Cheat Sheet – Round 11

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Good morning community. Hope you’re firing on all cylinders this week, unlike many Supercoach teams.

It’s the last week before the byes, and there’s more ruck carnage this week. Trade plans have been cast aside as we scramble to cover Preuss’s second week on the bench, Sam Hayes possible omission and Dixon’s inevitable drop.

Barring that, the message is still the same. “Bye structure is king”, make sure you have enough cover for each round of the bye, or the ability to trade over any shortfalls. Trade Bonus (if you still have them left) will be extra valuable at this time.

Just to add to the complexity this season, the second round of DPP eligibility is due for Round 12, with a few SC relevant players (including the Bont and Darcy Cameron) likely gaining a second positional option. Can you imaging an SC forward line with Bont, Dunkley, English, Libba and Treloar (with Bont, they would all be in the top 8 forwards this season).

Good luck this week, everyone.



EDIT: I completely missed that Cleary had been omitted. As mentioned there is a lack of DEF downgrade targets this week, there’s no one obvious who can replace him on the cheat sheet. I guess that means that the DEF line should be your upgrade focus, if it hasn’t been already.

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Mrs Darcy

Gawn could be worth a sideways glance, nice bye and dropped close to 100k. For those wise enough to avoid ‘set & regret’ this year it is a good time to consider him
Sure he’s no match for a top ruck and isn’t even top 10 for the past 6-weeks but once upon a time he was a reliable scorer.
If you put English fwd he’s a a handy R2 he may not match Preuss or the other 6 rucks that are better than him but those 7 are fragile and at least Oldman Max should play most games.


I set and forgot Witts from game 1 and I don’t regret it. Regarding Gawn, me thinks you are a bit too hasty to write certain people off, it’s probably inexperience talking.
Hope I wasn’t too passive aggressive for you, it’s funny…. since I followed you, I can now see all the different names you change to.


Well said Russty can’t work out whether that was tongue in cheek dumb or to annoy you A new name to add to his list- thought he was gawn but still here Witts was a gem for you mate , set up your season watch your trades and you will be top 100 good luck


When do we find out if Preuss is deff out?


Only way he is in is if he’s a late-in. So we won’t know until an hour before the game


An hour before the kick off FTB


I am hoping Cameron gets DPP so I can trade Preuss to WILLIAMS WCE gives me 200k plus swing Preuss has R12 bye so 2 weeks out I can round up defence with a cheap 348k McDonald DPP who could become a handy bench player in finals


Ruckline as it stands
Preuss, SHayes & Dixon, yikes!

I’m in some serious trouble if Hayes is not in the final 22. I don’t want too trade Preuss was hoping he’d suffice as my R2 at worst a luxury trade come finals.
Hayes is only 300k so to get a gawn, Witts or darcy your spending 300k. That absolutely stuffs the future trade plans.

Many others in the same situation?!

I do believe there’s a sneaky chance Preuss is a late in. Why would they name him emergency otherwise.. doesn’t make sense too me unless they’re unsure about Flynn or he’s under an illness cloud (have heard a rumour)

Last edited 1 month ago by Maverick

If Hayes doesn’t play I might have to wear a donut… I have Preuss and Hayes too… but changing my trades now means I lose both Sinclair and Parker to be replaced by 🤷‍♂️ and I’m stuck with 2 rookies I was planning to trade up. Also screws my planned RUC & FWD strategy.


I am thinking almost the same lazza,
Hopefully Hayes is named shortly and I think I’ll cop a donut for preuss I’m not sure I wanna offload him just yet.. It ruins my cash and trade plans going forward having to pay up for a Witts, gawn or Darcy. Hopefully Preuss is back next week.


What about buying English in Forward line then substitute Dixon & English?


Brad Crouch?