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Damo and Clarky breakdown the Grundy situation and then talk about which fallen premiums are worth targeting, how many premium spots should you have left to fill and all the captaincy options for round 7.

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S C tragic

just sorted out my cunning plan moved Jackson to fwd. trading out grundy and hayes for Preuss and Gawn , damn me Jackson in iso. Pffft.


And Xerri is out for up to 4 weeks


Rucking hell


i passed on Preuss last week so i could get Hayes this week. Now that Grundy has gone down Preuss is an option, but have already missed $90k price rise, therefore will make maybe $130k at best, think i will pass again and get Rosas who will make more cash faster and run with Hayes at R2 for a couple of weeks until English is avaliable

The Ranger

I don’t have Xerri! First win of the season.
I do have English, Hayes and Grundy. Think I might hold English and bring in Preuss and Port Hayes which leaves 466K in the kitty.
Trade JHF as well or hold for next week? Trading would give me 788K to spend so I can get anyone.
Note that I’m so far off the pace for rank to be irrelevant and I’ve already used eight (yes that’s right eight!) trades.


I’m a hold on JHF

The Ranger

I normally try to wait for a rookie to have made a minimum of 150K but with that amount of cash in the bank it’s tempting to just go BANG! Welcome to my side Mr.Steele!
(or Mr. Dunkley, or Mr. Docherty etc etc)


All 3 would be good RANGER

Rick Grimes

Trade JHF to an uber. 8 trades is fine. Got heaps this year.


Out with the Rucks.
Out – Grundy, Jackson & Xerri
In – Gawn, J.Kelly & Parker


Gawn and Parker I like, Kelly I don’t, reckon you should be trying to get the best mids you can in now to last the rest of the season and score 110 plus every week.


Point taken, guess that leaves 2 options –

1. Gawn, Parker & Hayes (PTA) leaves cash for premo upgrade next week
2. Gawn, Parker & the best player on any line under $533.5k (I already have Sicily, Short, Cripps, Preuss, Treloar)

Appreciate the feedback


No worries mate, Hayes should be a really good money spinner in the coming weeks, you’ll need that sweet moolah to get as premo as you can.


Thanks, final trades will be-
Out – Grundy, Xerri & Hayes (St.K)
In – Hayes (PTA), Parker & Steele
I couldn’t trade in Gawn & Hayes and avoid a donut in the forward line, as I would have 2 injured ruck (Jackson & Dixon) + Rosas.
I can get Gawn next week. Means I am fielding Hayes (PTA) this week, but Steele & Parker are both keepers.

Rick Grimes

Rowan Marshall out too. So the rucks are totally rucked.


Shows how quickly things can change.
2 weeks ago I had 4 playing rucks.
English, Jackson, Hayes Dixon.
Now. 🍩
Not sure 5 extra trades gonna be enough this year. 🙄


Are we thinking trade Xerri or hold if we can?
I was gonna go J Hayes to S Hayes, Rachele to Brayshaw. Thoughts??


3 years in the making, finally Will Gould is getting a gig


No way! 😲


As an emergency so far, still don’t think he exists.


On Monday after a couple of shrewd trades my round 7 predicted was 2530
As of 7:00pm Thursday it’s 2412 and I only have 25 live players.

Rick Grimes

Predictions are not worth the digital codes they’re written on.


Most of mine have been within 30 points this year with the exception of when Cripps only played 1 qrtr


Tossing up between these two options…
A – Oliver and Rozee (or Butters)
B – Cripps and Parker
Have 1,075,900 to spend on mid and fwd…
Any ideas?

Last edited 26 days ago by Haydos

Depends on who else you have but Cripps is a great buy and so is Dunkley they are both consistent high output players Rozee or Butters are variables.
Keays is also consistent with a season low of 106 and 3 scores of 120+


Yeh I already have Dunkley. Prob need to strengthen my fwds.


B for me, Rozee and Butters are a pair of yoyo’s. Parker’s value is really good too for a fwd who could average over 100 for the rest of the year.


Papley coming back will devote all of Parkers’ time to the guts


Hi gents,

Already have Petracca thinking of also upgrading Ward to Oliver, but fo you think I should stay away from having 2 premos from the same side?

Other option is to go McCartin to L Parker?


You need Oliver but you don’t ‘need’ Parker


I wouldn’t trade out Paddy, he’ll be back next week…and there for the whole season.


Hewett out…


Welp… Grundy, J.Hayes, English, Xerri, Ward, McCartin, Hewett all out; Stephens, Dixon, Rosas on extended bench (expecting the first two to miss)

Things… could be better. Planning to use a boost to drop Grundy, J.Hayes, and Xerri for S.Hayes, Parker and a mid/def premo (flipping between Sinclair and Keays) so I don’t need to play Rachele on field. 

Current Def and Mid are looking like:
Crisp, Sicily, Short, Daicos, O’Driscoll, De Koning (Hewett, McCartin)
Macrae, Neale, Oliver, Miller, Cripps, Brodie, JHF, Rachele/upgrade (MacDonald, Stephens, Ward)

Who is the best option for that upgrade spot? 

Good luck this week everyone, could be a rough one


OUT – A rucking hat trick – Grundy, Hayes, Xerri
IN – Keays, Hayes (the other one), Parker. 80k left over.
Perhaps next week will look at starting to paint the fence with rookies like JHF and Rachele for a Clark and Sicily?


what if Rosas is named, do we chase cash generation this week?

i agree with the three that need to go, Hayes come in for Cash gen, parker is too cheap


No Ladhams love?