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Damo and Clarky reunite to answer questions about what to look for in round 2 and why you should hold your trades, and they also do their tipping to end the show.

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What to do with Dusty?

The Ranger

Dunno Trav. The sh!t has started hitting the fan already and Rd2 hasn’t even started!
I might pull the trigger and bring in English.
“Personal reasons” don’t tend to go away after one round.

Rick Grimes

If you have the bench cover, you could hold a week to see if more info comes out. But for mine, he’s a trade. Need to treat it like a general injury where the time frame for return is ‘indefinite’. There’s always a chance he’s back in a week or two, but that’s just the risk you take.

Lion Tamer

Too late to swap him for cripps or hewett now maybe downgrade him to a sinn or something of similar price and get cripps or hewett next week before the price rise


cheers guys thanks for the comments. Heeded the advice by the way and dusted Dusty for Heeney and don’t regret it. I have also decided to live dangerously and Gawn is well gone to bring in Butters and the other Melbourne Ruckman. Feeling pretty happy with team form right now.


Round 2 Rank

current Season rank 1,136

Rick Grimes

That CD explanation is BS. We see that action in almost every game and there are zero points allocated. The reality is they (probably a Chapman owner) got excited and allocated a bunch of points for something that 99.99% of the time gets nothing. As long as they are consistent.


The Chapman act was game winning, the same as kicking a goal after the siren (Ala Jack Newens v Freo) and his side winning by a point. No one complains when that happens.