MAILBAG | An Important Week

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Damo and Clarky return to discuss the values of trading this week to set your team up for the season, the differences between point chasing and team correction, and whether trading in rookies early is a good tactic or not.

They end the show looking over the round ahead giving their tips and best captaincy options.

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great pod as usual guys.
thinking of the following this week:
sell C Guthrie, M McGovern and Whitfield
buy: Cripps, Heeney and either one of – Short, Hewett or Hall

the def trade leaves me with either $ 41800 ,$178000 or $4,100
ps, havent done any trades as yet

team currently as:
ryan, ridley, whitfield, chapman, hinge, p mccartin (gibcus, SDK)
macrae, oliver, C Guthrie, Neale, Rowell, JHF, Daicos,Stephens ( ward, Macdonald, hough)
Gawn, Grundy (hayes)
dunkley, butters, coniglio, mcgovern, brodia, rachele ( baldwin, dixon)

next weeks trades probably: baldwin for martin (subject to how he goes)


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Rick Grimes

I’m going to totally disregard your advice and go Gawn > Jackson and grab both Cripps and Bowey. The latter I’m exchanging for Answerth who hasn’t got as much of it as I’d hoped. I’m going to watch Preuss for a couple of weeks then possibly pick him up as R2. I may circle back to Gawn if and when he finds form. But for now that money is better spent elsewhere.


Disregarding advice is what we do best