MAILBAG | Ruck Freakout Sending Us Sideways

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Damo, Clarky and Barron are joined by special guest Tom, the lead SuperCoach analyst for Moreira’s Magic, to discuss all your questions on this week’s Mailbag episode. The ruck line is causing concern for a lot of people with Grundy looking down on form, and Preuss on the bubble. Whitfield, Ridley, Rowell and other underperforming players are also on the community’s minds, and how should you utilise the new DPPs?

Thank you to Tom for joining us, you can follow him on Twitter @babylon9268

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Kev 2 3

A lot to think about, but can’t let Whitfield or Grundy go 🙂
Upgrading Rowell in midfield, tossing up between: Trecca, Walshy, Touk & Titch. All must haves at the end, IMO, swaying towards Walshy or Touk (better byes). Thoughts pls, ty.

Rick Grimes

Im wary that Touk gets double teamed and tagged out of the game. Walsh’s ceiling may have dropped due to the plethora of options in the Carlton midfield. Titch is nicely priced but his coach is on record that he wants to share it around more and that means Titch may get different roles at times. By process of elimination, I’d go Tracca (Walsh, Titch, Touk in descending order of priority). Caveat: they’re all guns.

Kev 2 3

Cheers Rick, main reason that I don’t already have Trecca, is I’m a Dee supporter, don’t want to put the mozzie on him:)

David C

Doesn’t he have a bung knee?


Kev I am in the exact same spot leaning towards Miller due the fallen premium value. If Touk gets double teamed will Rowells score benefit? Also what teams are really going the heavy tag and is Touk heading into tag country?

Rick Grimes

Tagging seems to be back in vogue again. Touk will get the attention every time but it takes a really good tagger, or two, to stop him. He’s a machine and can usually shake it. But it hurts to watch him on 30 at ht because some mumpty has sat on him all half.

Rick Grimes

Rowell has a stupid run with role at the moment. I think at some stage they let him loose tho. All well and good to teach him defence but you gotta win games too.


Who is the least taggable of Petracca, Miller, Walsh and Steele?

Matty C

Great pod. Still tearing my hair out on Rowell but you have convinced me to stick fat with Ridley.

With Fremantle now being hit by H&S protocols and WA not rushing to ease restrictions, do you think it is best to avoid WA players (and to a lesser extent QLD & SA)?

Also, I wonder if it could be a good idea to wait one more week on Rowell? Most of the targets I have for him have higher BEs than him (Trac, Touk, Parker) with the exception of Titch. I have no good cows to slaughter either so waiting a week might help. Probably depends if Hinge is named or not for me.

Last edited 1 month ago by Matty C
Rick Grimes

I think I’m gonna hold Rowell myself. I’m pretty much resigned to a below par score from him, but there’s always a chance he’s let off the chain.


Seriously back to back top 10 finishes, in competition with 160k participants. That’s form


English and Dixon out injured….

The Ranger

Uugh. Dusty, DeGoey, Cripps and now English. Be nice to actually get all of my premos on the park at the same time someday!


Looks like you’re having a year like my last year Dex, at least Cripps is back this week.


You’re holding Dusty?


English out means I’m holding Grundy, Rowell and JHF

I’m moving on Chapman and Dixon to Rosas and Sicily, that completes my backline with what I think should be 6 of the top 8 defenders come seasons end, hopefully Ridley can return to some form for me


What injury does Dixon have?


Some sort of calf injury according to the eagles website/injury report

David C

Ridley currently the 33rd highest averaging defender. Can’t see him being a top 8 defender especially with new dpps added. Bit of a crapshoot down there at the moment. Might wait until it settles before completing my backline.


Which rookie would people cull out of

JHF or McCartin?


McCartin goes first I think. JHF should average higher, and increase in value.


hinge, horne francis to either
rosas, crisp or
curtis taylor , petracca


Great POD guys!! Do i go MacDonald, JHF or Rachele too Rosas?


I’m wondering the same + Ward. I think JHF is going to bounce back and is worth holding for cash and cover. If you need the extra cash maybe Rachele but if not I’d go MacDonald (think I’ll do the same) since Rachele has more cash to make.


Who should I lose for Pruess? Minge or Dick(son).