2022 Supercoach Resources

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Round 1 Is Upon Us, Let The Panic Ensue – by Patch & Damo
Mailbag Ep 1 – by Barron & Clarky
2022 Supercoach Launch Event – by Lekdog & Patch
2022 Preview, Part 1: Forwards and Defenders – by Lekdog, Damo & Patch
2022 Preview, Part Two: Rucks and Midfielders – By Lekdog, Damo & Barron
2022 Pocket Profiles Review Pt. 1 – by Lekdog, Damo & Patch
2022 Pocket Profiles Review Pt. 2 – by Lekdog, Damo & Patch
Huge Changes To Supercoach For 2022 – by Lekdog & Azza
Damo Joins The Overnight Crowd – by Damo

Team Reveals

Clarky’s Team
Barron Von Crow’s Team
Damo’s Team
The Professor’s Team
Patch’s Team
Kev’s Team
Foz’s Team
Statty’s Team
Lekdog’s Team

Pocket Profiles

Fremantle – by Damo
Brisbane – by Zac
Sydney – by Zaneo
Western Bulldogs – by Seeker
Carlton – by Lekdog
Geelong – by SC Mumma
West Coast – by Empr
Richmond – by Kev
Essendon – by Patch
Hawthorn – by Foz & Dyl
GWS – by Grady J
Adelaide – by Barron Von Crow
St Kilda – By Craig
Melbourne by Clarky
Port Adelaide by Jack Hudson
Gold Coast by Cass
North Melbourne by Azza
Collingwood by Paige


SuperCoach 2022 Ruck Analysis (Oscar McInerney) – by Marto
$600k Midfielder Analysis Pt. 1 – by Marto
$600K Midfielder Analysis Pt. 2 – by Marto
Early 2022 SuperCoach Rookie Bible – by Patch
Good Vibe, Bad Vibe – Clarky
Professor’s Super(coach) Computer | Player Comparisons– by Professor
Player Comparison | Thomas v Butters – by Professor
Player Comparison | Rowell v Berry – by Professor
2022 Season Predictions – by JR Crew

Top 5 Articles

Top 5 Most Discriminated Against in SuperCoach 2022– by Marto
Top 5 Players Returning From Injury – by Lekdog
Top 5 2022 SuperCoach Locks – by Marto
Top 5 PODs to Consider – by Azza
Top 5 Ruckmen (You Haven’t Considered) – by Clarky


JR Team Picker – by Azza
776 Player Rolling Average Database – by Barron Von Crow
SuperCoach Super Sheet – by Empr
Rate My Team Thread
Rate My Team Thread 2
Rate My Team Thread 3

Herald Sun Articles

SuperCoach 101 – By Barron Von Crow & Clarky
SuperCoach 102 – By Damo, Azza & Lekog
Spicy Pre-Season Whispers Pt. 1 – By Clarky & Foz
Spicy Pre-Season Whispers Pt. 3 – By Patch & Barron
Round 1 Whispers – By Lekdog & Damo
The 11 KFC Supercoach Commandments – by Lekdog
HS Supercoach Draft


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Thanks for all your efforts so far Ladies and gents 🙂 , I’d love to see a write up on all the Rookies this year who you think are a chance to get early season or round 1 games.
Looking forward to the StKilda pocket profile too, cheers guys.


How many on field rooks Russty?


Hi mate, currently 6, I’d prefer 4 but I think I wanna go Gawn/Grundy this year, every time I don’t do that, I waste at least 4 trades on rucks.
How many onfield rooks for you?

Last edited 5 months ago by Russty

Cheers Lekdawg, any chance of an early rate my team thread?


Onya mate


Hi community, Merry Xmas and happy new year to all. Hope we are all doing well? Looking forward to this season as long as our Governments I guess can be sensible with their COVID restrictions.🤞I have a sneaky suspicion Carlton will be playing finals this year.


