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This is my least favourite time of the SuperCoach year. I continually second guess myself, and wonder if my team is perfect. “Paralysis by analysis”.

I don’t really have any plan prior to the season. I used to wonder if there was a perfect setup for the starting team. Not just general structure like Guns and Rookies, or Mid-priced madness, but is there a specific number of premos, mid-pricers and rookies that I should have on each line?
In summary, there is not one correct answer, and if there was the game would be boring.

And it goes without saying, that all rookie selections (in fact all selections) are subject to change based on players actually being chosen to play.


I believe the defensive line is the hardest to pick this year. There is a scarcity of playing rookies (compared to Mid and Fwds) and there are a 6-7 premos that in combination would make up most teams. So there’s going to be lots of combinations of those same 7 premos, and whatever rookies we can get on the field.

Tom Stewart, Jack Crisp, Lachie Whitfield and James Sicily are the 4 premos I’ve gone with down back. I considered Lloyd, Short and Ridley, the latter may return to my team at the expense of Whitfield.

Rookies are Josh Sinn, Patty McCartin, with Nick O’Driscoll and Sam DeKoning on the bench.

I wasn’t sold on George Hewitt, he’s basically $400k and not likely to be in my team long term. Also, he’s unlikely to make me the $150k benchmark I set for cash generation (I know there’s a little leeway with this this year due to 5 additional trades).


Jack Macrae, Jack Steele, Lachie Neale and Caleb Serong. The first 3 go without saying. Reports that Neale is back to his best, seems happy again and fit. Serong will benefit from Cerra moving to Carlton, he’ll be hitting that ’50 game’ mark mid-season so he’s primed to explode.

Jarrod Berry is playing great footy, looks to be over his groin problem. Should make me $150-$200k easily. Jason Horne-Francis and Nick Daicos pick themselves. The rest of the rookies, Hugh Ralphsmith, Alex Davies, Josh Ward and Dylan Stephens are still up for debate.

I can see a very expensive Midfield bench just sitting there, and could find cheaper replacements for them and get that $150k (combined) on the field. But at this stage this is my bench.


I’ve never really done a “set and forget” Ruck combination, so this is actually exciting for me. I know Gawn was #1 ruck last year and is slightly younger than Nic Naitanui, but NicNat has been an anchor for me when my 2020 and 2021 ruck experiments went wrong. He’s had a controlled TOG% for the past two years, and I expect that to increase a little this year with a commensurate increase in points.
Brodie Grundy, ’nuff said.


I started both Josh Dunkley and Zak Butters last year as my forward line was decimated with injury. Lightnighg doesn’t strike twice, right? Cam Rayner and Stephen Coniglio are both under valued and should be able to get to $400k if they stay fit. I considered Mitch McGovern as a Fwd option, but I’m not sold on his commitment once he signs a new deal.

Josh Rachele should be a regular in the rebuilding Crows, but the rest of the forward spots (Tristan Xerri, Nick Martin, Hugh Dixon) are still up for debate.

Overall, I’ve tried not to mess around with mid-pricers too much. Caleb Serong is the only one on the upper edge of mid-pricer, but I think he’s a pretty safe bet. It’s probably the most “cookie-cutter” team I’ve started.

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