Top 5 Ruckmen (You Haven’t Considered)

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For the time that I’ve been playing SuperCoach, there’s only been one way when it comes to rucks, set and forget. Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy have spent a lot of time as the number 1 and 2 options with little reason to deviate. However, this year may be the opportunity for coaches to shop around, play the field and see if some other combinations feel right.

1. Nic Natanui ($627,400)

It’s easy to recommend the number 3 overall ruck as a Grundy/Gawn alternative. The worst of his injuries seem to be behind him and he once again cemented himself as a ruck powerhouse.

Nic Nat’s Points Per Minute are the most attractive stat to consider. The wonderful Azza has provided me with a table to demonstrate. 

Nic Nat averaged 115 points while averaging under 70% time on ground. That is gosh darn tasty. His work speaks for itself, I don’t see any reason he cannot continue this output if not improve as his body permits.

Proposed Ruck Combo Nickname:
BRONIC – Grundy

2. Sean Darcy ($642,600)

Sean Darcy’s talent erupted last year which saw him finish 2021 as the second ranked ruck behind Max Gawn. There is something undeniable about his scoring capacity after his brilliant run. 

14 tons, 4 of which were in excess of 150 points. There’s no doubt that he has the capacity to play with the big boys and maintain his spot in the ruck pantheon. 

The only downside heading into Round 1 is his current thumb injury. All reports indicate that he will be present come round one, meaning if you’re not already convinced there won’t be an opportunity to watch him in the preseason.

Proposed Ruck Combo Nickname:
MARCY, GEAN (pronounced like Gawn), GAWNCYGawn 

3. Oscar McInerney ($509,600)

The fabulous Marto already did a great job explaining why you should be considering McInerney. You can read it here

In a poorly worded nutshell, as a solo ruck, there is a lot to like about the Big O. The big question marks remain around Brisbane’s structure in the centre. The acquisition of Darcy Fort also raises some eyebrows about a potential dual ruck structure. 

His selection probably relates heavily to  your team structure but make no doubt that extra cash helps beef up some other lines.

Proposed Ruck Combo Nickname:

4. Braydon Preuss ($204,700)

The luckless ex-roo/ex-demon started his time at GWS by incurring a season-ending shoulder and pectoral muscle injury. I don’t know how many mirrors Preussy smashed by it felt like a culmination of bad luck.
Pruess has spent a lot of his career as the number 2 guy. First behind Goldstein and then Gawn. By all accounts, it is now the time for him to be the number one and bring his experience to the forefront.
The elephants in the room of Flynn and Briggs are a consideration. However, I think Preuss has the most upside for a team that spent a good amount of time relying on actual mummified Shane Mumford.
The Flynn R2 plan from 2021 is back, but now with Preuss. He is the bargain basement option who has a lot of upsides. You can never truly trust Leon Cameron though.

Proposed Ruck Combo Nickname:

5. Toby Nankervis ($509, 300)

Hang on, dont click away. Hear it out. There’s a sneaking suspicion that the tank may not be empty just yet. There is one interesting thing about Nankervis which is that he tackles and doesn’t need disposals or hitouts alone to score big. 

In the 2020 prelim final (Yeah, I know we’re going back aways) 13 Disposals, 10 tackles with 19 hitouts. That’s the equivalent of a triple double for AFL.

2021 saw some difficulty for Nank struggling with a PCL in the middle of the year and missing round 23 with a fractured finger. Generally, I think its fair to say he struggled. 2022 is a new year and this time he’ll be leading from the front as the captain, there’s definitely room to roar.

At the price, there is plenty of upside to consider, he has the potential to go 120+ and if all things go well theres some value to be had. 

Proposed Ruck Combo Nickname:

Another Top 5 in the books, hopefully this has helped provoke some consideration for people wanting to avoid the Gawndy combo. Who are you considering? Anyone I missed ?

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You can donate or get involved here

Love you community!

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Rick Grimes

I’m fairly keen on the Big O. He’s been in and out of my team more times than John Holmes. In all likelihood I’ll chicken out and go Grawndy, but he’s tempting at that price.


John Holmes really? Thanks for letting me know you’re a geriatric.

Rick Grimes

Ha, sorry I don’t know any modern names. You clearly have an extensive knowledge. Try not to get stuck to your keyboard….

Lion Tamer

If you need the name of somebody who fuc%s a lot of things, a bloke called Scott Morrison has fuc%ed almost everything that he’s touched in the last 3 years


Reckon Dictator Dan has him well covered !!!


The comments section of this place used to be an enjoyable place to come to. Thanks for ruining it


Good little read that clarky, thanks!
At the moment as it stands I’m running gawn and Grundy I’d been on Darcy/Grundy ALL pre season til only a few days ago. Not sure I’m going too trust Sean’s body too hold up he’s already had several niggles this pre season. Leaning towards the durability of Maxy now.
Do I have the plums too chuck Witt’s in at R2 that GC midfield is only getting better which helps or Marshall for the DPP play in R6 and grab my season long ruck then once we get a look at whose doing what… Still alot of questions and very few answers and time is running out.
Surprised Darcy gets a feature here he’s in 20% of teams so alot of ppl are considering him already…


What about big Goldstein lads?


