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My team has chopped and changed a fair bit as I find a structure that I like. I’m not usually one for mid-price madness, but at times I was very comfortable looking at my team and seeing seven or eight 200-400k players. I feel I’ve settled on a great mix of premiums and value picks though, and my structure will be largely unchanged going into round one.

I also think it’s really important to have a structure on the number of premiums per line this year. For me, I’m finding a really comfortable spot with a 4-4-2-2 breakdown, which gives me 12 premiums I expect to hold, and then hopefully two or three midpricers can hold their spot for at least the last on-field or first bench spots. To start the season, there are so many great midfield rookie options, so making sure you can get them on field will be key to a good start, but not to the detriment of missing uber premiums in your starting side. The forward line seems to be void of rookies, but luckily there is some madness available to those brave enough to select them.

With all that being said, let’s get into it.


The backline is full of gems and it’ll be hard to go wrong with any premiums. Jordan Ridley ($537,100) and Jayden Short ($535,200) haven’t moved from my side, while Bailey Dale ($518,300) has been Tom Stewart, Luke Ryan and Jordan Dawson at times this preseason. Intercepting and rebounding are big ticks for defenders, and all of the above are expected to have those roles in 2022.

James Sicily ($448,100) also hasn’t moved from my side, he’s been right to go since late last year and will play a really important part in Hawthorn’s back structure. I have no concerns about him moving to the forward line, especially with the emergence of Kozzy and Lewis. Heath Chapman ($275,200) was a Damo influence but I really like how he’s looked in the preseason. Luke Ryan will affect his scoring if he does move out of that key defender role he (for some reason) plays, but an average of 75-80 would be attainable with some kick outs and the way he uses the footy. At this stage, the rookies are placeholders and they’ll chop and change as teams come out.


Just pick him. Jack Macrae ($699,900) is as close to $700k without cracking the magical number, but he’s worth every penny. Even if you don’t want to pick him based on his price, you’re essentially paying for a safe captaincy option. One score below 100, and 14 above the 120 mark, is perfect for captaincy. Jack Steele ($685,800) I’m not as convinced by, but his tackling numbers are really promising and the new holding the ball rules will benefit big tacklers. Once again, paying for a captaincy option in the early part of the season is really important to a good start. Clayton Oliver ($672,000) has lived in my side since he was drafted, he’s my Josh Kelly to Clarky, except mine is a good pick. He rounds out a third captaincy option in the midfield, which I love. Lachie Neale ($543,200) is seriously underpriced and provides a genuine top-eight option for someone who isn’t close to being at the peak of his price. I don’t care about Fagan suggesting Neale will play wing/forward, he’s priced to average 20 points less than what he can, so he’s definitely value, and if Brisbane start losing centre clearances I’m sure he’ll revert back to the tried and true option of Neale/Lyons pretty quickly, rather than lose a game of footy. I went down to Gold Coast’s preseason training session to get some intel, and I watched Matt Rowell ($342,900) closely. My god he is a majestic beast. He looked as fit and strong as I’ve ever seen, and I have no problems with his injury history. I’m expecting an average of 100+, but realistically I think he can push 110 and be a potential M8 at the end of the season.

Jason Horne Francis ($207,300) and Nick Daicos ($193,800) are must-have players. Just pick them. When you can move them to the forward and back lines after round six you’ll contemplate keeping them both for the season. Josh Ward ($180,300) was impressive in the Community Series and confirmed my belief in him. Connor MacDonald ($117,300) will play every game this season for Hawthorn, and if he gets a midfield role I would start him over Josh Ward because I think he’s going to be a really good accumulator, but I’m scared he’ll be stuck on the forward flank a bit.


Sean Darcy ($642,600) has come in and out of my side a bit, I haven’t been really comfortable with him in my team but also just as uncomfortable with any other ruck. He came off the ground nine times last season with injuries or niggles, but he returned eight of those times. So injuries are a concern, but his ability to battle through niggles is heartening. But his late run home is what really excited me, with just massive scores and super consistency. Brodie Grundy ($627,100) has been locked into my side. Set and Forget. Looking at the other premium rucks, these two seem the safest. Gawn is a superstar but it is unclear how Jackson will affect him. To be fair I still see him averaging 115+, he’ll find points elsewhere but I think he’ll have more sub-100 scores than usual. Nic Nat doesn’t have a midfield to have hitouts to advantage, Todd Goldstein is at the end of his career, Rowan Marshall is injury prone. I really like Tim English because he swings, but Bevo might play Caleb Daniel in the ruck. The Big O was going to start for me but then Brisbane decided Darcy Fort is a genuine second ruck option.


Josh Dunkley ($558,200) was going to be an expensive option for 2022 when he returned last season, but a late run of poor form softened an expensive price tag for us. At sub 600k, you’re getting a bargain. He’s a really important midfield for the Bulldogs now, playing an inside role with the class to hit up teammates by foot and tackles hard. I’m expecting 110+ from Dunkley, and at $558k he’s great value. Zak Butters ($443,600) was one of the first picked for me last season and I loved him. His injury almost ended his career, so I wasn’t as sold on him, but his hit outs in the preseason were all I needed to settle the nerves picking him. Port are transitioning to a younger generation of midfielders, and it’s quite seamless. Cam Rayner ($278,600) didn’t have a great couple of hit outs in the preseason, but he’s got a midfield role that is really exciting, and even if he plays as a half forward he’ll still make money. An average of 80 would be great, anything over would be ideal. He has enough explosiveness to score a quick 40 points in a quarter, so midfield minutes and centre bounces will be key to his scoring. Stephen Coniglio ($261,300) is the most under-valued option we’ve ever had in SuperCoach. Sure, he’s been trash the past two seasons, but Cogs is back. He’s got that midfield role, he’s had a clean run of no injuries and he’s fulfilling his redemption storyline. He’s got the ability to be the Jack Ziebell of 2022.

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Fair call on Gawn given price. Why not take Jackson given his relatively generous price and your expectation his role is about to expand?

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Good looking midfield you have there Fozdaddy, I have the same on field players.