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G’day community, we made it.

The 2022 season is upon us and as always I decided to restructure my team two days out.

I’ve done my reveal as a video you can watch/listen to below and my full team is on display for those who want to tell me all of the things I’ve done wrong without the context!

It’s been a huge preseason from the whole team here but a special shout out goes to Damo who did a hell of a lot of leg work scheduling content and working with collaborators.

Now that you’ve seen my team, you can add me into your leagues using the ‘expert’ function and get a few easy wins!

The Team

The Context



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Cripps has to be in there. Go the blues


Like the overall structure, and specifically the Tarryn Thomas pick, trying to find a way to fit him into my team


I would doubt that O’Driscoll gets a game early, particularly with Tucker, Fyfe and Mundy to come back in.


Hey lek watched this on yotlutube earlier and loved it. But more insightful than a standard article! I liked the change up.
I really like the overall structure of this but just a couple selections make me nervous..

Gresham, yikes! Hope that one works out for you mate… If he gets the role you might be okay but does not fill me with confidence.. maybe if you need too you can drop him down to a durdin/Dixon and pick up chapman down back? Atleast he’s got the JS and a nice role he’ll minimises any headaches down back if Sinn and/or de koning aren’t named both are only 50/50 at best supposedly.

Very solid team lek.


Alrighty JR legends I Just cannot decide on my F2 for my final spot and then hopefully I can breathe easy til teams drop it’s carnage I then pick up my brown paper bag I buy my VB longneck in and start hyperventilating into it…

What do we have Treloar, dusty, Heeney, de goey and English all averaging by season’s end?

Wish I had the plums to take English at R2 instead of Grundy. Might still yet if Stef isn’t named.


Hi Mav, nervous times ay?…can’t wait for the teams to drop!
As for your query, in my experienced but untalented opinion I’ll say….
Treloar 95-100
Dusty 90
Heeney 90-95
De Goey 85
English 95-100
If you really wanna have some plums and save some sweet moolah, pick Witts mate!…wahoo YOLO


Ha ha yes I actually had Witts R2 and English F2 for cover with Hayes R3 for a LOOOONG time russty. But the set and forget got the better of me. But if Stef is not named tomorrow night I’m more than happy to start English R2 and swing him forward when the time comes and grab a discounted gawn or Darcy.

Thanks for your insights on the averages mine werent too far off.
De goey – 88
Treloar – 98
English – 100 (105+ if #1 ruck)
Dusty – 93
Heeney – 100 (if papley and buddy stay fit)

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This feels like Deja-vu?…hey Mav what do you think Butters averages?


I think he can probably go 105 russty. Should be #2 forward behind dunks. But we do know he lacks durability. Lucky his ownership is sky high so we’ll all be in it together hey.


Hope so mate, he’s an exciting lil bugger, just don’t like the times he goes missing in the scoring department!


Agree with Krups Lekky, Cripps has to be there mate!, even if it means getting rid of spud McGovern and Gresham, reckon Rachelle Rachelle can be on field too. good luck for the year Lekpups.


Thoughts on my squad, first time posting it anywhere so would like some feedback of any kind

Crisp, Short, Whitfield (SDK)
Hewett, Gibcus, McCartin (Kelly)

Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Neale
Cripps, JHF, Daicos, ward
(O’Driscoll, MacDonald, tsitas)

Gawn, Grundy ( Dixon)

Dunkley, Butters, Coniglio (durdin)
Brodie, Rachele, Hayes (baldwin)

Rookies will change slightly with how they are named so might tweak the team slightly


Looks pretty good to me Aaron, no weird, crap or downright stoopid picks there, should give you a decent start mate.


I just can’t believe a Carlton supporter would pick Mitch McGovern !!


I’ve flirted with two structures . An English/Steele and a gawn lineup…

A) Steele English Sinn & McGovern
B): NLong gawn Hewett & Heeney.

My gut wants A for Steele to go deeper in the midfield and English to finish forward eventually and get a look at my R2 and get a discount on gawn . But head says B

Rick Grimes

I think I’m gonna Witts it. I’d like to run Preuss at R3. Do we think he’ll come straight back in round 2?


I like the Witts pick at R2. I’m not sure about Preuss though it’ll depend how gws play without him in the side if they win and win well they may go into round 2 unchanged… It’s risky but my gut says he will be back rnd 2. But


At least four red dots, apart from that pretty standard.


A bit too mid priced for my liking.

We must remember that the goal is to get to full premo as soon as possible. That normally means getting team value above $13M.

To get the team value up you need rookies to increase in value. The rookies listed are good, but I think you need 2 more.

I’d lose McGovern & Gresham, bring Rachel onfield


still spaces. league starting round 3. all welcome SC – The Big League 283284