Probs still good for 100 ave juz


What about Marshall? Finished last yr well after an interrupted year and now has full pre season and will kick goals on top of his coverage around the ground.


Was thinking the same Matt, think Marshall should be 3, OMac 4 and ROB 5 then Goldy, English etc


Agree re Marshall fellas . I touched on him above in my comment and warming too that little plan more and more each day. Not sure gawn maintains his $$$ and Darcy stays on the park.

But does Marshall get DPP the whole plan relies on that single factor… What’s your thoughts russty?


I think he will Mav, but that’ll depend on whether Ryder is there on field, if Ryder is injured or rested early on Marshall will have to do most of the work which is great for his scoring but not good for qualifying for fwd dpp.
This is probably why he’s only at 6%, you know Hickey is another one gone seriously under the radar only at 1% ownership and he had the 5th best average last season. Not sure how much Ladhams being there now will affect him though.


Yeah if Ryder doesn’t play that is actually more of a win he should average well as a solo ruck to be a serviceable R2. If he gets DPP that’s a win in my book too I had him last year up forward and was still a fantastic POD. Wonder if that jack Hayes will play at all

Last edited 2 months ago by Maverick

Yeah not sure about Jack, he’s not even an option to pick yet in SC


This didn’t age well 😉

Lion Tamer

Good call, he will get FWD status so remains a keeper when Ryder comes back. English is another who is a good option for later F6 and even bigboy could be a keeper F6.
Ned reeves will make big $ and has a clearance pig at his feet.
There are a lot of options and strategies that have merit if you take off the blinkers, In reality if you consider the DPP options going ‘set & forget’ in the rucks is no different to going set & forget on any other line.

Lion Tamer

hahaha you said “For the time that I’ve been playing SuperCoach, there’s only been one way when it comes to rucks, set and forget.”
That must mean that you didn’t play supercoach last year coz number 2 ranked ruck was less than 500k at the start and #5 was less than 300k AND the ‘Must Have’ in Grundy finished as #4.
Set & Forget rhymes but it doesn’t make sense in a game that is dependent of cash generation for ultimate success. 2 premium rucks averaging 230 between them and 4 on field rookies averaging 50-60 each is NOT better than 2 rucks averaging 190 between and 3 mid pricers and a rookie averaging 75-85 between them.
Rhyming slogans are the tools of corrupt incompetent governments to convince the uneducated public that their lies are facts they shouldn’t be used to convince mathematically challenged supercoach players that less is more


Can I ask who your currently running at R1 & R2 lion tamer…
Also who are your ruckman too watch this AAMI game and consider for a spot in the 22.


We’ve sent the aluminium foil hat in the mail complete with instructions for the underground bunker.
Have a good day now.

Lion Tamer

I really appreciate your efforts in trying to help us supercoaches select our starting teams so I am giving some feedback to help you improve your help to us.

  1. Quoting stats like PPM and TOG are worthless if they can’t be compared to a mean or other individual options.
  2. Don’t pump up the ego’s of other contributors by overstating a players potential and ignoring facts. Big O is the perfect example of this.
  3. Understand the game we are playing and the fact that cash growth is of equal importance to points for the first half of the season. If you did that you could identify opportunities to make money in the ruck and maybe include some relevant stats like ‘Player X only needs to score xy for the first 8 games to make $xyz, Player X has attained that score in AB% of games that he has played’. That sort of analysis would have identified Hickey last year

You’re doing a good job but sometimes you wait for the ball to squirt out into the open for an easy uncontested possession rather than crunching the pack to win a contest.

Rick Grimes

Can I get a link to your website? Love to read your articles..


Rubbish commentary


If you don’t like our content you can take a walk fella.


You might get a better response Lion Tamer if you tone down down the childish condescending dribble a touch


I get the sense that, without the cover of anonymity, elsewhere in life you’re a pretty small fish in big pond: a plodder struggling to stand out.
Your dribble reeks of desperation, clearly an attempt at self-validation.
Get your hand off it.


i love a risky R2

as long as they play. that was the problem with Flynn last year, he didn’t play enough games early before being rested, had to upgrade to Gawn earlier than i hoped.

Even when i started Lobbe at R2 he managed to play and made ok cash

for me its all about not knowing who the best two rucks will be. Set and forget means you have picked your entire ruck line before the first bounce, no wriggle room.

having a cheap R2, allows to to make some cash, assess who is looking good, and jump on them when they are cheaper.

Going Pruess gain unless he isn’t named round 1


Last year they still had Mummy to unwrap from his sarcophagus, now they have Preuss, Flynn and Briggs? 3 guys vying for 2 jobs, all trying to be number 1, I’m thinking there’ll be a fair bit of rotations unless one of them clearly dominates. Maybe you could have some backup like English but now there’s also Hayes at 102k.