MAILBAG | Itchy Trigger Fingers

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Damo and Clarky return to calm your itchy trigger fingers and talk many of you out of some popular rage trades involving Jack Crisp and Josh Ward.

They also run through the captaincy options while giving their tips for round 4.

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If I trade Macrae to Preuss this week, via some nifty swinging that puts English forward, next week I can get Boak for McDonald, Brayshaw for JHF and Rioli for Gibcus.
Boak & Brayshaw are keepers Pruess is a potential keeper with massive cash generation ability and Rioli will be a very handy bench option on two lines.
So, I see a net gain of 1 uber, a lot of cash and a keeper D7/F7.
What do you guys think?


Who is the Uber you’re referring to in your net gain? How many trades will you have after that? Why would you trade a cash generating rookie to a player you don’t even have in your eyes as a top 6? Doesn’t add up to me


Boak is uber and Brayshaw will be. JHF is on my mid bench behind Brodie & Daicos and his cash growth will be slow after this week.
Rioli is averaging 96 with 2 tons from 3 games and will be an 80+ bench cover keeper when the other lines are filled, he will be D6 until DPP status updates are announced and a potential top 5 def/mid presents. Rioli is currently 125k cheaper than players with similar averages like Dale and Cumming as a defender and is 12th ranked forward by average, ahead of DeGoey and Bailey. With a 90 ave bench cover for 2 lines I can afford to trade 2 maxed out rookies to 102k players who don’t play.

I started English thus avoiding the antiquated ‘Set & Forget’ strategy which has proven to be ‘Set & Regret’ this year and Preuss will score more and generate a lot more cash from this week forward than JHF will.
After those trades my D6 will ave 96, My M8 will ave 89 and my F6 will ave 93. In previous years most teams don’t finish with averages that high in those positions
After doing those trades next week I will have 28 left.


The main problem I have is your choice of MacRae .You will without doubt want him back in killing 2 trades.Rioli is a worry also but hey that’s how you win it with moves like yours at the right time good luck NDD


Yeah I’d like to keep Macrae but I worry that he is going to get more time on the wing and have ‘dead’ quarters like last week, 2 more sub 100’s and he could drop 120k. Boak is also a worry because he started like this last year but dropped by over 10pts p/game after the byes when I got him.
If my prems can avoid injuries and suspension I can always trade those guys out or back in coz I was very fortunate with my starting squad in that all of my mid pricers have fired. English, Hewitt, Cripps, Rowell and maybe even sicily are all looking like keepers which means I started with 16 keepers. Supercoach is a lot easier when half of your starting squad are keepers, it allows you to make speculative trades like Macrae and Rioli. I have also added Heeney & Jackson at cheap prices and both of them could also be fwd keepers.

Rioli is in a new role that he moved into late last year and averaged 84 over 6 games, he was probably learning the role and winning the confidence of his teammates in those games but his was for them was 23 higher than his full season ave. This year he is accomplished in the role and his teammates trust him so he is getting more ball. He had a poor 1st game against Carlton for 71SC but most defenders have struggled against Carlton this year. I see his role as being secure in the sense that there aren’t any injured players who will come back and impact his scores negatively, I have Bowey but I don’t have the same confidence in his full season potential


Will Vlastuin affect Rioli’s score when he comes back (could be next week)


Good luck with a Boak. I had him in my team a couple of years ago and gee did I regret it. But, good luck to you.


Yeah I know, he burned me last year after a great start that included 5 tons with 3 x 120+ in his first 6 but his next 6 (when I got him) included a missed game and 3 x under 100. He could easily do it again this year but he could just as easily continue with his 130 average until the bye and beyond as opposition teams put effort into his reigning brownlow medalist teammate and leave him free

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Thanks Damo and Clarky, you have helped me to decide not to bring in English or Heeney just at the moment and I will be keeping Rachele/Stephens for now, at least until I find a reason not to hold them.


Justin McInerney is 1 reason to reconsider holding Stephens

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Stephens is out, one of the reasons I was considering trading him, thought he might be dropped, so out he goes.