MAILBAG | The Stats Man’s Testifying

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Damo and Clarky are joined by JR’s resident stats man Azza to answer all your questions in a bumper episode of Mailbag. Double or triple downgrades, smokey selections, which rookies stand above the pack and more + we look at the round ahead and all the best captaincy options.

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Nice POD gents. Given me plenty to think about. Captaincy may be a crap shoot this week.


Cameron’s Cube is no more! And all it took was giving it a name… Does this make Cooper Hamilton less scary as a downgrade option?


Much like my Rubiks cube, Camerons cube will sit on my shelf as a puzzle unsolved.

For me it’s kind of the same since we dont know how the caretakers will run. Currently named in the extended squad so fingers crossed!.


Nice pod guys! How are we ranking Rioli v Carroll v Hamilton?


Hey mate, thanks!
Currently I would go Carroll, Rioli and Hamilton. Thats totally flexible since hamilton has that low low price so a nice cash option

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I really enjoyed this Mailbag and thankyou for answering my question. I liked how you had different ideas regarding the three downgrade options and whether we should use a boost this week. I was only going to get two of them in, but now that Stephens hasn’t been selected, I was looking at him and Clark for next week, I will be using my boost and going JHF>Carroll, O’Driscoll>Rioli, MacDonald>Hamilton. I only just decided on the last one after Strnadica wasn’t selected, so Dixon stays for one more week.


Trade Luke Jackson given that gawn is back on the park?

Lock key

In the same boat.. was hoping Gawn would stay out to be honest.. I might have to hold Jackson hoping he actually does something for once.


Exact same thinking. Not sure if I can hold onto the byes if he stinks it up tho. On thin ice for sure.


I’m pondering on Mitch Duncan…. Can any Cats watchers comment on how he’s been looking? Finally match fit after missing pre- season?


Played off half back last week, wait and see this week I’m looking at jumping on him if the role is there again this week


How many trades do most people have


SC = 25, RDT = 23


Hey lads! Which is the better option to bring in my backline, Dawson or Zork?


Dawson. Just feels more durable to me.