Cheat Sheet – Round 5

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Welcome back Community.

To quote Sophie Ellis-Bextor, “there’s murder on the dance floor, you’d better not kill the groove”. A few question marks over Patrick Cripps, Zak Butters, but don’t let them kill your groove.

Upgrade season is almost upon us, and as I said last week, you should have an upgrade plan for the rest of the season. That way you’ll know if you can handle Cripps or Hinge possibly on the bench for a week, or if you need to capitalise on their injuries now. Can you go early on a player or 2? Tristan Xerri is an example of someone who you could bump off early if needed.

But every team is different, you’ll know what suits your team better than anyone else.

Good luck this week, and remember not to captain Cripps like I did last week. 🙁

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Had the C on Macrae last week and put it on Cripps a couple minutes before the bounce.


That’s being a bit greedy, that’s something you should only do in a head to head final if your losing

David C

??? maybe re-read that


I said C not VC – and I was losing because of Oliver and my opponent had Gawn – I needed something and thought Cripps was going to have a field day against the Suns. Macrae hadn’t been too convincing of late


If Hinge is out this week, are people getting rid of him or selling Ward/Stephens? I don’t mind the swing between hewett and odriscoll if I brought him in for a mid

The Ranger

I’m holding him, he’s shown he can score enough to make some more coin. Depends how many trades you’ve used maybe.


Hey ranger, trading him out would be my second trade of the year!
Does the fact he’s been omitted change your answer at all?

The Ranger

Normally I’d say to hold as there’s still money to be made off him Tommy but I get why you might trade him out


Next week we can swing Dacios to defence and trade Hinge to a midfielder


Do Freo supporters think that Erasmus should hold his spot for awhile with Fyfe out and with Serong due back ?

David C

Not a Freo supporter but I suspect he gets dropped this week.

Rick Grimes

Reef McInnes is playing.

Rick Grimes

No Gibcus or Minge.

Rick Grimes

Grundy to Pruess….?

David C

Can see that being the most popular trade next round.


Stephens not playing, who to trade him to? Ronke or Durdin?

I have NOD


There’s also Gollant or Rosas, Rosas only one game in though.


I like the look of Durdin, seems to be in Carltons best 22

Good Player

To be fair on Xerri he had his nose smashed and spent a lot of time off ground then had breathing difficulties when he came back on. I certainly wont trade him coz he gets DPP next week and is the perfect F6/7 R3


Hope everyone is having a great Easter. Did just the one trade this week with Gibcus OUT and O’Driscoll in and my question is should I take McCartin’s 68 (have the E on him) or roll the dice on O’Driscoll who is coming off a 104 last week to score better? Hate to bring a player in and not play him but McCartins 68 is a half decent score, thoughts?

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

65+ is my cut off Pman, so McCartin just gets the nod. Also look at your match ups and see if you think it will make a difference either way.