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It’s almost here gang! Another season of pain, frustration, motivation, and occasional elation when your risky VC choice goes gangbusters. One thing I didn’t want to do this year when choosing my side was to create a “best of the preseason” side. Preseason is great of course, but it’s a confusing mix of extended squads, players working hard to put their name up in lights while others are just running around in second gear, feeling safe with their spot in the side and just getting the kilometres in. 

Bench rookies are all over the shop this year, and there’s still to be players added as lists are finalised. Let’s not go too hard on those selections in the comments.

Let’s have a look.



Pretty standard I think, except for D3. Most will have Whitfield here and I can’t really blame them. We had to cough up 600k for him two years ago so the value is there. But…durability is the main concern for me here. He can (and will) go big, but the law of SuperCoach is that players break down when everything else is going to sh*t. There’s also a chance that Leon will have his whiteboard upside down and Lachie lines up at full forward. Caleb just does his thing, racks up his 25+ disposals every week without much fuss, plus his helmet makes him easy to identify on the telly.



Again pretty standard, this time it’s M3 I’ve pivoted on. 6% ownership for a guy of Brayshaw’s quality is ridiculous… or maybe Damo has been slipping too many super-liminal Brayshaw messages into the group chat and I’ve fallen for it. Increased his average by 6 points last year, he’s the big dog in the Dockers midfield this year and another season of Sean Darcy hitting is down his throat I can see another big rise (a rise in his scoring…) #BrayshawBreakout2



Nothing real special here. Sean Darcy could be a late addition for some POD’ness but the threat of injury just seems to follow him around. Nic Nat has no-one to hit it to and other, cheaper options just can’t match it with #Gawndy yet. Will be watching Roawn Marshall closely though. 



And the… *deep breath* forwards. Dunkley is a huge lock, and being able to snag Zac Bailey at 8% ownership while others are looking at your Butters, Heeney types is another win. After these two there are too many maybe’s, possibly’s, and could’s to select a 3rd premium forward with any confidence. So I’ve just decided to sit back and see how things pan out early before jumping on. Been some hype on Xerri lately, but I’m not convinced. Goldy isn’t gonna go at full pelt in the preseason. Ralphsmith has also been around, just not sold that the lucrative HB role is exclusively his. 

That’s it for 2022. Hopefully I can avoid the wooden spoon and finish above Patch in the JR group league. 

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Hi Kev nice to see you, I like the look of your team, seems well balanced and the Brayshaw pick could be a good one as I think he’s a good chance of going uber this season. The fwd line in a conundrum this year, so many choices Treloar, DeGoey, Bailey, Thomas, Heeney, English, Butters…so many good choices under 500k, I’ll no doubt pick the wrong one haha, I’m going with Treloar for now…have Butters and Dunks as well.
Good luck for the season Kev.


Hey Kev
Solid team there mate
Spot for u in the happy place mate
League code: 961808
Can’t decide between Grundy and Kelly or Clarry and Marshall.
Probably Grundy and Kelly for potential.
Good luck with the season mate.