MAILBAG | Byes, Week 1

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Damo and Clarky are joined reigning SuperCoach champion SuperCoach Mumma on this week’s episode. Fresh off the Mid-season draft, Damo casts a quick eye over who was selected and has his say on who plays. They then answer questions for the round ahead that include finishing team selections, the upcoming byes, rucks and rookies. Damo, Clarky and Mumma then finish the show by going through the round discussing the best captaincy options.

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Want to learn about who your club picked up in the mid-season draft? Stats Guru Azza has a created great resource which you can find here

Lekdog and Patch had a look at the new Dual Position players on this week’s podcast – Listen to that here

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Rick Grimes

What I take from SC Mumma, is go with your gut. I’ve got soooo many ‘was gonna but didn’t ‘ stories this year. I think we all over think it some times and miss out on opportunities.


well said


That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing this year, and it’s worked out ok so far for a change.
I think we had a bit of wriggle room this year for a few off the wall moves with the 5 extra trades.
Also there don’t seem to be the crazy amount of injuries as there were last season.


Awesome pod guys = 5 stars!!
Love SuperCoach Mumma’s energy, basically just Yeet it and live without regret.
So good to have so much knowledge to listen to, I have no excuses for such poor results


On this day two midfield bulls went head to head with no taggers.
Danger v Fyfe.
Classic. πŸ‘