Cheat Sheet – Round 3

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Good morning Community, it’s good to be back for another week.

As you all know, player prices are changing this week. Your primary goal should be ‘cash generation’ first and foremost, don’t go chasing last week’s points. Get the rookies with job security and consistent scoring for maximum cash generation … points can come later.

The Trade Boost (1 extra trade for 5 times) allows you quickly change players when needed. The extra trade will means you can squeeze a little more out of a cash cow (possibly 1 extra week), and still have trades available when needed.

Secondary goals should also be ‘corrective trades’ but only when absolutely needed. Did you misread a players role this year, or are they injured, then corrective trade is ok. But as a rule you shouldn’t trade out the premos that you spent all pre-season planning for. Do not trade out Jack Steele or Max Gawn (don’t trade them in at this point either).

A couple of players who didn’t make the cheat sheet below for lack of space, but 2 other rookies who are must-haves are Nick Daicos and Mitch Hinge. Both have very good job security, and good scoring potential. They already have high ownership, but just in case you don’t have them yet they are as good a pick as any below.

Anyway, that’s it for the week. Don’t go slapping any comedians. Violence isn’t funny, and jokes aren’t violence. Dame Edna Everage once said “if you can’t laugh at yourself, you may be missing the most colossal joke of the century”.

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Insightful as always Matty!

Am surprised with the Gov red. I was probs let gonna home but seeing this has me thinking gov – Xerri might be the play. Is anyone else trading gov?


Yeah I did McGovern too Xerri. Switching him to Ginnivan is a play too but Xerri will be more consistent IMO


Ended up being injured, Matty is an oracle


Is Ward – Davies viable or too sideways? Would mean benching Stephens or Davies which seems like a lot to bench a 200k player

The G Train

I think Ward will pump out a couple of good scores, racked up plenty last week just butchered it. I’m trading him for Cripps but only because it’s my only option, don’t think Davies is a must have so I’d hold.


Agree. Ward will get plenty of opportunities and a big score isn’t far away


Caldwell vs Bowey & L Jackson vs English are my 2 dilemmas


Bowey and Jackson should be good to watch each week.



A league that needs filling please!! Bring experience


I’ll join jack


I’ve jumped in Jack..


Like your work SMatty.
I’ve traded in 3 of the above .. one each of DEF, MID and RUC. Team now looks more balanced and competitive

Bob Butter

I’m going
Whitfield – Bowey
Ward – Cripps
McGovern – Brodie

I think Brodie should score pretty consistently especially with Fyfe out. Another option would be trading Whitfield for Hewett and McGovern to a rookie like Skinner but I think I prefer option A.


Hough or Dixon to Xerri?


To many options for me this week
Option 1
Whitefield, McGov, Hough > Bowey, Xerri, Neale (100k left over)
Option 2
Steele, Whitfield, McGov > Henney/Butters, Hall/Short, Neale (80/100k left over)
Option 3 is hold fire

Would love to know your thoughts community

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Option 1.


I’d lean towards Option 2.
option 1 would be better for $$ generation, but you’ll need to use trades to make it happen down the track.
option 2 will give you 3 keepers*, I’d be going Butters & Short ( I’m still risk adverse with Hall, but if you’re comfortable with his durability then he looks to be a better scoring option.)
*usual caveat that past performance is no guarantee of future performance

Gwen Stefani

Who should be prioritised out of Stephens, Bowey and Xerri?
All looking like good cash cows but can only bring in two max.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Stephens and Xerri.


Bowey is the best of those 3 I reckon.


Looking at the following 2 options:

Tarryn Thomas > Heeney
Gawn > Jackson
Ward > Cripps


Tarryn Thomas > Bowey (via DPP)
Gawn > English
Any Mid or Def Rookie > Hewett (Gibcus, Hough, Ward etc)

Leaning towards option 1 for points on the board, but option 2 would be some great cash flow + good points too


I’d hold off on Gawn … just four games ago he was dominant.


Great point, just seems like he’s sharing more with Jackson
Maybe I’m just trying to find a way to rationalise it so I can get the money together for Cripps haha he looks on fire


Round 1 Gawn gave away 6 free kicks and dropped a few very easy marks, otherwise he would have scored well. Round 2 Witts was a tough match up for Max but Melbourne used Jacksons agility more in the ruck than usual. I think hold him


Wanting to bring Xerri and Hewett into my side
Rayner > Xerri
Berry > Hewett
Steele > Petracca
Don’t want to trade Steele but need to free up more cash so I can go through with the other trades.



If that’s what you have to do I guess, Steele should come good though, just a slow start. You could always get him later when he’s back in uber form.


Why would you waste a trade getting rid of Steele? Then bring him back.. He’ll come good.. you’ll be spewing if he out scores Petracca.


The AFL advises it has extended the deadline for team lodgements for Fremantle and the West Coast Eagles ahead of the RAC Derby to be played at Optus Stadium on Sunday, April 3.

Extended squads will not be submitted with final teams for both clubs to be released publicly at 2.30pm WST / 5.30pm EDT on Saturday, April 2.

The AFL is continuing to work closely with the West Coast Eagles who have multiple players in AFL Health and Safety protocols.


Thanks Lazza, this is gonna shaft some people this week.




The South Melbourne guernsey looks great


Can’t really afford to wait for Freo teams on Saturday arvo to see if Darcy’s playing as Hayes or Dixon are my cover… Trade Darcy to Jackson or Martin?


Sorry scratch English, forgot he was not an option


Glad I had English. 152. Nice.


Hi am I better off going

berry to Cripps
$120k bank remain
ward to Cripps
$30k bank remain


Probably b)


Considering the following. Too bold?
Gawn > Xerri via Hayes DPP
Whitfield > Hewett
Berry > Cripps