Hi Holty nice to see you mate, yes it will be a challenge for the W.A teams if they have to spend the whole season over east, hope it doesn’t affect their scoring potential too much.


Would it be possible to have a nerd explain all the new rules trades etc I am sure many of our more senior coaches may have trouble with it . Gator is a very senior coach but not sure if he is nerdy enough to assist Thanks fellas


awaiting for approval, blah!

Last edited 5 months ago by Russty

There’s a free article on the HS page mate….” Kfc Supercoach is back and boosted for 2022″ pretty easy read.

Last edited 5 months ago by Russty

The new rules are as clear as mud



– Every coach now has 35 trades over 23 rounds with a maximum of two per round and three during the byes (Rounds 12-14), unless you use a …

– New trade boost! Up to five trade boosts can be used in any round to gain an extra trade for that round, up to a maximum of three per round or four during the byes. These bonus trades come out of your total of 35, and you can choose to use some, all or none of your five available trade boosts.


At regular intervals during the season Champion Data will reassess player positions and assign dual-position status to players if their on-field role changes. For example, in 2021 Jack Ziebell was listed as a forward in KFC SuperCoach but spent the entire season at full-back – under the new rule he could become a FWD-DEF player mid-season.


Change your trade plans during a round? Now you have ultimate flexibility to adjust your moves after lockout – providing the players involved aren’t locked out and don’t bust your salary cap.

Jack Ziebell starred in his new role as a defender last season. Picture: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images
Jack Ziebell starred in his new role as a defender last season. Picture: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Any experienced SuperCoach knows public and private leagues are where the real action is in fantasy footy. Now you can tailor your league experience exactly how you want it:

– Create and join leagues at any time during the season

– Create private leagues of 6-20 teams, customise your fixture by selecting your start round and finals system (top five, top six or top eight)

– Select custom secondary rankings: percentage or total fantasy points


Use our smart technology to help with every step of the selection process: Intelligent auto-pick helps pick a team fast, the optimise button helps select the best team from your 30-player squad each round, and new trade assist suggests the best move for your team every round.

Other new features for SuperCoach Plus users – on top of score and price projections, break evens, player notes, live trade data, access to the early team picker and more – include:

– See the most popular vice-captains each round.

– See who was selected in starting line-ups across KFC SuperCoach and who started on the bench.

– Traded in/out for upcoming round now on every player’s profile page.

Shake n bake

Looks like you have to pay now to get % of ownership off players


I thought it was always that way mate, it’s only $25 for the season.

Shake n bake

Never for % ownership that was free


Still looks like it’s free but with no data atm.
I’m guessing it doesn’t show data until the season starts.

Join my league



Great work guys, looking forward for your Collingwood review, Go Pies!!!!

Such is Fyfe

Are you guys starting a group or any leagues this year? e.g. Top 1,000 players , Top 10,000 players etc…


Crikey.. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do … been off air since Christmas.. you guys have been super industrious…. I’m way behind … good to see the heart of JR on song ..


Any advice would be helpful. Haven’t done SuperCoach since the great Jock himself was running the podcasts.
Def: J. Lloyd, J. Short, L. Whitfield, M. Hinge, J. Gibcus, P. Mccartin (S. De Koneng, S. Skinner)

Mid: J. Macrae, T. Miller, L. Neale, P. Cripps, M. Rowell, J. Berry, J. Horne-Francis, N. Daicos, (J. Ward, O. Driscoll, C. Parker)

Ruc: M. Gawn, B.Grundy (J.Hayes)

Fwds: J. Dunkley, D. Martin, Z. Butters, S. Coniglio, W. Brodie, T. Xerri, (E. Hollands, N. Martin)


Hey guys, just want to ask if anyone knows for SC Draft, can we update the finals settings after the draft has been done? I’ve set up an 8-man draft league with final 8, was supposed to be final 4.


Very last minute created league code welcome to all level, but aim to play till the end