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Wowee, the start of season 2022 is upon us and once again snuck up on me. There has been so many options to consider this year in order to best spread money across the field. Rookies once again are abundant in some lines and almost non existent in others. An extra five trades plus the addition of the new trade boost feature has encouraged me to take a few risks in my starting side.

Rookies and cheaper players still subject to selection and whatever turbulence the next week brings but I am happy to present the close to finished version of Gawn With The Win


Choosing my defensive premiums was tough and I struggled quite a lot to get what feels like a good price to performance ratio. Jordan Ridley, Jayden Short & Lachie Whitfield is where I landed. All 3 represent some comfortable ceilings with very score friendly roles without breaking the bank.

James Sicily returns! His role looked to keep him returning from an ACL is tough business, however, his body of work does speak to his chances of success. A 90 average would be a reasonable bar to hit. I am a little scared to spend that kind of money on someone who could go either way so  we’ll  have to see if he  remains in my final team.

Heath Chapman and Jordan Dawson are two other considerations that could very well make their way into my side. Dawson’s current calf soreness could affect his role going into round 1. Chapman could easily replace Sicily if I feel like I need the cash generation. 


Jack Macrae, no brainer. Darcy Parish may not have been at the top of a lot of lists but I very much feel that he is ready to take the step into uber-premo territory. If you happened to read my Melbourne profile during the presason the reasons for Christian Petracca are clear. His price is on the bottom end for a midfielder that could push himself to a 120 average. 

Josh Kelly, why would I put myself through the pain that I experienced for most of last year all over again. Leon Cameron is still the coach and is happy to make his own version of a Bevo salad. The answer really is that I just can’t quit him, playing in the right position, JK is one of the best mids going around.

What can I really say about the king Matt Rowell? I understand people’s concerns about injury history, all I can think is that those injuries felt mostly like some kind of freak occurrence. 2022 is the year for Rowell to show the potential that we’ve all seen flashes of. 

Horne-Francis, Daicos and Ward all but seem certain for round 1 berths even for their price. Some really talented rookies, could we even see something similar to another James Jordan rookie rise? 


As with every year, I am legally obligated to have Max Gawn in my team because of the name. While the rise of Luke Jackson may affect the way Gawny is used on field, I dont see a world where this means a fall from grace as a top ruck. The time could be spent forward or behind the ball allowing for some other avenues to make up the scoring difference.

Nic Naitanui or Brodie Grundy has been the biggest question from this line and both have been playing musical chairs. At this stage it’s Nic Nat, his ability to score points so well on the field are a big up from me. I’ll just have to see who’s in the chair when the music stops. 


Josh Dunkley was my favourite pick of the top forward options. After being cruelly struck with injury in 2021, his return in a forward role really gave us a brilliant selection for 2022. It’s a no brainer for me. 

Zak Butters another player who suffered with injury in 2021. The contrast to Dunkley being that Butters has only shown glimpses of his full potential. If the fabled prophecy of more midfield time comes true then he will be a must have this year.

Stephen Coniglio is a 100% must have player this year across all teams. His value is undeniable at a very very sexy $261k. His struggle has been on two fronts in the past years one is a struggle of form, he hasn’t been at his best and was played out of the midfield. The second issue, if making the mark was anything to go by, Leon Cameron seems to hate Cogs and just puts all players on field via some kind of dart board roulette. All that said, lock Cogs in for a big year back in the mids. 

Mitch McGovern will be a defender at some point. Sighted across half back during the AAMI series, he looked to be enjoying his new role. Took a decent amount of intercept marks and generally got a lot of footy. Nothing to really hate for $256k.

Structure wise I think I’m happy with how my team has shaped up. Finalising the last few players will be the most difficult thing. In fact, by the time you’ve read this I will have already begun tweaking my team out of sheer panic.

I love you community, best of luck over the next week finalising your teams. Go Dees!

Clarky is participating in the World’s Greatest Shave and any support towards his campaign would go along way. You can follow Clarky on Twitter here.

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Shake n bake

Your big 3 in def all have the same bye


Yo Clarky, a lot of potential in the midfield there mate, I guess you’d have to believe that Petracca and Parish can deliver the same average as guys like Steele, Oliver, Touk and Titch? What’s the reasoning of choosing Nicnat over Grundy?
Good luck for the year mate.


Except for the huge difference in durability. He played the full season last year, but that was the first time in over 5 years. Not getting any younger either.


Are you picking Thompson and Hollands as donuts? Neither will play round 1. NOD and Martin only outside chances too. I know it’s best 18 for the byes but all of Ridley, Short and Whitfield is fraught with danger. Nic Nat with a depleted midfield to tap it down to makes zero sense to me. Where is Neale and also Berry? Both look like must-haves to me.


Berry is not that good at footy.. there I said it. He is that type of player to miss in front of goal


I actually don’t mind this team. It’s different but at the same time can’t really criticize it. Love the Parish selection. I believe he is the only one who may challenge the big 3 mids. The only thing I don’t like is the Jelly selection but I like your reasoning for it. No Neale however, what are your thoughts on not starting him?