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Not going to lie. This has been the hardest year to put a team together in quite some time. There are so many players I want to start, but because of the rookie crisis, my hands are tied and I’ve had to compromise..

Here’s what I’ve come up with:


Jack Crisp, Jordan Ridley and Jayden Short feel like safe options. These guys don’t miss many games and they score reliably. That’s what I need, so they’re in my team.

Heath Chapman is going to make a jump this season, I’ve been telling people that he’s going to be this year’s version of Jiath. Let’s also not brush over that we just don’t have enough rookies either, and I see Chapman as one of the next best options.

Won’t talk about the rookies, but pretty safe to assume these 4 play and at least 3 of them hold their spot if they remain fit.


I feel like I don’t need to say much about Jack Macrae, Jack Steele and Lachie Neale but I probably do need to speak about Andrew Brayshaw. He’s back, baby, he’s going to breakout for the second time. I see no reason why he cannot average 113-115. A 7.5 point increase to his average would put him 10th if we compare him to last years midfielders. Good enough for me, I think he can do it.

Jarrod Berry is too good to pass up at his price. I was trying to avoid midpricers for so long, but I can’t do it. Especially considering there are no fucking rookies. Berry has a proven ceiling and has averaged 80+ in 3 of the last 5 seasons.

Jason Horne-Francis, Nick Daicos and Josh Ward are as close to must have rookies as you’ll get and Dylan Stephens on the bench is nice cover.


Boy oh boy. I have wrestled with myself over this ruck line. Whatever happened to set and forget?

Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy are reuniting, for now, and I feel like I don’t need to sell them to anyone either. Gawn has enough impact around the ground that if he does end up sharing with Luke Jackson, I don’t see it hindering his ability to score well, and Grundy looks like he’ll return to being the Grundy we all know and love.

I did have Sean Darcy for a bloody long time though, and I may return to him. The man is going to have no issues hitting to advantage with a midfield of Fyfe, Brayshaw and Serong, but his durability worries me, despite the fact that he can score 150 hobbling on one leg. Maybe Darcy returns, or maybe I keep the tried and true Gawn/Grundy pairing.

Is safer better this year?


I never thought I’d say this; for once the forward line isn’t the hardest line to choose.

Josh Dunkley picks himself, and could quite easily average 110+ if he gets a full season under this belt. If you believe Ken Hinkley, and the SuperCoach community usually does because he’s honest like 99% of the time, Zak Butters will play enough midfield this season to perhaps be one of the lucky ones in Round 6, 12 or 18. Butters ceiling is incredible and he has shown easily he can score, too.

I usually try and avoid GWS players because Leon Cameron is the coach and refuses to play players in one position for any length of time, but Stephen Coniglio is a must-have, whether you see him as a cash cow, or a fallen premium, he is a must-have just based on what he CAN & SHOULD produce.

Mitch McGovern looks like he’s going to do the intercepting thing for Carlton this year, so he should score well most weeks. Carlton will improve but that doesn’t mean McGovern won’t see his fair share of balls to intercept.

Will Brodie was brought to Freo for a reason and he’s tentatively locked in, and the rest is depends on what rookies are named.


Here is the entire thing in one picture. 99% of my team is locked in place, just waiting for the rookies to be confirmed.

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Rick Grimes

Very close to my team, so yes, love it.


Jordan Boyd has almost zero chance of playing round 1, Docherty is more likely. He was played in aammi out of sympathy and curiosity

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Hey Damo, tell me what you know about Naish.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Our defence might suffer not having a premium at D4, but I feel more comfortable with Max and Grundy in the rucks. It’s been that way for so long now, starting in 2018, it’s hard to change when you are on a good set up.