury and defenders to consider
39:20 – Players on the bubble


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So my ruckline is Gawn, English and Teakle, and I also have Butters…
Is this worthy of using my last boost to fix (12 trades left)? And if so, where do I even start!?


Better than my ruck line of Gawn, Preuss and Teakle.


Harry, if you have 12 trades left you are in an enviable and luxurious position, to use 3 and still have 9 would still have you way ahead of most in the available trades stakes so I say get it done and potentially take advantage of some of those (us) that are now down to the bare bones of trades with a third of the season still to play out. Strike as they say whilst the iron is hot!


Thanks Chris, will take note. Still one rookie on field (and Daicos) so that’s probably why I’ve got more than most.


just finished listening to the podcast and a big tick. Content was what we want with a splash of humour ,thanks Patch,Pretty sure this is what Matt was referencing with his comment and we got what we want. No doubt Lek and Patch jell like Laurel and Hardy .Enjoy all the articles particularly Barons. Keep it up boys NDD


Great pod, needed it after the weekend of carnage and sorrow and it provided a good bookend.

Butters, Preuss, Teakle, English out this week is going to hurt but thankfully have lots of trades somehow. Also maybe stubbornly I would like to hold Preuss for now with the rucks being a mess anyway.

Butters, G. Clark, Rosas/Jeffrey (depending who gets named) OUT
Bont, Witts, J. Clarke IN

Means Rosas/Jeffrey (assuming one gets named) covers for English this week and leaves me with just one midfield spot to fill (currently Daicos) and Preuss on the ruck bench with 11 trades left and 1 boost.


Jeffery is out and Rosas is available to play.


I’m thinking maybe do nothing this week and save the trades, only problem is I might be out of Derek’s survivor this week if I do.

Worp the Line

Thanks for the laughs on the way to work bys

Rick Grimes

My thoughts on Luke Jackson, his scoring was excellent early rounds when he took the bulk of ruck time as Gawn eased into the season – 88, 137, 78, 126. We should expect at least that while Gawn is out, so average around 105. When Gawn gets back in 4 weeks or thereabouts, he’ll not go straight back to bulk of rucking. So I see Jackson still scoring around that 80-100 range. That’s good enough for me given his price.


Jackson only achieved a total of @ 45 hit outs over the first 4 rounds (way less than Max) it was his work around the ground in general that got him the good scores. Not saying he wont do as well but the absence of Max will shift the dynamics of the opposition approach quite significantly you’d have to assume. With no Gawn all they need to worry about is Jackson and that might allow them to put more work into nullifying his influence. Often when you go from 2nd to 1st Banana life gets a whole lot more difficult….


O Mac hasn’t really got decent support so Jackson may surprise


i was going with Jackson at F6.

When Gawn is back, swing English to forward line and Jackson F7/R3


Gawn looks set to return next week the cats the week after at worst

Rick Grimes

Oooh, that throws the cat amongt the pigeons.


Apparently it was at the lower end and he stayed in the moonboot longer whatever that does to help


moved Gawn last week to English, even though i did say it would be wise to hold him for a week and see how long he will be out for. clearly i’m not wise.

Shake n bake

English out for 2 at least


Bevo said likely to be just one in presser today



the final eliminations occurred in round 11, therefore if you are still in a JR Survivor Division, that means you have SURVIVED to be part of the merger into the Champion of Champions Division

Eliminations will start from ROUND 15

Depending on how many teams get the memo and jump into the Champions Group will ultimately determine how many eliminations we have each week until there are the FINAL 4 remaining for the Grand Final in Round 23.


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The Kookaburra
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Vaxxed to the Max
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B- Town Saints
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jungle jim
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the wabs
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The Shanaz Package
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What is A Bender
Dawson’s Creek
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Wah Wah F.C.
Lethal Enforcers
Misty Pieman
Captain Risky
Muellers Maestros

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thanks fellas


I was out a long time ago, just like to thank Derek for organising and managing this 🙂



Nice to see a few team trades already being made following Monday’s draft night.

Lloyd (traded to Bunnies) = Lynch (traded to FBI)

Steele (traded to Shake) = Cerra, Howe & Menagola (Squeakers)

There have been a few other trades offers as team throw their magnets around and hopefully Shake will have a look at my offer for Petracca.

Good to see James clean up his squad after missing Monday night and drafting plenty of injured players. Dumping Cunnington, McEvoy, Hopper, Dangerfield & Marshall for Witherden, Moore, LDU, Rankin & Blakey. Squad looks ok, good luck.

James you missed my trade offer of Dusty for Danger, and dumped Danger to the waivers. (Hint: you might want to get him back off the waiver and make me an offer as you still have priority ahead of me on the waiver)

Looking forward to the match-ups this week. I’m taking on NDD in a massive game.

good luck fellas.


Wonder what happened to Lipinski I had a waiver on him at no.2 Very surprised he didn’t get picked >I sadly missed him.Going to be a very keenly sought contest and I will be keen on a forward but please Derek not my n0. 1 pick walsh for Zac Dawson lol NDD


De Goey’s going cheap 🙂

Last edited 6 days ago by Russty_

saints can have him we dont need any more trouble


Yeah you don’t need anymore dummies with your Dees team mates already beating eachother up lol


Zac, that was one the Hawks let go early. I think he averaged over 43SC pts for his entire career


Such a gun….singlehandedly cost the Saints one of their Grand Final chances in 2009 or 10.


The waivers are set as ‘last pick to the bottom’.
even though Gator had first pick in the draft, it also let him start as first on the waiver as he had the 8th last pick in the draft.
bit of a funny quirks in the settings


reemed by the old codger again still elephants and demons have long memories along with other things hope i play the old fella shortly so i can return the favour offered Shake rowell and toby for trac but no go probably better


Very interesting Derek we are both predicted to score 1489 wow wee bring it on

Shake n bake

Now with Laird doubtful l think I’ll keep Tracca. Need a fwd tried a couple of trades but not taken. Degoey out l need a fwd even more. Got offered Rioli for Heeney that didnt cut it.


Laird Doubtful? Didn’t hear that


Haven’t heard anything either, I wish Shake would elaborate a bit more.

Shake n bake

pulled up with tightness in the hamstring.


did u trade someone in?


i just hit ‘Optimise’. I had dusty on field and his score wasn’t in the estimates because he is injured.

fairly even in defence, might depend on if i play Lloyd of Hurn

Rucks are even Darcy vs ROB

You have me covered in the guts.

will come down to if your key forwards fire


Agree only needs one of toby hawk or tex to fire and I will have a leg up Close game coming up good luck

Shake n bake

Parish to miss again

Caleb (Prestia’s Premiers)

Hey guys fantastic podcast as always!
I don’t comment on here very much but I always listen to the podcasts and read all of the articles. Just wanted to say thank you to the team and the community for all of the advice over the years. I’ve been following the page for 10+ years and it’s the best SuperCoach community there is, and the only one I use for advice. I’ve been ranked #1 for the past 5 rounds and I’m sure someone will catch me soon, but I wouldn’t be in this position without this site. Best of luck to all of you for the rest of the season!


wow get him on Lek plenty of questions and answer i’m sure,a real bonus for the site


Caleb, you have earnt the right to strut around the office/street/house

what has been your best rank prior to 2022?

Just looking at the rankings, you are first, daylight second. keep it going.

The Ranger

Best of luck Caleb, fingers crossed for you.


All the best to you Caleb. That’s a massive effort, hope you can keep it going


Awesome effort Caleb, great to see you in here, best of luck for the rest of the season.