Cheat Sheet – Round 13

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Hello Community, welcome back to another cheat sheet before a Thursday night game.

It’s the second week of the byes which means we have a crop of players to choose who have completed their byes and will cover the next 2 weeks. From Twitter and forum conversations, it seems like this week will be hardest for most coaches with the Bulldogs providing a disproportionate number of players to each team, especially in the forward line. But hopefully you’ve all planned well enough to cover this. If not, use those Trade Boosts.

Also, there are finally a couple of downgrade targets who might have some chance of playing. Owens and Wehr are the ones I’m talking about. Not a lot of movement in the forward line rookies though.

Things should settle down further next week when we have even more players to choose from. Then it might be time to start to consider some PODs to separate you (in a good way) from the rest.

Good luck this week everyone.



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Darcy Parish or Walsh?? Really not sure

Rick Grimes

Can’t go wrong with either. There’s a school of thought that Parish needs a super high possession game to score well and that it isn’t sustainable. But his record this year speaks for itself. I’d probably go whoever has least ownership.


I’m going the cheaper option of Merrett (M8), with one eye on Steele coming back after round 15.


Steele will be a Steal eventually, has a BE of 200 , we could get him as low as 520k ?


Agree, need to leave room for him




Traded Dixon over Hayes last week to hold a warm body. Cost another $80k to do so and now Hayes is dropped due to illness. Leaning toward trading. It’d be down to teakle I went up to Darcy last week giving me Witts and Darcy with Hayes R3. Rioli and Hayes out has hurt the bye structure and no durdin named for Carltons backline, ouch.


To early to jump on Aaron hall or stick with Jordan ridley?


If it was my team I’d stick with Ridley cause he’s starting to come good, I’ve held Hall in my draft side all year and he’s been on the bench most of it. I haven’t given up on him yet but I wanna see him string a few games together before trusting that he’s back.


I’d like a week or more of watching Hall


Need help. Zach Merrett or Petracca? I’m all good for Petracca’s bye so that’s not an issue. Just unsure which one would score more seasons end. Thanks

Last edited 19 days ago by Ezza

Go Merrett. Petracca isn’t done losing money just yet and will be cheaper after the bye.


VC – Coniglio, Brodie or Neale
C – Oliver or Gawn
Who is everyone going with for VC and C this round.?

Catzilla aka Chungus Schmelling

Hope U got that juicy cogs vc! I’m going Gawn as C after Walsh’s meager return as vc… Let’s go MAX!!! 😬