PODCAST | When is it time to jump on a breakout contender?

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Lekdog, Damo & Patch talk about all things Supercoach heading into Round 5.

Cripps, Naitanui, Hinge, Bowey, Ridley…there are plenty of names to discuss this week as well as some flaming hot takes from the boys.

Time Codes:

02:10 – Damo’s predictions
03:15 – Positives of the week
08:30 – Negatives of the week
11:30 – Braydon Preuss suspended
12:30 – Nic Naitanui injury
14:20 – Patrick Cripps injury
16:10 – Matt Rowell, what do?
18:00 – Mitch Hinge, Jake Bowey, do we trade these guys?
20:30 – Rookie options heading into Round 5
22:30 – Jordan Ridley, time to go?
24:50 – Jake Lloyd and the $550k boys
26:10 – Jack Ziebell, jump ship now!
27:00 – Sam Docherty is unbelievable
27:45 – Jack Sinclair
28:40 – Daniel Rioli
30:00 – Can we afford to jump on breakout contenders after four rounds?
32:20 – Soft as Butters
33:50 – “Isaac Heeney is the new Dustin Martin” – Patch, probably
36:45 – Dylan Moore has arrived
38:50 – The new Lincoln McCarthy is…
43:17 – Lachie Neale leads all comers in 2022
44:36 – Premium mids we should be getting ready to grab



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Rick Grimes

Not sure I want a hurt Cripps. Saw how he went last year carrying niggles.


I’m holding Cripps, I think he could’ve returned but only didn’t because if he done more damage he was heading to a 4 to 6 week hammy.

Going to do 1 up 1 down this week, Bowey and Hinge > Docherty and Odriscall


Looking to hold Cripps. Potentially 2 changes.
1 Hinge to O’Driscoll
2 Rowell to English


That’ll give potentially 6 rucks (ultimately). Grundy, Preuss, Hayes, English, Dixon (Xerri if DPPed)


The more the merrier I say westy!


Agreed! I have Dixon, Hayes, English and Jackson! Thats enough ruck stocks.


ONLY 4 TH?, you’re a lightweight mate lol


Gotta fix that!! Witts will make it 5 this week! 😎


And you’ll need Gawn at some point.


It is, after all, the poor man’s forward line. And on this blesséd day…


In Jocks Jungleland draft, offering Hayden Young, 93 ave defender , seeking a 90 averaging forward…must have played 4 games.
Maybe even consider trading Andrews 90 and 100 last 2 games…for a good fwd.


The good forwards are hard to find. an to be honest i’ve got enough ‘Hayden Young Type’ defenders to last a lifetime.

Have a look at players who might pickup DPP status next week.

I traded Libba & Parker into my team in the last few weeks anticipating they might pick up Forward status after round 5 (Libba should, Parker is a maybe)

your forward is pretty good anyway, better than mine.


Fair enough, he could probably replace Weitering in your side though, yeah solid forwards are hard to get, Stringer’s been injured and sketchy when he is out there, picked up Walker this week, hopefully he keeps trying to redeem himself by playing well, Gulden’s falling away a bit for me, reckon he’ll get the chop if he doesn’t perform this week.
Have you already traded out Buddy and Wingard?


Weitering is on his way out this week. He isn’t SC relevant anymore. I just picked up Aliir who should be back very soon to replace him.

Traded out Buddy this week, he was always a one weeker against North, but he got subbed out before he could kick 8 goals. I’ll give Robbie Gray a run this week. Holding the Chad, but don’t know why, you are more than welcome to him.

Rick Grimes

For the record, I predicted the Suns were gonna win. We generally go ok v Saints too. But I’m less bullish on that fixture.
This week’s prediction: Butters tons up. Titch goes big again. Rowell back points pigging.


DPP Changes that are most likely – Pendles , N.Daicos , Zorks, Xerri, Wood ,A.Brayshaw, Sinclair – the maybes are JHF, Tmitch, Hinge, A. McGrath


I’m hoping Libba & Parker get DPP. Heavily invested in Draft with both.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

What is the best combo to trade out, Bowey and MacDonald or Hinge and Rowell. Currently going with the first one.

Rick Grimes

Hinge and Bowey.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

That doesn’t work, has to be a defender and mid player.


who are you trading in John?

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

O’Driscoll and Max.


Hi John, I’d say one too, maybe McDonald gets dropped soon?, and Bowey could barely get near it that last game.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russty_
JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I think that is the safest one Russty, they say that Hinge might even be alright for this round, so the injury couldn’t have been as bad as they first thought and you never know with Rowell, I feel he could be the one that could hurt me the most if I trade him out too soon, plus he should get his BE easy enough. I still think Bowey is a good pick, but I can’t see him making much more cash from here and he’s made a good 100k so he’s done his job. While MacDonald is a very slow burn and probably ready for a rest. Once again I am tempted to do no trades this week, but I feel O’Driscoll is worth getting in for his cash generation, I’m still not sure if I’ll get Max back in just yet, since that could involve three trades, still working on it. It was more about the best players to trade out, if I was going to get anyone in.


Yep I agree about Bowey, he’s good to have if he’s earning his keep but 47 isn’t doing that, he made 100k and that’s a good thing if you started with him. Not sure how I feel about Rowell now, it seemed for a long time in that last game that he might not even score 50.
O’Driscoll is definitely worth getting this week mate, I got him last week for a non playing rookie but he’s still cheap enough for someone capable of tons.
I’ve had an ok start but my one glaring error was not starting with Brodie, so I’m making that happen this week by offloading Rowell and Bowey.


