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Damo and Clarky are joined by Ben from SuperCoach Insider to answer all your questions ahead of Round 10. In an episode littered with Dad Jokes we discuss how many trades should you have left after the byes, do we give GWS players another chance, is it smart to trade for potential DPPs early. All that and more answered, as well as each game is analysed, and captain options are discussed.


Damo – @DamoSC
Clarky – @QuantumJC

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Who’s got some random stats?
Darcy Cameron 18 free kicks for and 3 against from 8 games.
Dylan Moore 16 free kicks for and 1 against from 9 games.
Dustin Martin 2 tackles from 3 games.
Will Brodie 69.6% time on ground from 9 games.


That’s crazy low tog from Brodie, imagine what he’d be scoring if played 80% or more.


Gday Community.

Hope you are all well. That time again I could use some friendly advise.

Going pretty well this year, though once again another big injury in Steele for me.

I have the ability to go straight to anyone and I currently hold Neale, Oliver, Miller, Macrae, Cripps, Petracca, B Smith in the mids with Steele (was complete). I am considering Laird or Mills.

That said my d and f lines aren’t complete. This week I have Clark on the bench and can potentially put him on the field which makes me feel better than playing either Rioli or Rosas (also started with Ned Long who is surely not far and could come in if he gets a game soon and I’d feel better with him then these 2 too lol).

That leads me to another idea if I played Clark and go for the final Mid down track.

Dusty is coming in… After all as a Richmond man I can’t help myself. My other trade is this mid situation. I either play Clark. Swing Riolo up to the bench. Which is what I was going to do if English was back (which would complete my forward line). Though now he is out I’m thinking I swing McCartin down to the forward line for F6 this week and lock another prem defender in.

Currently I have Sicily, Short, Docherty, Hewett. With Daicos and McCartin as D5,D6.

If I go down this road I was looking at Sinclair, Crisp, Dawson, Pendles, McGovern, Vlaustin, Dale…. I feel 600k+ for Stewart and Withereden is just to much for them. McGovern is good value still?

Was also toying with the idea of just getting Bont in this week and pushing him or Bailey Smith down to forward line if either promoted. Means I can make sure English is good and they don’t ruin his scores with Martin about still?

I just am not sold on which defender to grab. Sinclair was who I originally thought as he was pretty consistent, fairly priced at 520k though with Steele not sure how it goes?

Anyway long winded rant short. Do you get a gun like Bont or maybe Laird and run the field with either Rosas or Riolo? OR do you lock in a key defender from the above and get Clark on field ? If the defender WHO PLEASE LOL…..

Thanks in advance for your time.


I’m having the same conundrum


What did you decide? Lol


Thinking I’ll get either Sinclair or Dale… what ya reckon? I’m unsure what Steele out does to Sinclair? Surely it allows him more?


Hi Beardy, I think Sinclair is a good choice but so is Crisp…very reliable!…maybe even Lloyd? Dale’s also been very solid, whichever 2 work for your byes the best I’d say


Hey Rustty,

I appreciate the reply as always. With Hewett, Doch, Short, Sic who would you lock in? I am thinking Sinlair at present… I read Crisp could be out this week and with Steele gone it would only help his score wouldn’t it? More ball for him? Or a issue with less ball in their teams hands??

Dale was my other choice. Lloyd is with Ridley for me at moment. Want to see more.


Yeah Sinclair will benefit I think, and he’s just improving all the time too, gets plenty of ball and uses it really well most of the time. I’d lock Sinclair, Crispy cream is named on field btw.


Yeh they said he would be named tonight but not a lock i think i heard.

Went with Sinclair. Him and Dusty in. Steele & Martin from bombers out.

Leaves me only Daicos, Paddy, Clark as last rookies with a q over Cogs to keep.

English coming in IF he is back and Martin doesn’t ruin his rucks otherwise probz Bont if he gets dual or if B Smith I can move him down from mids already and get another gun mid.
One of Laird or Mills or Bont to for clark eventually.
One of Dale or Dawson or Crisp as last D.


Sounds good, how you going this year, what’s your team name?


Nothing amazing mate but good to wind the boys up. I need to get in a league with a few of you lads one year.

I never really track the top such and such but I’m doing pretty good in my league with friends lol. Sitting first at moment.

I’ve had a few bad moves but most pretty solid. Worst is usually the bad injury to a premium. Can’t do much about it.

I’ve had Grundy, Steele both upgrade targets that have had to go.

Started with English had to part with him.

Then I had Xerri I got in fairly early who sat for ages. Hayes etc like most of us. Can’t do much about those ones.

