PODCAST | 2022 Preview, Part Two: Rucks and Midfielders

Published by Damo on

Damo & Lekdog are joined by Barron to discuss the ruck situation heading into the season, and then they take a look at the plethora of talent, and potential talent, in the midfield.

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Rick Grimes

Gee, Dylan Shiel is cheap. I owned him in 2020. Couldn’t afford anyone else and grabbed him mid season at around 400k. He was a bit up and down but put up some nice tons. Im sure he’d have been 500k+ at some stage. At $361k he must be value. Points on field and jump to a fallen uber when timing is right.


Scares the hell out of me…but there’s value there

Rick Grimes

True. He’s never been a premo and the Don’s midfield is more crowded these days. Just a Tuesday speculative punt best placed firmly in the NO bin.

Last edited 2 months ago by Rick Grimes

Love the new start.
Does get the blood pumping.
Good pod covered a lot.
The easy and the not so easy. 😉


It’s a banger!

Rick Grimes

Dawson, calf soreness. Not playing again. Put a line through him?


Barron reckons it’s purely because Nicks doesn’t cares about preseason. Recons he might be fine still


Andy Brayshaw the least spoken about in the podcast by far and He is gonna go 115+ easily and ya gave him absolutely nothing after Damo praised him for 25 seconds.. a complete injustice too the man haha

trying so hard to squeeze him in at M3 but not sure I can drop Mitchell just yet.


I thought about him a few weeks ago when Mills was crossed off. But I was looking at going 6 deep in guts back then

to put him in, who are you going to take out from Macrae, Oliver or Steele?


Yeah tough one Derek.
I’d probably keep those three ahead unless that cash saved was going to make your team substantially better.

I have Macrae Steele Titch and Neale so I’m not sure how I squeeze Brayshaw in right now. Maybe after the AAMI I might reconsider after we know more about some midpricers and rookies.


I reckon Damo doesn’t want anyone else to jump on him! He’s a decent pick, it’s that awkward high 500s price for me. When I could pay a bit more for basically guaranteed output.