Cheat Sheet – Round 6

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Good morning everyone. Happy ANZAC Day weekend.

We had a few curveballs thrown at us in selection yesterday, the biggest one being Tim English’s hamstring news and subsequent exclusion from Saturday’s Team. On the flipside Patrick Cripps is back, and Essendon have named both Merrett and Stringer who had a few weeks to run on their injuries when reported earlier in the week.

Looking at recent performances, many rookies have some more cash to make before we trade them, and with the use of Trade Boosts, we can do some 3 way trades in the coming weeks. So if you can, just hold tight this week, make few trades and wait til the onslaught next week.



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Good luck this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys a second long weekend in a row.
I certainly will be. 🙂

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OUT: bowey, hinge & Rowell
IN: Bailey Smith, Sicily & Preuss
Bank : $0

What do we think of these trades even though it quiet literally leaves me with not one cent in the bank.. is that a sign that it’s meant to be? Lol

Do we rate bazza to keep this up??

Rick Grimes

There’s an argument to hold Bowey. But you’re going up to a Sicily, so I see no issue. I think Smith is on the verge of premo status. He just has a massive tank and never gets any attention. With Hunter out he should continue to find plenty of it. He’s the trade I’m considering this week fo show.

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I like this move. Arguments for and against both bowey and Rowell ( ceiling is huge ). But bailey and sic look good ones so should be fine.

The G Train

I don’t think he’ll keep it up. Bont clearly playing injured at the moment and will affect his scoring when fit imo. Also, out of Macrae, Bont, Dunks, Treloar and Smith I feel like he is the one with the highest probability to spud it up the most. I also thought Hewett wouldn’t average over 90 in Carlton’s midfield though so i’m most likely wrong and Smith will average 110+ from here on out.

Rick Grimes

Are people playing Hayes (St Klida) on field this week? He’s tonned twice playing with Marshall, the other was a 67. His spud score was in a filthy three way with Ryder. The above notwithstanding, I have a nagging doubt in my waters that he spuds tonight.


I am waiting to see if Baldwin is named or not on Saturday. At the moment Hayes is emergency. Hoping to loop Hayes and Rosas if Baldwin not named.


I am looping him tonight with Durdin being my backup if he spuds it up. Pretty confident Hayes does okay tonight though, Rick.


I’m looping both Preuss & Hayes with Dixon. So if Preuss fails Jackson or Xerri will go to R2. If Preuss does well Dixon goes R2.
Doing same with emerg Hayes in the forward line, figure at least 1 will go well.


Yep good call, may as well do it if you can do it.


In: Sicily, Steele,Rosas
Out: Hinge, Hall and Rowell


Look like very good moves to me Ringo



Which 2 come in.

Sicily/Pendles/Sinclair/Bailey Smith/Tom Green?

Thinking the mids?


I like Sicily and Bailey Smith FTB. Green looks the goods too but I just don’t like Leon and Tobias coming in gonna shake up that GWS structure. May affect Taranto and cogs more than Tom though.


I was going for Oliver, seen he had some cash to drop so backed off.

I think Bailey in the mids is a lock at 522k. Just has that Dusty feel to me (as a tigs fan).

Then went Green and moved Daicos up. Seconds later I hit reverse and went Sicily.

I think Green has that bigger ceiling. Though I also don’t know if I see him as my main targets in the mids. Currently have Macrae, Neale, Miller, Petracca now Bailey.

At some stage I will want Oliver & Steele. That only leaves 1 slot open. Is Green it? Think Cripps is once I know he is healthy.

Forward line already got English, Heeney, Dunkley, Jackson who I plan keeping. I will want Dusty and not sure the last spot.

Defenders I had Hall so he has to go. With Hewett, Short, Docherty up there it left me unsure. Maybe Sicily is a safer bet to be in that line than Green?


Unsure on my moves this week. English thrown a spanner in the works and my gut says too hold Rowell one more week. He can’t play this run with role forever.


I’ve just sold Rowell to B Smith mate. I had this debate last week with myself. Exactly what you said. Surely can’t keep this role. One more week etc. To tempting now to get Smith.
I was lucky to start with English, Grundy, Dixon & Hayes. Got Xerri in early and Jackson I got couple weeks back.

If you have 2 of these mate wing about. I’ve put English on the bench.


Yeah Rowell too Smith is pretty good isn’t it. 120k can net you 50 points most weeks on what they’re currently averaging. But imagine if Rowell started pumping out 120 again every week, I’d be filthy haha

I also started all of English xerri Dixon and Hayes so definitely have the DPP to swing and bench English but it’s more the unknown extent of this hamstring. Even if he returns it’ll be a gradual slow return and don’t expect to see him ruck solo for a long long while. Might be a last minute trade boost if we find something out over the weekend.


Just reversed. English 2-3 weeks will probz mean sharing time with Martin when he’s back.

Steele & Bailey I’m thinking in. With Oliver able to be brought in for JHF from the left over cash parting with English this week…

Bailey over Sic?


Looking at a defender upgrade from Chapman to anyone (already have Short, Hewett & Whitfield). I see Sicily is recommended, just wondering if Caleb Daniel is value, or has his role changed?

The G Train

Out: Rowell and JHF
In: Titch and Rosas

Feel like Rowell is due for a big one (surely the coaches play him in a more friendly role this week) but i’m not taking the risk. Titch was under an injury cloud earlier in the season and looks back to his best. Bowey to Oliver next week.


OUT: Hinge, Rowell and Hough
IN: Sicily, Preuss, Rosas
Bank: $0


Been out of SC for a couple of years – took up way too much time and blood pressure thru the roof- back into it because of the other half and have to admit I am enjoying it. What do the group think of OUT Whitfield, Stephenson and Maginness IN Hewett, Gresham and any cheap Ruck/Fwd? I (she) has R/F Jackson and Hayes to cover the cheap non playing R/F. Limited cash but afford this trade.


Thoughts on bringing Witherden in? Ball down in their backline a bunch thin year and has proven to score well.


Solid pick


Jackson, Mead and Rowell OUT
Preuss, Sinclair/Smith, Rosas IN
Leaves me approx $420K for tops ups in coming weeks.
Thinking Preuss will average around 100 whereby Luke Jackson can be hit and miss with Max now back to his old form.
Can’t decide between Bailey Smith and Jack Sinclair as both good POD’s but I already have Macrae, Dunkley and Treloar and thinking Smith might be one too many Dogs and I don’t know enough about Sinclair as a player to know if he is likely to continue with this consistent scoring of 100+ each game so far?
Any thoughts community?


Not sure that “rossas is the best trade you can make this week” worked out so well … Let’s hope better for next week.