Cheat Sheet – Round 14

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The last week of the bye rounds is upon us, and they can’t come soon enough for me. I can’t wait to have 22 players plus emergencies to field a team each week.

There are very few options for rookies this week, but that’s pretty normal for this time of the season. There’s rumours that Massimo D’Ambrosio and Byan Teakle may debut for Essendon and Port respectively, but that will need to wait for teams later this afternoon.

Most coaches will be at full premo by now, with maybe a few minor MPR upgrades to make, so I’ve written the cheat sheet that way. A few unfortunate injuries to premos also, most obvious is ankle injury to Max Gawn. But there are always options for sideways trades.

There are some great PODs out there too (less than 5% ownership, or fallen premos less than 15% are rough numbers), but there’s no point picking someone with low ownership if they don’t score as well or better than their counterparts. Bailey Dale and Tom Liberatore are great examples of this. Top 6-8 players in their position, low ownership and a history of being consistent high scorers. These are the players who will help you jump in rank, and beat your opponents in cash leagues.

Anyway, that’s enough lecturing from me for a week. Have a great week everyone.



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JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Doc and Touk will be coming in to Black Flag this week.


Doch’s going ok John, did you trade out Macrae and Dunks?

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Yes, last week. I was hoping no one would notice. I looked at Macrae and he’d only scored well in one of his last seven games and Dunkley, well I just shouldn’t have.


Oh yeah I see about Macrae, not going to his usual standard for sure, Dunks hopefully you don’t regret but I’m sure you got someone good for him, hey how come you don’t have all your players on the field in gameday…what’s the point of having the E on them?

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I always do that Russty, regarding the players on field. I like to set it up as if it wasn’t a bye round. Though if I had more than four playing, that I couldn’t put the E on, they would be on field. I traded Dunkley>Kelly in a fit of madness to get 18 on field last week. As it worked out I could have done no trades at all last round and I still would have won 5/10. So I’m feeling a bit stupid at the moment. I should have looked at my side overall and decided not to trade and just take the hit.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

If Cripps keeps scoring like he did tonight I might get Dunkley back in round 18.


Yeah I hear ya re: Cripps, very frustrating to see these low scores, re; previous post, don’t feel silly about anything mate, you wouldn’t believe some of the moves I’ve made this year hahah, just stand by your choices, yolo 🙂

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Very happy with Doc Russty, probably my best upgrade. Wish I kept the VC on him.


Gday community. Completely lost. Is Harry a trap? Don’t know anything about him.


When are Saturday teams released? Need to know re preuss lol


Can swap some positions in side but have gawn going out.
Who do I trade in
Touk or witts

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Both would be good ins. It depends who you have on your other lines. Witts would be a straight swap, so wouldn’t put the team out of balance.


Anyone concerned by the mcveigh comments re himmelberg? Really like him for the price but those words have to be scary dont they?

The Ranger

What did McVeigh say Tommy?


He said that with certain defenders coming back he’s not sure where Himmelberg will end up playing…he’s a dud as a fwd


Yeah it turned me off him.


I know it would be considered a pretty big pod move, but if preuss is named is he a potential trade IN? Mcveigh’s comments suggested hes been playing vfl to get some match fitness back as opposed to being omitted as such. Having English in my fwd line and teakle debuting this week also has me further interested in taking this risk. Thoughts?


Luke Jackson as a fwd who provides ruck cover anyone?

Shake n bake

Next week


Welcome to my team Mr Bontempelli. Last premo spot filled (if you ignore my ruck line of Gawn and Preuss).

Deafness (DM)



Is he in??

Deafness (DM)

Looking like it. I see him on the team sheets

Deafness (DM)

Going to go big this week
De Koning, McCartin, Gawn, Smith all out for
Bont, Sinclair, English and a defence rookie that I can’t play this week anyway due to full backline (So any advice on who to pick up would be appreciated).
Leaves me mostly full premo with some guys like Preuss and Butters and I’ll probably end up shipping both later for the likes of Gawn/Smith (when they are back) or Witts.


Ambrosio or Angwin debuting this week.


treloar or libba?