PODCAST | 2022 Supercoach Launch with Heath Shaw, Clayton Oliver, Supercoach Mumma and more

Published by Patch on

Lekdog and Patch got to rub shoulders with some of the greats of the game both on and off the field, as they were invited to the official Supercoach launch. 

They spoke to Heath Shaw, Clayton Oliver, Mason Cox, Al Paton and Em Challis about what the year has in store.


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Is JR Survivor back in 2022?


See below!

Rick Grimes

Heath Shaw bagging on the Suns, who are smashing pre season. What a d1ck.


Hi guys. I have two options below. option 1 averaging a combined Of roughly 170ish plus a trade eventually & option 2 a combined AVG of 200ish and potentially no trades. Rowell could be M8 and English/Marshall eventually swung forward to bring in a gawn mid season and hopefully cheaper. Which combination would you all pick…
Option 1: gawn & J Ward
Option 2: English/Marshall & Rowell (M5)


I’m old fashioned so it’s Gawn and Ward for me


Surely the West Coast eagles will have 2,3 or 4 players we should be selecting. Hugh Dixon is already in my side, the other 3 to 4 unsure on who. Gaff or Tim Kelly should explode this year with the injuries WC have. 8 or 9 out of their best 22. Tough call.


Could go the other way though, injuries may cook their scoring!



Back by popular demand is the JR SURVIVOR GROUPS

Everyone who has been involved over the last three years should know it works.

We start the season with a number of groups, with about 24 players in each group. Last year there was 10 groups, but this will all depend on how many want to play.

Each week TWO teams from each group will be eliminated.

The two teams eliminated will be the two lowest scores in each group for that round only.
In case of a tie (yes, this has happened a few times) the team with the worst overall rank will be the one eliminated.

However, the team with the HIGHEST score in each group for the round, will be rewarded with Immunity from elimination the following week (When the numbers get small, this is massive). When immunity is used, the next lowest team will be the one eliminated.

There won’t be any eliminations in Week 1.

Every week from Round 2 onward, there will be TWO teams from each group eliminated until there are only 4 teams left in each group.

We won’t play during the byes.

After the byes, the remaining teams will MERGE into the CHAMPIONS of CHAMPIONS GROUP (this is where it gets tough).

Depending on how many teams we have in the Champions Group, we will then have another TWO teams eliminated each week until the remaining teams go head to head in the Final Round of the year.

The winner will be crowned Survivor Champion of Champions.

Here are the GROUP CODES (Remember this is a GROUP, not a League, so you should have plenty of groups left to join) – only join ONE.

Div 1 515718
Div 2 678200
Div 3 130146
Div 4 FULL
Div 5 FULL
Div 6 420855
Div 7 530290

Feel free to join any division. But only join ONE (last year we had some coaches join every division, if that happens i will just delete you from all the groups)

If you join and there are already 24 teams entered, just move onto the next division (last year we had 40 in one group)

I will be adding new divisions as they fill up.

thanks fellas



Such is Fyfe

Awesome idea, thanks for organising!