Russty, your going good mate. Did you start with Bowey?

the biggest difference between you and me is you have both Hewett & Cripps. And you have English and Witts?

those 4 have been the real difference in rankings this year, how many of those 4 did you start the year with?


Hey Derek, yeah started with Bowie, Witts and Cripps, Hewett came straight in for McInerney in round 2 (got a low score and was injured).
Ridley and Daniel and Whitfield have probably hurt your total so far, but they’ll probably turn it around, not sure about Whitfield though, spewing I started him and not Sicily, Sinclair or even Cumming. Whitfield has been very underwhelming.


Great starting choices. Witts is particular, i love a risky R2 but thought he was underdone with hardly any preseason. Had Cripps all last year and didn’t want to go back there.

Even though we are 30,000 ranking places apart, it is only about 400 SC pts, and like you said the difference between Hewett/Bowey vs Daniel/Whitfield isn’t much different to that.

I’m not going to chase any points early like alot of other coaches, i missed Witts, English, Heeney, Cripps & Hewett, but it is early season and there will be others that come along.

I’m holding trades this year, as long as Whitfield is playing every week i’ll back him in.

Just used the one trade, Mead to Stephens, so even when i do trade i get it wrong.


Lachie Whitfield -“He’s fine. He trained today. Clearly he was a bit sore in that knee when it buckled in a tackle but he’s pulled up pretty well. He’s a bit banged up but he trained today and got through. He’ll be fine.” Leon Cameron

The warning signs are there Derek 🤔


Good point Lazza. He is an injury waiting to happen.

I said to myself in the preseason, i will only select players with no injury risk, but somehow Butters, Rowell and Whitfield ended up in my team


Well more fool me… I started with him… then traded him to Ryan after R2… that was a wasted trade…


fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on me….again


O’Driscoll was the medi-sub first game, so that has kept him fairly cheap for his first price rise.

he should hold his place


Bowey and Mc Donald for mine. Hinge is likely to be availabe and play. He has a low BE and is a decent player. Watch the team drops later today to see if he is back. Bowey is very cullable now. BE of 82, and it appears the return of Jake Lever has meant a role change. Just my two cents worth. Cheers, TH

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Hi TH, yes, Bowey and MacDonald were my first option as well, but they are both playing and Hinge has been dropped and is an emergency, while Gibcus, who I hadn’t even thought about has been ”managed”. So I might have to have another think about what to do.


Tricky trading round this week with games spread over 5 days… With teams not finalised till Sat arvo and the potential for late outs due to covid I’d be holding trades to as late as I can. Also a lot of people talking about trading out Cripps and Hinge who look like only missing 1 game… I’ll be holding both.
Only looking at trading out Ryan at this stage… tempted to trade Rowell who doesn’t look like a keeper to Green.


Q. When is the best time to jump on a breakout contender?

A. When a new contributor identifies them before the ‘experts’ do and gets canned by some community members for having the audacity to display footy knowledge and be female!

I got so so dejected by the rude, arrogant and uneducated dismissals of my in depth analysis which identified a number of great bargain options like Jackson, Hewett, Xerri & English weeks before the established mainstream ‘experts’ that I stopped sharing. A couple of weeks ago I told my partner about another bargain, a man called Rioli when he was only 336k and he shared that knowledge here and he was also canned.

This community needs to be less sexist and less dismissive of new or alternative knowledge if they want to improve their game.


On the up T3T.
As you say, and obviously demonstrated, a good SC footy knowledge will give you an edge… Green, Brodie, NOD, Sinclair, Rioli have all earned good $$ but they’re still on the up and are good value. Take a few risks and use your trades if you personally feel it might benefit you. Too many ideas get shut down by the crowd and all it does is shape everyone’s teams into the same thing!
To maintain the advantage, make your call and tell the rest of us a week or two later..😁 or PD me and don’t tell anyone else.. hahaa

I’m keeping an eye on Clurey and McInerney.



I don’t know what day it is? seems like every day is elimination day in the cut-throat world of JR Survivor.

We had a some very tough eliminations this week, and i wish i could bend the rules to keep a few alive, but i’m afraid i don’t make the rules (well i do, but….).

The following coaches have unfortunately been eliminated this week (the lowest 3 scores from each division)

****There seems to be a problem with the SC site, and i can’t get into Divisions 2, 6 & 9 to see who the eliminated teams are, will update later****

Div 1: Real Steele, Big Wills FC & Southport Stars
Div 2: ?
Div 3: Rick Grimes, Bala BitcoinBoys, Lekdog’s Puppies
Div 4: Phatmans Clan, Finnally & GoNads (Nuk Nuk used her Immunity)
Div 5: Assassins, demonsdelight & The Instagator (only 8 points separated the bottom 5 teams)
Div 6: ?
Div 7: BigKevsBoys, Volcanic & I Hate SC (BellyButtonFluff used their immunity)
Div 8: mooses, Sketchy Furries & BONECRUSHER
Div 9: ?

I few of our favourite community members were eliminated last week, including Lekdog. But that just shows how tough this competition is. (Some say it is even harder to win than the whole AFL Supercoach)

Unfortunately i can’t get into the Supercoach site, something weird is happening with the Groups, so i will have to post the coachers who have immunity this week (you should know who you are)

Thanks fellas

Last edited 1 month ago by Derek

hmmm, a few of us have gone out early.. went deep last year .. not to be … that’s one load off the mind … H2H money leagues driving my team now .. the others will be along for the ride..