Cheat Sheet – Round 7

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Welcome back everyone. It seems like every week is chaos now. Covid and injuries, so we should be used to it, right? Not quite. I think many coaches will just be putting out fires this week, especially in their ruck departments, but for those of you lucky enough to escape this week unscathed, here’s some players to target.

The byes are only a month away, so you should definitely be considering your bye structure with every trade you make. Aim for players who have the Round 14 bye or who otherwise compliment your other players (i.e. a good spread of premos and non-premos in each bye round).

Also start to identify premos who have a bad game or 2, and make a note to pick them up in 2-3 weeks as those scores roll out of the price.

Other than that, there’s not a lot say at this point. Hopefully you don’t cop too many donuts this week. I think I have 1 active bench player.



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Good luck and see you next week.

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Alright lads.

Got Doch, Short, Hewett whom is my next lock in D.

Vlaustin? Sicily? Sinclair? Pendles? Witherden?

House of Daics

For me it’s Sicily. Track record, consistent, ball is in their back half a lot.
I’m adding him this week to my weakest line that has Short, Hewett, Whitfield (cringe)


Thoughts similar. Was him or Sinclair.

Next question. Would you take Gawn this week and cop a donut knowing next week you can get Cripps in to finish your midfield OR get Sic this week, no donut but have Haynes (port ruck) on field this week and probz have Gawn next week but no Cripps?


Definitely avoid the donut
I’d find a way to have both Gawn and Cripps by downgrading a couple midpricers or fat rookies


I am getting Oliver this week. With either Gawn and a donut for a week… or Sicily and no donut for a week.

The following week would be Cripps or Gawn depending if i cop the donut or not… I’d probz go for Sicily after Cripps & Gawn are in after next week. Though the issue is I would have to cop that donut to do it…


get Sicily and avoid the donut Sicily will probably score 110+ and I doubt that max will outscore him and whomever your current R1 is by 110+ which is what he would have to do to compensate for the donut


Haynes would be the playing R2 (instead of Gawn). Sicily would take the field to cover Hewett & P Mcart for the week (can’t cover both).

In my head Gawn will be 120+. I don’t think Haynes is fair to ask for more than 70. Thats 50+ gone. No doubt Sic makes that if not another 60+.

Though the issue is the following week takes Cripps off the table as I’ll be chasing Gawn.


Oh I see.
I spend trades like other people money so if I was in your position I’d be using a boost and downgrading a midpricer or fat rookie and taking a punt on clarck or getting Rosa to build up the bank a bit and using another boost next week to do the same thing so that I could get both


I would be astounded if Gawn doesn’t reel in Sicily’s score NDD


You reckon Gawn outdoes Sicily by 50+


No but hls opposition ruck isn’t great maybe 30 to 40 though


So would I but he would need to outscore Sicily plus another player to compensate for the donut that would be served by trading him in


I like donuts, but get Sicily this week, and Gawn next week.
Sicily seems to have settled down this year following his year out of the game (flog meter is set to low).
Gawn’s price wont move a great deal between this week and next.


Shame about Hewett this week. Im not sure about Vlossy… a big gamble for mine to say he can be top 6 by years end. The other 4 could well be though! I really like Sinclairs role and they look for him. Because the Saints look like a finals bound side (more win than the others), I just feel like he is a slightly safer bet… slightly


So you think Sinclair over Sic?


Sinclair has a few players coming back. Need to see how that effects him. Jones, Billings and Clarke


Maybe get Sicily first before he goes up any more and try to pick up Sinclair a bit cheaper after he drops a low score or two, if and or when the returning players affect his scores.


Good luck community


Thanks Holty THink we all are going to need it


not wrong kat


Hayes to Hayes
Grundy to Steele
English to Miller
Makes Pruess and Hayes my ruck combo


I’m afraid for you, with your ruck situation.


I can bring in Gawn and Witts instead. Just thought Hayes and Pruess are going to cost me some points but allows me to field two more premium mids


I would say, take care of your rucks first, at least then you have some peace of mind. I have Gawn and Witts with Hayes on the bench at the moment and it feels pretty solid, 2 good scores coming in and a moneymaker on the bench.
You can then jump on some hot form mids as they present themselves.


I have Preuss so I would only need one of Gawn or Witts. Hayes will be R3. I was contemplating going lighter in ruck with Hayes and Preuss and adding to premium mids to complete my midfield


I wouldn’t do the English to Miller


Keep English?


is English your R2?


I had English forward and Grundy / Preuss as R1/2
Now I have Hayes, English, Xerri, Grundy to sort out