Worst one would be Cripps. Started with him. Was adamant in my head it be more than a week. Tried to convince myself to hold. Didn’t. Then…. brought back lol.

Nailed some though and with 3 upgrades to come I can’t complain I guess.

How about yourself?


Well you should try to show up a bit earlier in the season, most of these in house or good leagues get filled about a month before first bounce. I was waiting for you to show up so I could invite you but you were super late.
I’ve had a decent start but have been trading hard to improve my team, got up to the top 200 or so there for awhile, dropped back to 450 odd last week, thing is, I don’t normally play for rank so it’s a bit of a trap if you do well early, it makes you try to hang onto the good rank. From here I just need to be careful or I’ll be another sad sack ‘what might have been’ case who ran out of trades too early lol.


Haha, I will next year. Appreciate it.

That’s been me the last few years :'(


Good point Russty. If you jump out of the starting gate with a nice rank, it is so tempting to trade your a off and run out of trades about round 17.

I’m trying the slow and steady this year and holding trades and give my leagues a decent crack, hopefully win enough matches to make the finals.


There is a massive hole left in the midfield with Steele getting injured, but does Jones & Billings fill that hole?


I think they’ll help to, Clark is due back soon, he had a hitout in the VFL a few weeks ago and did pretty well, then they had a bye unfortunately so lost a bit of momentum. He could slot into Sinclair’s role at half back when he returns freeing up Sinclair to play more than his usual mid time.
Sinclair scores pretty well from defence or midfield cause of the way he uses it.


Looking forward to the games Got Shake twice and Tophawk twice A real test that– good luck fellas I am so keen to do a dees on you Shake i am on top in your league and playing you –nothing better mate NDD


Good luck mate beware the Shake bounce back! 🙂

Shake n bake

Have l missed Derek’s survivor?? Haven’t had much of a chance to find it. You’ll beat me Neil. Not confident. Have a great weekend mate hope u go well.


Hi Shake you were 4th from bottom mate just in front of Neil so you made it another week by 13 points.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russty_


Shake n bake

Cheers Russty


Shake pretty sure i was the 3rd worst and once again you got me by 10 odd in survivor


I’ll update Survivor later today.

Did you see my trade offers in Jungleland draft Shake?


I’m wondering what the general consensus is community regarding Coniglio, are you keeping or trading him out this week?

Grant Lewis

I’m a hold despite a high BE. Hoping with change of coach he hopefully gets his old role back in the middle and he can be a forward keeper. No change of coach and he was out.

Last edited 1 month ago by Grant Lewis

eventually he will go (famous last words)


trading to Gresham Could be seen as a sideward move but I think he has improved enough for a forward.


i remember reading somewhere, written by someone smarter than me, that a trade should net at least 32pts a week to be worth the trade (that might have been when we had 30 trades)



it is getting to the pointy end of the pointy end of the Group stages of JR SURVIVOR for this season. This is when a wrong captain’s choice of a dropped mark could mean the difference between surviving or elimination.

EAGLE POWER (Div 1) was the only team this week that needed their immunity necklace to keep them alive. Well done.


The following teams, it was a case of close, but not quite close enough, and have been eliminated this week.

Div 1: Black Flag, Real Steele & Pecks’ Wunderteam
Div 2: River, Jaegerbomb & Beers n snags
Div 3: Jack’s Giants, The Bye & ninefa
Div 4: GoNads, Wolverine’s X-Men & The Jax
Div 5: CHAMPS, Assassins & demonsdelight
Div 6: Meepy Misfits, Brayden’s Hams & The Stripes
Div 7: Buzzboys, Flying Dutchman & Walshy’s Wannabes
Div 8: Maximum Gawn, SavingPrivateGryan, Stoopid Llamas & mooses
Div 9: K.Sinny, The Client & Beorge

IMMUNITY for Round 10

Div 1: Robbocops
Div 2: Baby Bombers
Div 3: SchittSangers
Div 4: Vaxxed to the Max
Div 5: Red&Black
Div 6: Dam Dogs
Div 7: Point Nank Range
Div 8: FunkHouser
Div 9: Thewinningchoice

there are few familiar names starting to appear wearing the immunity necklace.

good luck everyone

thanks fellas


Thanks for your time in running this mate tough with your workload. Congrats to the surviving survivors NDD


Thanks Derek, this has been great fun, but didn’t make it to the end like last year. Champs will be back in 2023..
Good luck to the remaining Survivors..


Well done Nev, gave it a good crack mate. I’ll probs join you next week lol


Thanks Russty_


Div 5 was a hot group this year.


all the top coaches just gravitated there, weird