PODCAST | Baby, bye bye bye (BYE ROUNDS)

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Lekdog and Patch discuss all things Supercoach.

From the Jock Reynolds Selection Committee to the McVeigh Multiverse of Madness, the new DPP’s in Supercoach to the latest injury news.

It is all covered!

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Time Codes:

00:00 – JR podcast selection committee
04:00 – Supercoach positives of the week
06:30 – Supercoach negatives of the week
08:11 – Mark McVeigh, why?
10:30 – Bye rounds breakdown
13:13 – Patch is trading in a player who isn’t playing this week
14:45 – Joel Jeffrey is still value
17:30 – Lekdog’s new dog interupts
18:04 – What should we focus on for trade targets?
19:45 – Injury News
22:45 – Ruckman, why don’t they play anymore?
28:00 – New DPP’s added into Supercoach
31:14 – Bont or Smith?
33:50 – Mark Blicavs
35:40 – Harry Perryman
37:20 – Darcy Cameron
38:00 – Tim English
42:50 – Drop a review!


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The Byes are here baby, are we ready?


I’ve tried to be ready, be nice to have more trades left but I might be able to get 18 on for the 3 rounds maybe only doing one trade.


Hey Patch to make you feel any better I was running late to the Carlton v collingwood game to not realise Carroll copped the late sub over (Jack Martin!!) and took his big fat score of 15 whilst I had Neale’s score haunting me as vice captain. The pain is real


Ouch mate, that’s a true horror story, same exact thing happened to be in my last game last year, it leaves a bit of a sour taste in ones gob.


Lol Jack carroll wasn’t playing last year


That’s right Sarah he wasn’t.


one wonders eh

Worp the Line

Good listen boys


Thanks lads. You guys have really transitioned this into your own format now. A shout out of support. I listen to 3 main podcasts and yours is one of them. Keep up the good work. A few pods such as Chapman, seem to not get mentioned – De Koning gets discussed a lot. The reason is the average score of a lot of assumed premiums are scoring poorly reliably. When we look at players like Short, Butters and Heeney, Martin. I am not sure of the score we are after. What is the magic number we are looking at averaging Even McCartin becomes more reliable than others. Conglio? Maybe next pod, discuss 3 round, 5 round averages, and reliability over the ying and yang so many seem to be dishing up. Cheers, love your work!


Great work. Hilarious sign off Patch…GO THE BYES!!


Hey guys, got a bit of a dilemma IU was hoping to get some input on!
So I still have a spot in both my fwd and ruck lines, and the influx of doggies options is making it a difficult decision.
For clarity, i have gawn in the ruck, and Dunkley, Brodie, Parker, Butters, Cogs in my fwd line. The dilemma is essentially English + a non doggies fwd, vs Bont/Baz + a different ruck. I also have macrae with is why i can’t pick another 2 doggies players.
What would you all go with?

Last edited 28 days ago by tommyc99

English, Witts, Darcy, Preuss are the clear top 4 rucks this year. Preuss is unreliable for playing every week and Darcy is fragile but they are both a lot better than John Paul Youngs 1970’s chart topper ‘Yesterdays Hero’ when they are on the field.
English should be in your fwd line so that really only leaves Witts and Darcy as viable options for your rucks


Choosing an unreliable ruck who is never a walk up start and a fragile ruck in front of a 5 times all australian who plays every game and scores all over the field ? Know where my money is david -Gawn every day


Are we writing off Gawn altogether? Seems pretty good value at the moment…


English is the obvious F6 and Gawn R! with either Preuss or Witts at R2 Remember Gawn is more than capable of huge scores, my captain this week NDD


And doesn’t get injured and or suspended every other week.

Rick Grimes

ROB. Got dropped, got the message. Averages 120 from here on out. Mark my words.


Crows have easiest run home.


I agree Rick, wish Crouch would get the message, have him in draft and he’s seriously under-performing

Rick Grimes

Anyone else notice Jed Anderson blast out a 144 on the weekend? He looked the goods. He’s had an injury impacted last couple of years, but in 2020 he was very serviceable. Averaged 104 from 15 games, 4 scores 140+. Just an interesting one if you’re looking for a cheapy at F6.


I had him in my initial team Rick Just a risk but bench player 100%


Yes he missed the start of this year due to legalities involving covid and he seems to have built match fitness and team cohesion well after starting slowly. He is really only worth consideration as cover during the bye period based on his ytd record but you could do a lot worse and he might do a ‘reverse Petracca’ and bring genuine value to your team


5 Stars Baby!
*cue the Mario with Starpower music
Love it every week, the wily paranoia of Lek, the amusing tragicomedy that is Patch, them other lads who do technical stuff and support proper teams (where’s the Port Adelaide expert guys?) I listen every week to both pods, my team still stinks. keep it up lads! Sponsors take note.
Ps. I’ll VC Patch every week, even if he gets dropped again.